A website is composed of essential parts that help engage users to navigate and learn more about the products and services of the company.
Sidebar – this refers to the placement of the primary navigation and not the usual content of a regular sidebar. Super-sized navigation – this navigation trend allows users to see a preview of what they should expect in a certain tab. Navigation – although this is not a primary navigation, it will still allow users to navigate other parts of the website through links. Social media buttons – these buttons serve as links to the social media profiles of the website owner or the company. Widgets – these widgets could be in a form of feeds (usually social media), polls, contact us forms, subscription boxes, etc. There is no particular design trend when it comes to content, but you still have to consider the font size, font colors, and background of the content in order to make the content more appealing and user-friendly.

Image collections – these are common in online shops, real estate websites, and travel blogs. To make it more engaging, some footer includes taglines or images that will immediately catch the attention of users. Our core team's strength is a digital approach - such as websites, mobile sites, web systems, Facebook apps, and mobile apps - to communicate your key marketing messages. About Think SumoWe're a Philippine-based creative digital company that aims to deliver top-level technical and creative solutions that satisfy the needs of both the business and the consumers. Images make a huge impact in user engagement, especially if the images are interesting and visually appealing.
They usually contain the introduction or summary of the commodities that the company is offering.
The only difference is that when you click the button to show the tabs, it will go full screen instead of appearing on the side.

For example, the website of a clothing brand has a tab for “Tops.” This tab can still be narrowed down to blouses, shirts, tank tops, etc. They say it is an added distraction to some users, especially if the sidebar displays ads, Twitter feed, etc.
Of course, the users will reach the footer if they were engaged with the website’s content. Websites that offer products and services usually have banners that feature their latest offers or even the current news about their company.

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