You want to ask yourself, will these free website builders be able to perform “later on” when you need a real site with the proper framework and functionality to grow and scale your business?
Well basically with any free website builder you need to think, are you still going to want to use this free platform down the road, in the future? The best way to avoid all of this, typically is to start off using something you can grow into.
This is why all the free sites builders are everywhere, as most claim to be really easy to set up.
They have a sneaky little trick because once you figure it out it’s too late and you have already built your site and they hope you will just stay with them and upgrade. It is just like all of the people who set up a six figure business on E bay and then E-bay just decided to indefinitely cancel their accounts for whatever reason and people lost incomes overnight. The same thing applies to building a website on a totally free website builder, the free platforms will own your site and not you.Then you always have to worry about losing out on all your money, just because you may have violated their terms of service with the website that you thought you owned.
A blog that makes more than $500 a month built on a platform that is not owned and monitored by you is just plain scary!
If you set out to build a website just to hold pictures or menus for an existing bricks and mortar business then the free builders would work. Most free website companies know that you will not continue using the free builder. Unless you have a site just for fun, they know that you will soon outgrow it .
The totally free website builders enable you to create a try before you buy experience but the problem is they never let you leave!!! Also if you continue on with the free site builders, no one will really think your a legitimate business. You will most likely not make money, plain and simple with a free site. Now unless you know the website builder is a good company with deep pockets, it could very well go out of business. Then I will cover at the bottom with a video how to make your own WordPress website in 30 seconds for free that you can transfer into a full blown self hosted professional business site when ready and not just lose all your work when you want to upgrade or move. If that all sounds good right now and you want to skip all this and try it out now then just put in your domain name and set-up your free website with the best site builder out there for free in seconds Click Here. I would have to say that Weebly would be one of the best free website builders compared to Wix. This is another platform that you can’t take your site with you, if you want to leave.
You just need to keep in mind that when you build a site on a free website builder like this, you do not own it, you just maintain it. Weebly is the one of the best of the free site builders if that is as far as you wanted to ever go is just a simple website and then hang your hat and be done. Wix is another totally free website builder that claims to be easy and have great functionality but is still very confusing.
They are putting in features to try to get people with their drag and drop functionality, snap-to-grid and blank canvas editor etc. Wix is not a bad platform if people still had to hand code websites using Dreamweaver but now that their are better platforms out there it just does not seem like the best decision. Well you have to remember that is not really your blog it is owned by Wix and they are basically employing you for free to set up properties they can post their ads on. Plugins are similar to Apps on your smart phone as they add functionality or specialized functions to your website.
WordPress has a lot of powerful features, you can save and preview drafts, add SEO, recover older versions of articles you wrote and revert back, add categories and tags to organize everything on the blog (very important). It will also auto save to save you from losing hours of work. The themes on WordPress offer many ways to be modified by editing appearance in the coding or by adding widgets, plugins and adding images or colors to your background. Weebly: Unlimited they say but the only way to know would be to set up a website and get lots of traffic and see when they decide to make you go for a pro plan. Wix No, once you have chosen your template, it’s forever unless you want to set up a new site. Wix: Yes Big ones top and bottom if you want to get rid of it your have to bump up to their $5-$8 dollar a month plans, that equate to around $60- $96 a year. With a website on the right host you can get unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, you can transfer to any host any time you like for less than you may think. The totally free website builders may seem nice at first but you need to think what is your purpose of having the website.
There is a huge difference between building a free website for a hobby or getting the proper guidance, hosting and training to start a successful business online right off the bat. Also it’s important to use a opensource platform like WordPress as you do not have to rely on just one company to make sure everything is running smoothly without mistakes.
Now fixing your own problems may sound just dreadful to you but it is not that hard especially with the right guidance. Not understanding how these blogs work, will always make you rely on someone else to do it for you.
There are many big name hosts out there that are not that good and can cause problems later, such as Go Daddy and Host gator.
The problem comes where you can not see, most of the bigger cheaper hosts are on shared hosting which is not a horrible thing in itself but it means you will be sharing resources. Cloud hosting is like having a loft in a nice swanky hotel without a contract, you can stay in as many rooms as you like and leave anytime you like. So your probably wondering where you can find a place that you could build a totally free website, powered by the WordPress platform, that you could transfer into your own cloud hosted business website that also has extra training and support to teach you how to make a full time income with your online business.
