What algorithm does google use to make Chrome browser's address bar to act as a default search bar for many websites?
Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. I am wondering what algorithm does google use to make chrome browser's address bar to act as a default search bar for many websites like SO, Quroa etc. For example if you want to search for a topic in stackoverflow, you can do like this in chorme.
Chrome automatically identifies search boxes and adds corresponding rules to search engines list. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged google-chrome google-search searchbar address-bar or ask your own question. How can I make a search bar that does not have rounded corners in css that will work on google chrome? Is it possible to improve brute-force guessing of a password with a picture of the keyboard used to enter it? I'm a lifestyle journalist and I've been writing about office productivity software for a long time. I’ve been working with Google Chrome a lot lately because it makes good sense as a Browser.
If you click the New Tab icon in Chrome and then click Apps at the foot of the page you’ll see that there are some apps already in the list such as YouTube, Gmail and so on. Now click the New Tab icon again and this time browse to the page that you want to add as an App.
Now locate the icon immediately to the left of the page URL that you want to add as an app. There’s a lot of misinformation on the web regarding adding websites to the Chrome apps collection. After lots of news and attention since yesterday, Google’s very own web browser called Chrome is finally available for download now, but only for Windows. I subscribed to the alert and then quickly launched Win XP SP2 in VirtualBox (a VMWare or Virtual PC like virtual machine) from my Fedora 9 laptop.
Is a JavaScript function or some other method required for Chrome to make a website the default page ? And Yahoo is detecting Chrome as Firefox because Chrome identifies itself (via the useragent string) as a Mozilla browser. Also just, indeed just, tried my luck by trying to install a Firefox addon (namely Sage-Too) but didn’t work. For Java applets, if you have installed Java Runtime Environment on Windows, Chrome shows the applets.
Like IE 8’s (Internet Explorer 8)  in-private browsing (also popular as Porn mode), Chrome features Incognito window.
It launches a distinct window with an detective wearing goggles icon on the top right – giving you a go ahead to do something goofy. The interesting bit is, in the Incognito window, the URLs get auto completed with the URLs you have typed in the non-Incognito window. I felt pleasant to got this quick consolidate analysis about CHROME while i was trying to know the additional features of CHROME. Nice and detailed review I also tried Chrome on the day of its release, for about 30 minutes or so. The Google chrome web store is a new online marketplace where Google Chrome users can discover thousands of web apps for their browser.
Over the short period of time (more than 20 years) websites have evolved from static mode to dynamic called active interactive application mode which is similar to any software application installed by a CD-ROM. In terms of Google Chrome and Chrome Web Store, app is an application which you run inside your browser with a dedicated user interface.
Try to make your app easy to handle, means don’t bombard the user with lots of features in single app. If there are multiple apps available for the same function then UI and app design plays deciding role to choose an app.

Developing a wonderful app is an interesting task for expert developer but there are always some rules in the game which should be followed by the players for fare game.
With over 5 million of music tracks, it is ideal app for streaming and sharing new music with your friends. A simple and great app for student and analysts uses a powerful graphic calculator for plotting graphs.
This is your perfect teacher which teaches you everything that you need in your real life form saving yourself from a tiger to changing a tire of your car. This app records your daily routine works from your business meetings to your home works and notify you when you’re deadline come closer.
Here you'll find handy hints, tips, tricks, techniques and tutorials on using software as diverse as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and Publisher from Microsoft and other applications that I love. I have my assistant to thank for this as, without his continual poking and prodding to explore Chrome I probably would not have got there as quickly as I did. However it’s not Google+ that I plan talking about here but rather I want to show you how to add a website as an app to Chrome.
What I am going to show you is how to add your own choice of websites as apps and to do it quickly and easily. Click Most Visited at the foot of the New tab and anything that’s in that list can be easily created as an App by just dragging and dropping it onto the Apps icon. Once you’ve visited that page drag the tab for that page somewhere else on the screen so that you have two browser windows – one showing the Apps area and the other one with your web page open in it.
A lot of sites suggest you repeatedly remove Most Visited pages until you get to the page that you want to add.
