Make Take & Teach - Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Phonological Awareness, Educational Kits, & Small Group Intervenions! Understanding that words are comprised of separate speech sounds that can be changed to form new words is a critical early literacy skill. Learning the letters and their sounds is an important step on a child’s journey in learning to read. Explicit and systematic phonics instruction is key in helping our students learn to read and spell.
Be sure to check out the MT&T activities for teaching consonant blends, digraphs, magic e, r-controlled vowels, vowel teams and MORE! Did you know that the first 220 words from the Dolch sight word lists make up 50-70% of the words we find in text? Learning the meanings of words and how words relate to one another is critical for reading comprehension. By joining our mailing list, you will receive a newsletter every two weeks jam-packed with classroom ideas, freebies and links to my favorite resources! How To Autoplay YouTube Video On Your Blog or Website and Make Money Online While Doing It!
So NOW you see… its not that hard…get the word “techno challenged” out of your vocabulary!!!
Imagine making money cutting videos  (no, does not need to be about tech stuff like how to autoplay YouTube video – see the video of me playing with my kids at the park).. T-shirt quilts are family favorites and always make wonderful gifts for graduation, birthdays and other special occasions. If you need to catch up on any previous posts, check them out here. You can find quilt kits for the 100 Blocks Sampler in our online shop, as well as the digital quilt pattern. If you haven’t checked this latest issue out yet, you can browse through our online gallery here to preview the patterns or grab a print or digital edition from our online store. When Scrap Squad members were informed that our last quilt was to be one of our choice from the Quiltmaker archives, I was so excited. I had purchased a couple of yards of Hoffman’s Skylines in October at a quilt shop in northern Arizona.
I searched Quiltmaker’s huge pattern library and discovered Animal Crackers from 1992. I machine basted the center panel in place on the batting and quilted straight lines.  I used five colors of quilting threads. When the line quilting was complete, I constructed the borders following the pattern instructions. This block is pretty straightforward—half-square and quarter-square triangles along with some plain patches. Mark your calendars: Our 100 Blocks Volume 13 Blog Tour is happening in a couple of weeks! Join us May 2-6 for designer inspiration, giveaways and lots of quilty fun.
This newest volume of 100 Blocks features a great collection of blocks — from hearts to whimsical flowers, from spinning wheels to umbrellas, from turtles to teddy bears — from your favorite designers including Bonnie Hunter, Scott Murkin, Margie Ullery and more.
The issue hits newsstands May 3, and is available to purchase early as a print or digital issue in our online shop. I moved to Colorado, became more involved with work and migrated to making art quilts by machine. I asked my daughter-in-law Gina to send me a picture so I could share the quilt I made for her graduation from optometry school. I want to share this wall hanging because it’s my first authentic art quilt and the one I’m most proud of. I promised myself that I’d be diligent this week so I could cross some of the items off of my to-do list.