If you want to learn how to set up two free websites powered by the WordPress framework that you can transfer into a better site and that you can set up in less that 30 seconds that check out this video below and just follow the steps.
You may think that the proprietary environments of places like Weebly and Wix are good enough for what your going to do but what if you need and want more.
You really need to consider a free website builder that you can seamlessly transfer onto your own host and on your own domain.
If you want to do this for free in the beginning you can start with a program called site rubix that uses the WordPress platform and allows two websites with hosting for free. So if you are ready for a easy site builder that is free and has secure hosting and is build on a platform that you can grow with and also build in 30 seconds with all the technical stuff taken out, plus free training then click here.
The best part is if you do have problems you have everybody around you that has already been there and done that. This community I speak of that surrounds this free platform dishes out information like an Italian mom serving dinner.
Setting up an account takes less than 2 minutes and will start your online business journey. Not only can you move to self hosted effortlessly when you go to the premium membership but you get a much more secure hosting which is a whole other topic in itself.
Plus the premium site builder has an amazing customer service that will answer questions better and faster than any other hosting company.
Not enough, well check out a person just like you, who went through the same platform your seeing now and got great results. He also was only using just the free version and he got 400 unique visitors a day. That’s not all, he then transferred it to his own self hosted website after he kept growing and explained how he is now getting way more traffic 1,000 unique visitors a day. Also if you could share this page with any friends or family that you feel would also want to set up a free WordPress website, with free video training on legitimate and current strategies for properly setting up and marketing your online business. Also if you have any questions comment or concerns about anything in this write up, like always please feel free to post your question below.
Totally Hott, a new full service salon, is temporarily operating in the Hott Blow Dry salon until renovations in the new space are completed. So here's the thing, while i should be doing my Tafe work (it's a bit like Collage for you not Australian people) I'm REALLY bored as per usual so I'm here to give you my top video tracks as of right now.

Please note these are NOT entire soundtracks but individual track within the soundtrack and they must also be original tracks so unfortunately tracks like "Paradise City" from Burnout  Paradise or "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" from Bioshock infinite cannot be counted and to keep thing easier I will only be featuring ONE track from each Game or Series. Ah Journey, another game i haven't played yet (Don't yell at me, i know ok), the whole soundtrack is beautiful and the whole thing is a great soundtrack to listen to if you're looking for some nice soft tracks to listen to but this track stood out so i'm calling this one my favorite. Well of course this is in here, this had to be in there, Portal was always a funny-ish game but this ending song done by Jonathan Coulton was so unexpected and amazing that it became an instant classic video game track, and while it wasn't as good, Portal 2's end song is also worth a listen. As far as entire soundtracks go, i thought Bastion is one of the best, i went with "In Case of trouble" as my favorite but there are tons of awesome tracks, tracks like "A proper story", "Build that wall", "Bynn the Breaker", "Mother I'm here" and more make this whole game so very memorable, it's a great game all round and soundtrack in entirely awesome and my favorite part of the game. The only game not yet out, from the creator of Bastion, set for release next year, Transistor look extremely interesting and a interesting combat system, world and hopefully another great soundtrack and even if "we all become" is the best song of the soundtrack the game is looking to sound great, and i just love this song that sounds like a great cyber track that is extremely different and therefore awesome.
Oh Last of us how wonderful you are, the whole soundtracks is good enough but the one that stood out was "The choice" i just love the soft guitar and reminds me of the slower story moments, the soundtracks seem to fit so well into the game, fast pace beats and lyrics wouldn't fit the game to well and the simple guitar fit's better and an epic Hans Zimmer style track would seem just as out of place but Gustavo Santaolalla's tracks are just done so well. Thomas was alone is such a beautifully simple game, it's great to look at and all but the real greatness of the game is it's narration and that it makes quadrilateral shapes into better characters then 80% of video game characters i can think of, and the music is amazingly beautiful that's soft while still sometime capturing that digital feel, my favorites are "Inertia", "Escape" and "Freedom" but i went with Escape as my favorite. Ah how i remember this track, playing Mass effect 3 after wanting it so badly then hearing the soft piano cords as the intro sequence fades out was amazing, the Reaper noises that blast out a couple of times can be irritating when trying to listen but i still love it. Maybe this is so high on my list because i only just found it and haven't gotten bored of it yet, iv'e neither played this game nor know anything about it but regardless the simple, happy, joyous tune and folksy and sometime random-ish sounds create a all-round lovable track.
