If you are adding more of anything which doesnt fit into your standard account, then it’s definitely time to upgrade. WordPress is a full-featured, fully customizable website creation tool used by millions of individuals, businesses and organizations around the world. WordPress is most popular for its packaged application, which can be downloaded for free at WordPress.org and installed anywhere as the basis, platform, and structure for an entire website.
The entire web hosting industry works on the hope that a user’s needs will increase and that they will need to keep upgrading their resources or account as their business grows. But a major concern for many entrepreneurs and clients is when is the right time to upgrade the account. This article deals with how to make that decision and what are the factors to consider before upgrading your web hosting account.
An important question that most business owners face is whether to make a website mobile-friendly or should they have an app for their products or services. This article deals with the pros and cons of having an app in addition to a mobile-friendly website. This means that your account maybe suspended or terminated and you may also be liable for prosecution under the law, if the content is illegal.
This article deals with certain things that you just should not be hosting with your web hosting provider. From April 21st, Google has said that its search algorithms will be updated to take into account how well the site will display on mobiles and tablets. This is simply because an ever-increasing number of us are accessing information online through these devices – in fact last year, the number of people going online on mobile devices overtook the number using laptop and desktop PCs for the first time.
So here’s a quick checklist of simple ways to make sure Google knows your site will offer its users a comfortable experience when they send traffic your way.
With nearly two-thirds of Americans owning smartphones, as reported by Pew in April 2015, employing a strong mobile strategy for your business is vital to drive sales.
An essential step in crafting an effective mobile website is first determining your objectives, suggests Top10WebsiteBuilders.
If your mobile website leaves users looking at a blank screen for even mere seconds before it appears, they might get frustrated and abandon the site.
Part of what affects mobile load time is optimal image sizes, as well as the server the site is hosted on. Responsive design, meaning your website creates a pleasurable user experience no matter if the user is accessing it via a smartphone, tablet, or desktop device, is important. Responsive design for mobile devices even affects search engine optimization, as Google may penalize sites that aren’t designed to be mobile-friendly.
If your business is selling any type of goods or services that can be purchased online, you’ll want to make sure they can buy from you with just a few clicks on their smartphone, too. With an e-commerce platform, security and user data protection also needs to be a consideration. To make social sharing less painful, ensure it’s easy for your customers to connect their appropriate social media accounts to your website. When customers have questions or need support regarding your products, if they’re not in front of a desktop computer, they might turn to mobile in search of immediate help. Now that your business has a stellar, mobile-friendly website people using a variety of devices can access and enjoy, track successes by using powerful mobile analytics to further evolve your strategy.
From 2013, more people access the Internet through mobile devices than desktop computers as a whole. The number of users around the world using smartphones (mobile phones with touch capabilities that can display websites) is estimated to top 2 billion in 2015 (according to a Bloomberg report).
Website traffic from mobile devices is increasing at a rate of 3.5% month over month (according to Televox).
Around a quarter of visitors will exit a website (bounced traffic) if the website is not optimized for mobiles and up to 40% of people will click another website if the one they just visited is not mobile friendly (source: Icebreaker Consulting).
Google checks whether your website is optimized for mobile devices and show your website higher in search from mobile devices for the mobile friendly websites. What the above can be translated into: if your website is not mobile friendly, you will lose more and more business, especially at a time when mobile internet usage has just surpassed desktop viewing.
You will rank higher in Google search for mobile as Google would take into account whether your website is mobile optimized when ranking websites for mobile devices. You might be able to double the website visits as over half of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices. You might have a higher conversion rate for your products and services as mobile users are more ready to buy products. Your website will look modern and trustworthy with the adoption of responsive website design .

