Google’s striving to make its services more stream-friendly with Youtube Gaming, a new games-centric site launched today. The improvements on Twitch’s model are nowhere more evident than in the video player itself, which has the distinction of actually working.
YouTube Gaming has one more leg up on Twitch: the years of videogame-related videos already on the service.
Designed as a direct competitor to Twitch, it puts streaming front and center while also functioning as a new launchpad for the extensive Let’s Play and general gaming library already on YouTube.

When Twitch was up for sale last year, one of the major rumors was that Google would be the buyer. Old videos play seamlessly in the same player format as the streams, minus the live chat, and are now searchable by game. Instead, when Amazon picked Twitch up for a whopping $970 million, Google started grooming YouTube to compete directly with the service, bolstering its streaming capabilities and offering the ability to upload videos running at sixty frames per second.
Colored in a Steam-reminiscent charcoal, to make us games folk feel at home I suppose, the interface is dense but responsive, compactly offering the same sort of information you’d find on Twitch.

So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED. YouTube Gaming benefits from Google’s years spent honing its own proprietary player, which runs on a much lighter HTML5 backend.

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