Christopher Tin's Baba Yetu, not only the first game track to be nominated for an Grammy but still the only track to win one (not that that means much cos there were many awesome tracks before Baba Yetu), the kinda African sounding start that's simple with just a voice and some old style sounding drum that kicks into one of the greatest tracks iv'e ever heard, the beautiful sounds of the middle and the chior that truly captures the feeling of simply beautiful worlds and empires being built from nothing. This blog started out as a comment on Lucyana's "To Whom are games made for?" blog and so it has similar topics, but I decided to make a blog out of where my thoughts went, and know there are enough blogs about this subject already but i'll post anyway. So, my question is: Are characters in games with exaggerated attractive attributes (whether they be Strong, masculine males, or thin sexy females) put into games for the benefit of all genders or only for females.
This was the question I started to think to myself while sitting here at TAFE (it's an Australian thing, it's like a community collage) doing not much as usual, and reading through Lucyana's blog it made me start thinking about that question which i know is a question already very much covered but i thought i'd throw my opinion in there as well. So, is a game with a female character who has big breasts and a thin waist there for female enjoyment as much as for men's enjoyment? Ok first thing i came up with, Is a game sexist or wrongly portraying a women if they make a female attractive? I would say that games fulfill fantasy so whether the women are beautiful or the men are strong and good looking the tendency is always to go that direction. But really if you ask any gamer here and you'll quickly find out that no-one is on the other side of this topic and pretty much everyone agree's with you in that girls in games, even though they have made great step forward is still lacking in many, many ways, and im sure everyone here will agree that more strong female protagonists in games would be great, females made by people who understand the difference between Sexual and sexualised and understand that women should be more idealised not objectified, same could be said about anything that isn't a white male, but much like how everyone wishes for world peace it's still not something that's just going to happen unless a whole lot of people decide to do more then just complain about it and let the people in control of these things know that it won't be tolerated anymore but that won't happen so we're in for a few more years of this before everyone is happy.
Hella pretty but not a bit fan of sim racers, pretty much what you expected but with a fancy AI system that plays when you're not, what seems pretty useless but ok. At first i thought it looked like Blacklight mixed with Hawken, but the shooting mechanics looks undeniably COD-like, what i can say is that it looks freakin awesome, a near future millitary shooter but with Mechs, jetbacks, wallruning and space travel?
A lot of drivel about dribbling and atmosphere and way to much Drake, im sure the Fifa and Madden will be great, UFC will probably be good, not sure about NBA live but no matter what i just want to see the game.
Pretty damn good again, Not tons of games but few big hitters for me like Battlefield, Battlefront, DA inquisition and mirror's edge 2 were really impressive, plus PvZ GW looks super fun, all the rest im kinda meh about but some big hitter very much impressed me. Pretty average trailer, i really only care about this game for the fun stealth gameplay, didn't impress me. The trailer didn't get me that excited, was disappointed with no amazing gameplay, but the came later. Wouldn't be fussed about not supporting used games, but no online requirements is great news. PS+ is a good idea for any Playstation gamer anyway, kinda makes sense and i don't think it's a big deal, only a slight disapointment there.
Brand new IP with a unique-ish style, at the very least it has potential, gotta wait for gameplay and story details. All look great but we only got gameplay trailers, was looking for a proper demo but that was for the days after the conference. So we finally got some gameplay and lag aside i wasn't that impressed, i was really digging AC4 when it was first released but for whatever reason iv'e lost that, i love the thought of a pirate world but AC games never really embrace living in worlds like RPG's do, there appears to be some more stealth options which is great but didn't wow me, pirate music was cool though. Most people seemed to think Sony obliterated everyone but for me i didn't think so, I think the console itself looks much better then Microsofts and im not saying the games aren't as good looking, but i watched these for the games and there wasn't as much here that impressed me, though there was a lot of good stuff really Watch Dogs was the only thing that blew me away and got me really, really excited, i really wanted Sony to pull out some big guns, maybe because i was expecting more was why i was a little disappointing, and maybe that why i though Microsoft was so impressive, it's worth mentioning that while i love the look of games like Infamous SS, the gameplay that got me excited wasn't there till the day after and im sure if you're a big fan of FF or Kingdom hearts then that would improve things but for me, it was a little disappointing as far as games, however the console price and DRM puts this up a little. Pokemon is doing something New and that could be cool, but im still waiting for an open world Wii U version that brings more to the table, Bayonetta 2 is what you'd expect, it looks good but Platinum's style doesn't really appeal to me and Monolith's new game looks real cool and the only thing that made me interested.