I got about halfway around the center medallion on the first row of echo quilting and my machine started skipping stitches. But if the machine is skipping stitches, I reasoned, I didn’t want to try to make the pieced border. I have multiple machines – three modern day machines and several working “classic” machines that I could have used, but we were going to have an overnight guest and I didn’t want to be moving machines when he arrived.
Hands-on activities that teach the sound-symbol correspondence and offer practice opportunities make learning this skill both educational and fun! Be sure to check out these MT&T phonics based activities for teaching CVC words, blends, digraphs, magic e, r-controlled vowel, vowel teams and more! Teaching students to recognize these words quickly and accurately greatly improves their ability to read fluently. A young child, or a school age child, with a robust vocabulary is a child who will be able to understand the meaning of text. We have plenty of activities for teaching number order, number concepts and basic computational skills. After all, who wouldn’t love to have their collection of treasured sports jerseys, concert T-shirts and other collectible tees turned into a fun memory quilt? We invite you to take our reader survey to let us know what you liked in this issue as well as what you’d like to see more of in future issues. Your input is important to us and helps us choose our content for future issues of Quiltmaker! I loved the colors and the design and was sure that I would find just the right quilt pattern to showcase Skylines. I used the leftover Skylines fabric for the second border and a stripe from my stash for the third border. Backing was then added and secured to the front by stitching in the ditch around the center panel and in each border seam. I have gained new friends and found new ways to incorporate scraps into my quilts.  Thank you to Quiltmaker and to Diane Harris for this wonderful opportunity.
Are you keeping up? Click here to catch up on the previous sew along blog posts. Quilt kits are available for the 100 Blocks Sampler in our online shop, as well as the digital pattern. We also have a new Special Issue Auto Ship program where you can sign up to have all Quiltmaker special issues delivered straight to your mailbox.
I made clothes for my younger sister and brother, myself, and then for my husband and sons. Although some are still hand-stitched I have been developing my machine stitching skills through these wall hangings.
I walked in on my first day of work to see quilts hanging on all the walls, over the cube sides, in the cubes, on the desks of the cubes–everywhere. The editorial staff in our office puts together four magazines: Quiltmaker, Quilters Newsletter, McCall’s Quilting and Quick Quilts.
I went home last night and heated leftovers for dinner and threw the dishes in the dishwasher to get those chores out of the way and moved on to the fun of sewing. And felt satisfied with a good evening’s work … definitely not focused, but happy that I’d accomplished something measurable. Please take a few moments to check out our classroom resources as well as our activities designed for speech and language therapy. Our brand new free T-Shirt Quilt Patterns eBook includes three helpful articles so you can get started right away on a T-shirt quilt for someone special. I hope you’re finding that sewing one block every week is very doable and you’re keeping up with us!
As you browse their blog, you’ll notice that they are in Switzerland teaching right now—how cool is that?
My first memory of fabric is not my baby binky, rather the carefully drawn knife and fork my grandma put on the end of a tea towel to teach me how to handle a sewing needle.

I added the Cathedral Windows to symbolize the importance of looking through the grist of daily life to remember the love you share. Although many of the quilts we feature come from quiltmakers like you, those of us on staff make some of the quilts and do many of the extras; lessons and color options, that sort of thing.
So the fact that I have three quilts to make right now doesn’t make me crazy, but I do know I need to get busy. Often when a machine is just a little off, it will sew through two layers of fabric nicely but add that layer of batting and it won’t do as well. I’ve worked as an instructional designer and project manager, mostly with learning and information technology organizations, for many years. She taught my sister and I how to embroider the towel in between spewing out loads of basket quilt blocks from her treadle sewing machine.
I enjoy embellishing them with special beads, ribbons, yarn, buttons, and many recycled objects. It makes me feel really good to know that there is something I’m doing that my grandmother also found engaging. Quilts are in my life every day as I work on calculating yardage, writing descriptions or assembly directions. So much of the time, I have a project or two that I need to work on for one of the magazines. I’m shaking my head today and wondering where my logic and self-discipline were last night. My dream has always been to tie instructional design with my passion for fiber art in a job.
I think that’s why, when I make a bed quilt for my family, I give them a hand-stitched one. I had plenty of time to get out a different machine and put away the one that was skipping stitches. When parenting started taking more time and I began working outside my home, the quilting projects became smaller in size.
I create thread-painted and crocheted pieces to adorn them, and some contain embroidery stitches (Thank you, Grandma.). I may use modern patterns, a twist on traditional, or a design I’ve created special for them. My grandmother planted the first seeds of passion for the touch of fabric, the splendor of many colors and an itch to stitch. I do follow one rule: All of my wall hangings must contain some element of traditional quilting. The quilts are spread out; my co-workers take a break from their desks to gather around one-by-one. I also learned that I could get to the satisfaction of a finished project quicker because a small wall hanging or throw didn’t take as long to complete. There is a breath of silence as we absorb and then murmurs of appreciation come: for the pattern, fabric, quilting motif, and the maker–because that’s what quilters do.
I think that’s pretty cool because I hoped they would appreciate the historical significance of this stuff that mom is always doing. My sons have blessed me with many events that deserve a quilt: graduations, leaving home for college, marriages, births, lounging on the couch to watch TV, and decorating a grandchild’s room.

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