The only prompt I got was when Chrome could not import Firefox’s bookmarks because Firefox was open. As far as I remember new shortcuts are placed towards the end of the quick launch menu (unless you move it) ;-). The spell checker underlines (in red) any misspellings in the typed in text in textareas (rectangular text boxes) on any webpage.
Forget that, it could not even display RSS feeds in a formatted way like IE 7 or Firefox 3.
It makes sense that your most visited pages compose your default page.This means the websites should detect out Chrome and hide such links to set the default page.
The plugin installation refused to install at the first go saying that the browser or the operating system (Win XP in my case) may be incompatible. No complains though, after all Chrome is not based on the Gecko engine (which Firefox uses). As you can read in the Incognito window, this window will delete any cookies or browsing history. But if you have used, for example, the remember me on a Website, the password is still not remembered in the Incognito window. But there is no discussions related to security,Inspect element and more regarding to menu bar. Your app could make it easier for the chrome user to send text messages or help a student gets updated on their study or results. It depends on you what you want to serve you potential users, best practice is using the latest technology like OpenGL or notification. You have to fill out much information while uploading your developed web apps; this is to place your app in right and the best suitable category which is must for popularity of your apps. Then you need to create a ZIP file containing app files and a 128*128 size icon for the web store, a 16*16 icon for using as favicon in extension management page. This solution which involves simply dragging and dropping a URL into the page is far quicker and makes a lot more sense.
This means that Chrome installed by one user will not be available to any other user of that system. So it is kinda, while the Incognito window can pick up the browsing history from the normal window, it does not pick up the Cookies.
Your app’s popularity too depends on its simplicity, it is believed that first 30 seconds of using an app is the deciding factor for its popularity.

Avoid promotion banner in your apps, it is not necessary because user already have chosen your app they don’t want these banner in your apps. The Chrome Web Store will let you choose two categories for your app, be careful in choosing the right category sometimes wrong category may affect the business of your apps. The entire essential should be kept in as extension so that every function of your app can work properly. After completing this upload process you have to enter information regarding language, region, category, screenshots, appearance, Google Analytics Id etc. The installer when run, in turn, downloaded the browser (took about 3-4 minutes on a 2Mbps link).
So this means it will not hamper a continuous browsing session if Cookies play a role (if any) in it.
By using WebGL, geolocation for stunning 3D graphics, you can make your app stand out in the crowd. Purpose of app is not the much deciding factor if your app is serving users what they want in best and faster manner. Depending on the information provided by you, now you have to pay one time subscription fee of $5 to publish your apps. Perhaps the final version will install in Program FIles(by Administrator) and be available to all users. While there is a way to avoid the recording of  browsing history (which I will write about a little later), but on a day to day basis one may forget to use it. But there should have been a clear alert by Chrome stating the same, rather than users expecting for something to happen, after seeing a glimpse of something happening and waiting for it to happen (forever). Next instead of closing the Incognito window, I just closed my virtual machine, simulating an abnormal shutdown. When I booted in back, and went to the login site in the Incognito window, it did not fill up the username and password.
Attracting Visitors To Search through searchboxNot only eCommerce websites but simple blogs and other niche-specialized websites also try to make their search-box look more appealing. You can replace your built-in search-box with Adsense search-box which will search the same way your website’s seach-box do. Like, monetizing thorough adsense for search advertisements, adding more websites, custom search result pages, ad styles, etc.3. Stylizing Search-boxAdsense for search have very old, unpleasent look that’s why bloggers generally avoid to use it on there website. You can control style of search-box, search results, button, background-color, focused result color, etc.
Chrome has additional Omnibox feature that allow users to search within few websites directly from chrome’s address-bar.
See the below screenshot:Blue underlined texts are required to replace as per your website. Add Speech Recoginition to your search-boxYou can also add speech- recoginition to your search-box, serving people to perform voice search. Its not much effective for desktop users but if your website attracts lots of mobile users then it is a thing that you should implement on your search-box.Digital Inspiration have introduced a comprehensive tutorial to implement speech-recoginition to your search-box. Reply Shirish Dhungel - February 7th, 2014 at 7:04 pmAdsense for Search, is that still available??
Reply Saurabh Saha - February 8th, 2014 at 6:41 amGoogle announced to stop Adsense for feed but NOT for search.
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