So pretty much nintendo's thing didn't make me excited, but if you're a Nintendo fan there's a bit to like but nothing that's gonna be the system seller that Nintendo needs. So today i played through all of Bioshock infinite, recorded it and made this video, hope you enjoy.
So i came across this site called Wix which lets you easily make your own website with a fair amount of customization, and because I'm to lazy to learn Dreamweaver i thought i would just use that.
Anyway this is it, I only really did it for fun and while i will be updating it I'm not going to ask you to bookmark or share it or anything as I did it just for fun.
Lemme know if there is anything wrong, plus iv'e been having some issues using the site in Google Chrome but that might just be me. Thanks for watching and please don't yell at me for the video i know im not that good at commentating. A new TES games set in Elsweyr, i would love to see a game in Elsweyr because i love the idea of an elder scrolls game set in a harsh desert enviroment, and yes i made that logo myself, as with all the cover in this blog you can expect a real cover to look better than this, it's just a concept.
A Portal 3 set in slightly destroyed City 17 after Chell escapes apature, it'll probably be more similar to Half life that Portal though, Plus i just want to mention that the picture of Alyx pointing a gun at Chell was hard as hell to make, i actually downloaded Source Filmmaker just to make that picture and it wasn't easy to learn or to import the Portal 2 models into SFM. The Next Half life, i don't really have any ideas for this game (i would rather let Valve surprise me) but i have put Alyx and Gordon looking at the Borealis over their crash helicopter which i think would be cool, plus you can see i put Chell in there because as i said with the Portal 3 cover i want a little crossover.
Giants of destruction is a racing action game based on high speed racing and fast paced battles in Deathmatch arenas.
Main goal is to create a multiplayer environment where players will test there skills in a online multiplayer rampage.Current demo only supports single player. The game will have many fun game modes to play around with, Example: Deathmatch, Capture the flag, High speed race etc.
You hear almost everyday of yet another totally free website builder popping up and wanting you to try it for free. The main problem with the free website builders, they do not have near the functionality, SEO capabilities or plugin options that WordPress has. Well, in theory that is technically fair but the problem is those platforms are not the framework you want to build a real business on. Even though people were furious, it still happened and their was nothing they could do about it. These platforms can work ok but you typically can never scale your business without running into a lot of snags. Even if you invest all this time and money and now you still need more, you just can’t leave unless you want to start over.
People say visitors do not care about looks but unconsciously they do and rate you accordingly. It offers unlimited bandwidth and storage which is a big plus. The templates look like you built a free website for a class project and just does not set you apart from other teenie boopers let alone a real businesses. When you build a site on the Weebly platform they own you, like Facebook owning all their pages. Weebly is great for a test website or landing page but to build a full blown online business that gets results and doesn’t just look the part but acts the part, then you may want to think twice about using Weebly. Wix wanted to try to give the user choice but winds up inundating you more than helping you. It seems as if the developers just threw everything in together and decided to try to let the user try to make sense of it all.

Once you choose that first one it is yours forever, your locked into that template unless you want to build a new site. Once you set up your website with wix not only are you nothing more than a great way for them to advertise but also if you  decide to advertise and use affiliate links on the blog that you made there is a chance that they could ban you for doing things like that. The main difference is you can transfer a WordPress site to your own host and use WordPress.ORG platform to have a website that offers everything you could possibly need.
Also it may be a little bit more technical but once you understand everything it is really rather self explanatory.
Everything that you do on a page or post is easy to make using the WYSIWIG editor so you do not need to understand coding. Users can also use a domain name they previously purchased but the set up on that is complicated and annoying. You can customize it in any way that you like, use any platform that you want such as WordPress.ORG but the hard part is understanding and learning everything. Was is just to have a website or was it to get lots of traffic from it and turn it into a full time business and work for yourself.
If you are looking to really make a business out of what your doing, you are going to want to learn how to make a website correctly. If your looking for a totally free website builder then you might as well use one that utilizes the power and versatility of the WordPress platform.
