One of the most frequent questions that I get asked by many newbie niche marketers is how to choose a good domain name for their website. Remember, the basic idea behind your website is that you want to avoid confusing any visitor that comes to your website. Before 2013 EMD domains ranked really well for that particular keyword within the domain name. As a direct result of this people back then went wild as they created a ton of low quality domains that could rank for these particular keywords. While this stirred up the online marketing community a bit, people began saying the EMD domains no longer ranked well within the search engines and that you were more prone to having your website banned by Google. While an EMD domain will give you the most advantage of ranking for the keyword that you want, it will mean nothing if you can’t drive high quality traffic it to by targeting low competition, high traffic keywords in your domain name.
There is also the added benefit that people will know immediately what your website is all about.
A brand name can be used in a variety of different places and can be used for a variety of things.
For example when I first started my pet food site, my initial niche was holistic dry dog foods.
I wanted to give you some added info on how my own website and domain name played into my success so you can see a real life example for yourself. I built a brand using my domain and I knew building that brand meant committing several years of work.
This was the site that I first began building my brand name and I have to say that it worked out in my favor. I was confident that the quality of the content I offered would impact the brand of my site domain. With all of that being said you can see that I really didn’t struggle too hard to find my domain name. To be honest when it comes to newbies I believe it is easier for you guys to start by using an EMD and to find a niche that is low competition, but has high traffic keywords that you can target. However, one of the things that I have recently noticed is that you guys tend to stress over finding the right keyword for your domain.
Catch Me On YouTube!Subscribe On Youtube For Daily Make Money Online Videos, Scam Alerts and Reviews! As for time, with this guide, getting everything set up should only take you under a couple hours.
When working with clients over the years, I’ve come to realize that this topic can be confusing to some. Ok so now you have your address, you have your plot of land, and all the people typing your address into their GPS to visit your house will just be faced with an empty Lot! Once you’ve registered and paid for a hosting plan, you are now ready to build your website.
Your control panel is where you can create email addresses, manage billing info, and all different aspects of your hosting account.
Wordpress is a content management software – simply put, it is the framework of your website. Once you have completed this process, you will now have WordPress operational on your website. For this part, although there are free wordpress themes available, I find that the ones that are available for purchase by dedicated designers are much more professional looking, versatile, and most importantly, have great instruction documentation showing how to exactly customize the theme to their examples.

Now that you have purchased and downloaded your theme, we need to log in to our WordPress Dashboard to install it. And this is where you now follow along through your Theme’s instructions that are provided with the download. This is about as far as I can go with you, as each theme has their own instructions on how to customize their own particular design to become like the example that impressed you.
Once all of your posts are online and everything is working as it should be, this really shouldn’t become a problem. What is worse is that if your link is not working properly and word of mouth spreads around about it, it is going to take some time and a lot of explanation to get the name of your domain correct. By choosing a domain like this it means that you could easily gain a ton of traffic fairly easy. First off it is more versatile to use because a brand name doesn’t mean that is has to be associated with a single product or service. I have expanded upon that now and have included holistic dry cat foods along with both raw and wet food for both species and nobody had any idea. This is not something that I can prove as FACT, but I can prove that it does have some kind of effect on the visitors that come to your website.
I think I took all of 20 minutes figuring out what it would be and I was lucky enough to grab this domain before somebody else did.
Feel free to also choose a broader niche as that will help you to have some elbow room to work with if you ever feel like expanding upon your niche. So, if you ever find yourself stressing out about this, just pick a brand domain and put your name in the domain itself.
Somewhere down the line your entrepreneur brain is going to wake up and pretty soon you are going to have a million different ideas buzzing around your head and that you will be itching to try out for yourself. It is not only website, but also your brand and your business regardless of what the name may be.
A bad domain name with high quality traffic is going to be the one that starts you on your path to financial freedom. I started my online business in 2013 before the birth of my son and now it is my mission to help newbies start their own businesses and succeed online as I have. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I have done web development for all types of companies for over 10 years, and the way the web is now, and the technology that is available to us now, you CAN do this yourself.
Once this is complete, working on getting your images, logo, and any content on your site, developing your pages, and getting to know how WordPress works, should only take you a couple days.
So I have created this simple graphic to help explain the differences between domain name, web hosting, and a website. When you sign up, you have the option of registering your domain name from anywhere from a year or beyond twenty years, whichever you feel comfortable paying for at the time. Once you decide on one, you will need to sign up to create and account, and then purchase and download the theme. This also helps you familiarize yourself with the different areas of your WordPress Dashboard. I know it may seem daunting at first, but it is really quite simple, and of course will save you the cost of hiring a web developer.
However, this year Google’s latest algorithms caused many of these sites to lose their ranking.

The great thing about a brand is that you can mold it to anything that you want it to become.
The moment that you have a custom logo made for you and get every kind of social media account linked to your site, you will soon become known for your brand name, not just the products that you promote. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course today and learn how to start your own business doing what you love for FREE. Think of it as Facebook – if you can figure out how to post comments, manage photo albums and navigate around the popular social media site, then you can definitely tackle this!
The difference from the cheapest plan on the left is that this allows me to order additional domains and create other websites and host them all under the same account. If you type in your domain name, you will see a temporary holding page automatically posted by the webhosting company. Once we have wordpress installed, we will install a wordpress theme to give it a unique design. Reminder: write down the username and password you are given on the last page of this process.
I do this since based on experience, these are the themes that usually have the most thorough instructions with them.
As I stated above, from this point on, it will take you about a day or so, becoming familiar with getting your theme to look the way you want, as well as assembling your content and resizing photos as needed.
Even case studies have shown that websites that contain dashes tend to rank lower in search engines.
Basically they are works that don’t really mean anything but are often associated with specific products. For example let’s say you decide to start of by going into the niche of winter sports but decide that you want to expand your niche to cover and entire season of sports, you can easily do it without anybody being the wiser.
Because of course, you’ve heard this probably countless times in the form of a sales pitch from web designers, internet marketers, and your buddy Phil who is super into computers and needs rent money. Unless someone else already owns it, then it will return you to this page to select a different domain name.
Anyways almost all Web Hosts offer WordPress as a free quick install from their control panel). And in the end, by purchasing a WordPress theme, you still are getting a professionally designed website, but you’ve also gained the confidence and know-how to create it and manage it yourself. However, this is going to help you in the long run by making you a couple of sales here and there. Of course, it needs to be said (to satisfy all the die-hard web programmers out there) that this isnt the only way to create a website. These are a few guidelines that I follow when choosing my own domain name and hopefully they can guide you in the right direction with your own online business. However in my professional opinion, if you are a small business owner or a freelance professional, this is the ideal method in creating a website yourself with your own domain name, website hosting, high-end site design, and most importantly, can work on all mobile devices.

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