Many men think they know how to love a woman, but you can see evidence of the contrary in the fact most relationships don’t last six months nowadays. Well, women always love a person who is present there to support them any time and everywhere when they need.
A MAN FEELS MORE LIKE A MAN … when he finds something he loves so much that he would die to protect it.
A WOMAN FEELS MORE LIKE A WOMAN … when she’s willing to open up and love with all her heart even if it might kill her.
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Did you know that many of the habits your girl has, that you think annoy you to no end, are simply her way of trying to get your attention?
Firstly don’t to make over smart just enjoy every little moment of life with your love and make her every wish complete. Men must know what is likes and dislikes of their women and doing all the things liked by them with lots of love is going to work for sure. Men would rather feel unloved than inadequate and disrespected.Husbands need to know that their wives respect them both privately and publicly.
It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health.
Stop critiquing your girl about her short comings, and love her for who she is, completely.
Do not bring up ex-boyfriends, ex-lovers or times you remember your girl was less than faithful. If you are telling yourself good things and loving the person you are, you can only express that same love to the woman in your life. If you ignore it, your fights will become more frequent and will eventually end the relationship. These small things are loved and placed on the top of all other things by women and a men must know this. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site.
The reason why she is asking is because she is unsure if you really do, so you can gain major points by telling her often. You woman may be sexy, intelligent and even generous, but that isn’t why you love her. If you are committed to be in a relationship you need to stop looking in the rear view mirror, and drive forward.
You will begin ignoring her annoyances, when in reality they are attempts to get you to come closer to her.
If you have a fight, cool off, then go to her before bed and tell her you love her and do not like fighting. Shaunti Feldhahn’s research indicated that men would rather sense the loss of loving feelings from their wives than to be disrespected by them.2. What I mean is they are excited about the chase, and they will do anything to win the girl. The easiest way to kill your relationship is to berate her over things that happened in the past.

I mean all her likes, dislikes, just take a genuine interest in her and watch a miracle happen.
You do not have to be a puppy on a lease around her, just give her some unexpected attention. Tell her that her shoes look amazing, tell her that her hair looks nice, ask her how was her day, and genuinely pay attention.
Men are insecure.Men are afraid that they aren’t cutting it in life –  not just at work, but at home, in their role as a husband. Here are some tips on how to find the woman of your dreams, and if you already have her, some tips to keep her.
Chivalry Still Has a PlaceWhen it comes to romance, many women do like men to take a traditional masculine role. This is especially true in the wooing stage of a relationship, according to psychologist Diana Kirschner, PhD, who's written several books about love. She's perfectly capable of pulling out her own chair or opening a door, but if you see her hesitate, she might just be waiting for you to be the gentleman. Dress to ImpressStyles come and go, but a man's attention to his grooming and clothing should be long lasting. When they receive regular and genuine affirmation from their wives (not flattery, by the way), they become much more secure and confident in all areas of their lives.4. Men feel the burden of being the provider for their family.Intellectually, it doesn’t matter how much or little a man makes, or whether or not his wife makes more or less money in her career. One intriguing study found that the color red made men seem more powerful, attractive, and sexually desirable to women.
While wives cannot release their husbands from this burden, they can relieve it through a healthy dose of appreciation, encouragement and support.5. Don't Hide Your FlawsNothing captures a woman's heart quite like a good man who wants to be a better man, according to love guru Kirschner. Men want more s**x.Everyone’s natural response to this is probably, “Duh!” But, that response is probably for the wrong reason. We primarily assume that men want more s**x with their wives due to their physical wiring (their “needs”).
Don't Try to Fix Her WorldWhen something's bothering her, she wants your ear, not your advice. But, surprisingly, Shaunti Feldhahn’s research showed that the reason men want more s**x is because of their strong need to be desired by their wives. Sex means more than s**x.When men feel their wives desire them s*8xually, it has a profound effect on the rest of their lives.
When she pauses, she's giving you a cue to respond in a compassionate, caring way, says Kirschner. It gives them an increasing sense of confidence and well-being that carries over into every other area of his life. When a husband feels rejected s**xually, he not only feels his wife is rejecting him physically, but that she is somehow rejecting his life as a husband, provider and man. Men struggle with visual temptation.This means the vast majority of men respond to visual images when it comes to women. A good rule of thumb is to give the relationship at least two months to grow before entering the sexual arena.
Even the most godly husband cannot avoid noticing a woman who dresses in a way that draws attention to her body.
Even if it is just a glance, these visual images are stored away in the male brain as a sort of “visual rolodex”; that will reappear without any warning.
Men can choose whether to dwell on these images and memories or dismiss them, but they can’t control when these images appear.8.
Men enjoy romance, but doubt their skills to be romantic.True, many men appear to be unromantic clods, but it doesn’t mean that they want to be that way!

Safe Sex Is a Turn-OnThis is something both of you need to focus on, but Kirschner says that women appreciate it and feel more protected when the guy makes it clear that it's a concern to him -- and then shows her that he practices what he preaches.
They are plagued by internal hesitations, perceiving the risk of humiliation and failure as too high.
Learn What She Wants in BedWomen do like to talk to about what's going on in the sack, and they want to please their man -- and a tactful approach is often best.
Wives can do a great deal to increase their husbands’ confidence in their romantic skills through encouragement and redefining what romance looks like. For example, a wife may balk when her husband asks her to go along to the hardware store, but it’s likely that he’s asking because he sees it as a time they can get away as a couple and hang out together. Kirschner advises saying something along the lines of, "I would really love if you [fill in the blanks]." Performance Anxiety Is SharedWhen you have an off night and can't perform, she feels bad, too.
Men care about their wife’s appearance.This isn’t saying that all men want their wives to look like the latest supermodel.
She might worry that she no longer turns you on and she will want assurance that that is not true. What men really want is to know that their wives are making an effort to take care of themselves (and not letting themselves go) because it matters to them (the husbands!).
She will want to talk about what's going on and what you are doing about it, especially if it's a recurring problem. Men want their wives to know how much they love them.This was the number one response of men. She may order a meal that pairs with yours, wear your favorite color, or smile or cross her arms when you do.
Your Shirt May Be a Love MagnetDoes your partner curl up in your sweater or sneak into your work shirt? Some researchers have found that the scent of a man's perspiration has a relaxing effect on women. Say It, Again and AgainWomen like to be told they look nice, and they like a man who notices without being told. When she's wearing a sexy new dress, for example, she'll give you major points for saying how hot she looks, especially if you mention the dress before she does. If she's looking particularly attractive, if she has a new haircut, if she's looking more fit -- let her hear about it. Don't Fear the Relationship TalkWhen your woman wants to talk about the relationship, it doesn't mean you did something wrong (well, not necessarily). Kirschner says that many women like to talk about the "state of the union" -- what's going right, what's going wrong, or simply what's going on. Look Your Partner in the EyeYou may feel more comfortable sitting side by side, but many women prefer face time -- and we don't mean the latest mobile video chat technology.
Kirschner says that women prefer their men to make eye contact with them as they're talking.
If she's ready and she's given you time, the next time the subject comes up, be prepared to step up or step off.
Romance Is Simple; Keep It ComingRomance is something she will always want, whether you've been together two months or 20 years. Flowers, an intimate dinner, a few lines of love poetry -- don't worry, they don't have to be your own -- might sound cliche, but Kirschner insists that most women appreciate such simple romantic gestures and often show their appreciation after the lights go down.

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