In this tutorial, we will learn “how to make a shortcut to a website” and “how to make a website a desktop icon” by using 4 different browsers chrome, Mozilla, opera, internet explorer. By performing following steps for different browsers, every time you don’t have to write URL in browser for your frequently visited websites. More from my siteBest ways to check your website value, traffic and worthHow to fix blurry pictures online? Today we will be discussing about a simple trick to make any working webpage as your desktop wallpaper.
However, the websites that are set as desktop wallpaper cannot be configured or say no options to resize the window.
So, the tutorial here is all about how you can set functional Website as your desktop wallpaper any time. If you have certain websites that you view frequently, you’ve probably already added them as a favorite in your internet browser program, but what if you wanted to save even more time and get to the website directly from your desktop? If you found this article to be helpful to you, please let us know by clicking the “Thank You” button below, adding your comments, or rating this article using the five stars at the beginning of the article.  If this article did not help you in making a website shortcut on your desktop, than please leave a comment below or send me an e-mail for further help, and I will be happy to assist you further!
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There’s a reason desktop apps are so popular, because you can put them in the dock and use Spotlight to find them. Fluid is a WebKit-based application that allows you to make any website into a desktop app. Once the ZIP file downloads, unzip it and drag the Fluid file into your Applications folder.

Once there, double-click on the Fluid icon and you should get the Create a Fluid App window. When you launch your new application you will probably need to log in if it’s a site that requires it. Icon – If you want to give your app a better icon click on General, then next to Application icon click Change.
Shortcuts and Tabs – the keyboard shortcuts you use in your regular browser should mostly work in Fluid.
The great thing about making your favorite web apps desktop apps with Fluid is getting all the features of a regular app without the need for an official release.
You can make as many Fluid apps as you want and treat them as you would any other app on your Mac. You can even checkout daily updates on the websites just by connecting to the internet or in other words say, you have the ability to synchronize pages so that it will be up to date on connecting to Internet. You can make a website shortcut right on your desktop and then just double click to launch the same as you would any other program. On the next screen you will be able to name the shortcut.  It is a good idea to name the shortcut with the same name as the website that the shortcut goes to, to prevent confusion. I have always had a passion for all things tech related, and that passion has provided me a great variety of work growing up.
Keeping each open in a browser tab is the common way of handling these, but what happens when you close a Facebook tab and accidently close another tab with it that you actually needed? Thanks to Fluid you can make your favorite web apps into desktop apps that, while still need Internet access to function, give you the desktop experience you want.

You choose an icon and once complete, you can keep the new app on your desktop, in the Dock, or anywhere else you keep apps. For the sake of this post we’ll only look at the free version, as it’s all most people will ever need. First, with the new app in the forefront, click on the named menu in the OS X menu bar (it’ll be the one next to the Apple menu) then click on Preferences. Your best bet here is to use Google image search and find a good image that’s a decent resolution so it shows up in your Dock nicely. If you’re dealing with a site that you want to stay loaded but hidden when you’re done, you can make it so closing the window keeps the tab active in the background. In the Behavior Preferences window, change the radio button next to Closing the last browser window to only hides the window. Along with tech blogging he owns and operates a website dedicated to Craft Beer knowledge and information: Craft Beer Academy. If you like customizing or using new tricks on Windows, here is one described in the tutorial.At times we come across websites or webpagea€™s and wish to set them as desktop wallpaper.
With a love of sharing information and finding the newest tech out there, he is a great source for interesting news and instruction.
If you are connected to Internet, then the websites that are set can be kept updated or say the desktop wallpaper gets updated with the update in the original site.

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