Knowing about the heavy images and high-resolution graphics that Engadget is made of, I realized that the website is just too heavy to load.
Responsive Web Design has taken a lead in the current web design trends, with everyone incorporating this attractive web development technique that brings a depth-inducing effect on websites. According to the latest study conducted on 155 prominent websites, it was found that 31% of the sites take anywhere from eight to 48-seconds to load on a smartphone. One of the interesting findings in this study was that the slow load times were due to heavy use of images.
Tribilis – the mobile web developer that carried out this extensive study clearly claims that a website’s load time exceeds the average expectations if a page weight goes beyond 1MB.
Now it is understood that people want their websites to look marvelous, beautiful and all that… but they fail to realize that burdening a web page with every possible enhancement and the best quality of everything, will result in heavy web pages that contribute majorly to longer load times. Eclipsing the drop shadows, leather textures, shiny surfaces and other rich design elements, flat design gained traction as a design technique that removes dimensional realism from visual elements. However, the above disadvantages don’t apply to a project if the designer knows how to make the best use of the web development tools at hand. Josh Andreska and Ryan Bernardi were assigned as Bravo Team partners for the SCA crew’s final 2012 Trails Inventory hitch. Bravo team left the scenic, arid landscape of eastern Washington to visit the even more scenic terrain of the North Cascade Mountain Range.

Bravo team finished the weekend with a brief visit to Seattle where they attended annual festivities, ate fresh fruit from famous Pike’s Place Market, and enjoyed seeing the Seattle Mariner’s win a ballgame at home.
Send me news and updates on protecting the great outdoors through conservation and service. To be precise, it took almost 40 seconds to load completely with my current Internet connection.
But responsive design is often coupled with rich textures and high-end graphics to complement the effect and augment the individuality in a website.
And of the 155 sites analyzed in the Trilibis study, 61% of website home pages weighed at least 1MB in size. And longer load time indirectly translates into loss of consumer interest, ergo, less overall traffic.
Following the pragmatic approach in design elements, flat design is a type of minimalist web design approach that utilizes light graphical elements and emphasizes more on usability. One of the outstanding features that make flat design a good alternative to replace high quality images is that it is strongly based in typography and colour, which provides efficient scalability. With the latest tools in website development, a designer can make use of CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript to create beautiful yet light websites that easily scale to fit multiple devices. A skilled professional will know how to bend his art to fit the requirements and further enhance the look and feel of the website.

It was a quick inventory of Gray’s Harbor NWR’s trail near the coast and then on to Willapa NWR where Josh and Ryan inventoried over 15 miles of trails including the beautifully decorated Salmon Art Interpretive Trail. Our members protect and restore national parks, marine sanctuaries, cultural landmarks and community green spaces in all 50 states.
Another important finding in this study revealed that only one in five of these sites analyzed delivered a good load time that was timed at less than 4 seconds. So, in a sense, everything that you put up with to enhance your website which is supposed to be a blessing ends up being a curse instead. Made famous by the heavily marketed Windows 8 platform, flat design attracted a lot of attention when we saw Apple adopt it in its mobile operating system iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks. Another distinct benefit of this flat approach in responsive layouts is that you can manage the amount of images used in a breakpoint, which can result in faster page load speeds. The next thing you know, every other online business was seen redesigning their web pages and adopting this latest fad in the market. The last night of the hitch was spent camping in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest near Mt.

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