If a company like Wix or Weebly go out of business, crashes or has technical difficulties you will be out of luck unless they fix it. Now I don’t hate Go daddy and Host Gator as I have previously had sites hosted on them before.
Sharing resources means if someone that is sharing the host with you gets a lot of traffic it can slow down your website. So if your website all of a sudden gets double the traffic it was getting, your cloud server will just request more storage space and bandwidth. When you start to grow you will eventually want to upgrade it but the free site that is offered is much better than the totally free website builders you may have been considering.
Well if you think that you may need more and know that you want to build a site that you can grow into then you will want to go WordPress. These sites will be able to naturally and seamlessly transfer onto you own host, if you need to expand or grow. The gist of shared hosting is if someone on that shared hosting is doing something bad then they will negatively effect the whole server and your business. This is a big deal as you feel that you are taken care of and safe with the knowledge that the host or your website will not just disappear or fail later on down the line.
This is a great example of how he was able to scale and grow with his business, all with just starting with the correct free website builder and training that I shared with you above. I want you to build a successful website from this and come back and tell me what you think and post your website in the comments below (a little free traffic for you to start off with).
Well of course almost as women in games are attractive, just how men are almost always ruggedly handsome, though admittedly probably not quite as often as women, men will more often be the unattractive or old person rather then a women, (just look at Bill, Coach, Mario characters, Roman, some street fighter characters, Lynch, Seth Briars) not that there are no unattractive females in gaming.
Final version of this game will have many highly armored and armed vehicles with unusual designs. I am going to cover 3 free website builders and expose them for what they are and explain in depth why they just really waste your time.
Eventually if you do what you set out to do, which is succeed with your online business, you will be stuck when you outgrow their platforms.
I actually had E-bay cancel my account for fraudulent complaints made by buyers and after having an account for years just lost it cause E-bay said my DSR was too low.
Now that was just an extreme example to make a point, as yes you can build a successful Weebly site with all the right content and still people will want to read it, if the content is good. When you start building these sites they are hoping that you spend so much time on building it that you would rather spend money upgrading your membership than move somewhere else. You are essentially on a sub-domain of weeblys and even if you have your own domain it is still pointing to Weebly. So if your plan is to succeed Weebly is really just more for the hobbyist who wants to put up a website for his own reference or show off for his family and friends.
A free website builder like this should really just walk you through the process, as that is the hard part, not just giving people more options. Many times when you first start you want to change your template as it can be tough to make the right decision in the beginning.
Don’t worry I will be showing a way that is free and you can slowly upgrade, the more you make money. Many of the themes are constantly updated by the developer, and most themes are mobile friendly off the bat. This is where you need not only a host but also a guide to setting up not just a website but a business. When you are using WordPress the only problems are with misunderstandings setting it up and possibly your hosting provider but if there is a problem you can actively fix it instead of waiting for Wix or Weebly. They are just typically on shared hosting and if you want dedicated hosting it can cost an arm and a leg plus also a finger. If someone that is sharing the host with you does something illegal or against the hosts terms of service your site could be caught up in the crossfire. Traditional cloud hosting is similar to dedicated hosting, it is just not found on one server. Now by setting up your site this way you will not lock yourself in to proprietary environments like Weebly and Wix, where you wont be able to take your website with you. If you were to learn all the lessons that are in there, by yourself it would take you years to figure out.
I can’t say it enough if you want a totally free website builder, plus a place to grow, learn and get feedback all with secure hosting and all the training you need to get set up with no technical skills… then set up a free account and get started now and do not procrastinate!!!
Set up your account all the way up, take it seriously as this will be the place that you start your business online.
That is also why I suggest the best hosting as that is a much bigger deal than you could ever imagine.
Even if it does you will have the community and support teams to get you out of the problem, instead of doing it all by yourself which can literately set you back years.
Weapons will vary from Conventional to very overpowered futuristic weapons, for example, Plasma cannon and armor piercing laser guns.
Join the community today (totally free - or sign in with your social account on the right) and join in the conversation. A self hosted site has a very good platform and has well surpassed their competitors Joomla and Drupal for usability and features. But if your looking to build a real business it’s really not going to happen with the Free Weebly account. Just remember only put up to 10 at the very most under 5 is ideal to keep you away from having 90% of the common WP problems. Then if you waste time learning this platform it is not nearly as useful as understanding the WordPress platform.

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