Though this is a bit technical, you are highly advised not to skip this part to avoid problems in future. For a more realistic representation, this is a tool helping you to visualize how a website will look in different devices (mainly the standard size of Apple mobile devices).
Yes, there are a number of services and WordPress plugins claiming that they can turn your website into a mobile optimized one with a few clicks. Select a pre-made template tailored for the mobile website (note that the look and feel might be vastly different from your existing website).
Note that if you have added new parts or design to the website, you will need to revisit step 3 and 4 to include them.
After implementing the responsive WordPress themes, your website will look perfect on all devices.
Everyone building a website would like the website to be visited by visitors, and the more visitors the better. When should you make the jump from a shared hosting server to a dedicated or virtual one for your website? With a huge number of people owning mobile phones, the number of smartphones and handheld computers has exceeded the number of humans on the planet.
Sometimes you may unknowingly or knowingly be hosting content which is violative of your contract with the hosting company. Then they want to see specifics such a details of your service, and what it will cost them. Google often assumes that mobile users are outside, possibly away from home and are looking for information about the area around them. Simple, clearly designed pages which present the information in a straightforward way, rather than hidden behind layers of menus and sub-pages work best on touchscreen mobile devices. Responsive sites automatically detect what sort of device they are being displayed on, and adjust themselves to look and feel better.
Remember, people accessing your site from mobile devices could be anywhere – waiting for a bus, queuing at the bank or entertaining themselves during an interval at the theatre.
This means more than just having a website people can access on their smartphones — it means making your website design responsive on mobile devices and making it one that converts potential customers into sales simply and painlessly. Consider your customers and business model to decide if you’ll need features such as maps, large images, or an online marketplace.
Especially for millennials, who will spend $200 billion annually by 2017, users who have grown up with tech and smartphones don’t have the patience for clunky websites.
When choosing a Web host, it’s important to ask about mobile capabilities, especially if your website experiences a surge in traffic that can slow down speed.
Users shouldn’t have to zoom in to use your website, and clicking on buttons should be simple and straightforward.
You’ll want to integrate a mobile-friendly e-commerce feature that allows visitors to easily see your offerings, input their financial information, and purchase the goods. Make sure the service you’re using encrypts personal data to protect it from being stolen or disseminated to inappropriate parties. Social media word-of-mouth can result in increased sales, improved online sentiment, and more press for your business. Make it easy for mobile users to contact your team by making customer support a prominent component of the mobile site navigation. Your business can go beyond offering a phone number and email address by featuring live chat available through a mobile device.
Many even predict that mobile devices would soon replace the desktop computers and notebooks. Close to 70% of people who have searched for a product or service on a mobile device will buy the product or service rather soon. If you just create your own website from scratches using HTML and CSS, this might be a very difficult task as  you will need to understand all the ins and outs of responsive website design.
Best of all, many of the responsive themes are provided free (of course, quality is of your top priorities, you are advised to purchase a paid theme such as DIVI for only US$69 – this is the one currently used on the WP Learner website and they are consistently upgrading the themes to make them even better). It is either because the website owners are so busy with their business that they are ignorant of the mobile trend or they just think that it is extremely expensive to go mobile with their websites (of course, you have already know that this is plainly a misconception). This section shows you the concept behind responsive website design and what you should know about RWD. While we would make use of responsive website design, we just need to know that it is a combination of modern technologies which will allow your website look good on every device from as small as an intelligent phone to mega-large screens. You will just need to enter the website address in the box provided and the website rendered in devices with different widths will be shown on the same page (note that these are just simulations, the website might look a bit different in the real mobile devices). Though most of them work as advertising, they are actually not doing anything on your existing website but copy the contents just to show them in a mobile format if visitors are viewing the website from mobile devices.

Also, most importantly, as your website theme is not mobile optimized, some of the contents created might not be able to show up properly in mobile devices and the plugin or services might not be able to convert the contents for you automatically. Below we will provide some guidances on how to choose the perfect responsive WordPress theme for your website. The themes may allow you limited flexibility to change only some texts or images of the pre-designed homepage (e.g. They are usually provided with several professional pre-made templates for you to quickly put up a professional homepage.
As the usage habits of visitors have changed from viewing websites on desktop computers to viewing websites on mobile devices, your website should follow the trend too. Edward learnt how to create a website the hard way, spending hundreds of hours in learning programming languages before rolling out his first design portfolio website. It could mean adding more domains into your account or having more than the permitted number of email addresses for your plan.
Make sure you include details of your physical location, and a geographical telephone number, to assist customers looking for goods and services close to them.
This can mean the dimension of the pages changes to fit a mobile screen, and links or buttons become more prominent so they don’t become lost in walls of text. In all these situations, their wants and needs will be different, and they will have challenges they are trying to overcome in their lives. Ninety-four percent of small and medium-sized businesses don’t have a mobile optimized site, so your business has a significant opportunity to cultivate loyal brand advocates with a stellar mobile strategy. Once you’ve figured out your most important business needs, you can get to work making sure visitors can successfully become returning customers by keeping the following mobile website principles in mind. Fifty-seven percent of mobile users will leave if a website takes more than three seconds to load.
It’s even worse when they can’t find you when they’re searching on their phones for the services you provide. Consider adding social media sharing buttons to your mobile site to allow visitors to help spread the word about your business in just a few clicks.
You can even integrate options that allow customers to text their contacts about their purchase. After they receive satisfactory service, they can get back to purchasing through the rest of your site.
Soon there will be the time when more people will visit your website from mobile devices than from traditional desktop computers. Reports have already shown that the conversion rate through mobile traffic (~28%) is much greater than desktop traffic (source: Search Engine Land). With the introduction of more and more powerful mobile devices with larger screens, faster CPUs and multi-tasking capabilities, it is expected that desktop internet use will soon become a minority or only job related. But if you have followed our “How to Create A Website Guide” and created your first website using WordPress, you are in luck! The homepage of a blog consists of the usually 10 blog titles either with excerpts or the full blog posts while a website usually have a specially crafted homepage with graphics and information other than the blog articles.
You are advised to consider a paid theme (DIVI for only US$69) if quality is among the top priorities.
Edward understands the pains and thus wrote this Fast and Easy Guide to help fellow wannabe website owners to create a website in an hour’s time.
You’ll want to ensure your website appears immediately and doesn’t drag as users are navigating it. Think of mobile devices as tools your business can use to make your products go viral, and integrate compelling calls to action that are easily readable. You just need to convert your website to a responsive one that’s tailored for mobile with a simple change of WordPress theme and a few customizations. But in the case of mobile devices, as the screen width is much smaller, the boxes might need to stack up against one another (like the diagram shown below).
There you can change the color scheme, website logo, the images below the slider plus many other options, etc. By following the five action steps above to switch to a responsive WordPress theme, you have carried out the most important steps for mobile optimization. That will slow down the download considerably but not add any values to the webpage which is absolutely not ideal.

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