Online profiles, Tindr, blind dates… finding that special someone can be tough for the savviest of new age daters.
A fun, alternative comedy that showcases how absurd dating can be, Baruchel is extremely watchable—and likeable—as he’s surrounded by a supporting cast that often acts crazier than he does.
Dating tragedies are hardly new fare for television audiences, but as times change and the culture evolves (or devolves, depending on your perspective) a timeless tale of heartbreak will always find new ways to stay relevant. The show is based on writer Simon Rich's novel The Last Girlfriend on Earth, and puts out an earnest attempt to match the absurdity of Josh's fantasy encounters with the cold strangeness of swiping a handheld screen for potential mates.
There's so much to like in the first few episodes, but Man Seeking Woman will have to maintain a sharp level of wit and surrealism if it is going to succeed in the long run. Josh is 27 en net gedumpt door z'n vriendin, na jaren samenzijn is Josh single's zijn en daten bijna vergeten. De meeste afleveringen beginnen met veel voorkomende conflicten en incidenten waar de meeste relaties onder lijden, ondanks al Josh's moeite worden deze incidenten vaak tot absurde en extreme proporties gebracht. If you’re looking for a good laugh and something very out of the ordinary, then I suggest checking out Man Seeking Woman when it debuts on FXX on Wednesday night. Created by Simon Rich and based on his book The Last Girlfriend On Earth, the new series has some pretty sturdy comedy hands helping on the production side. Man Seeking Woman stars Jay Baruchel (This Is The End, Undeclared) as Josh, an unassuming 20-something shoved back into the dating pool when his girlfriend of five years abruptly dumps him.

In this world, both realities are equally valid, and there's little effort at exploring the nature of the comic imagery. Baruchel has always been good at playing the likeable straight man to bigger, brasher clowns, usually against a whole cast of aggressive attention seekers.
Man Seeking Woman is a rare and unique comedy, but raises the bar so high with its initial episodes that it will have to work extra hard to keep up this pace. Gelukkig hoeft Josh dat niet alleen te doen en krijgt hij hulp van door sex geobsedeerde vriend Mike(gespeeld door Eric Andre) wiens hulp Josh soms liever kwijt dan rijk is, en in die gevallen gaat Josh naar zijn succesvolle, oudere zus Liz(gespeeld door Britt Lower) voor advies. Along with Rich, Portlandia‘s Jonathan Krisel is executive producing along with Andrew Singer and SNL kingpin Lorne Michaels. The Hollywood Sign is a trademark and intellectual property of Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Supported by his best friend Mike (Eric André) and sister Liz (Britt Lower), Josh fumbles his way through singlehood.
In this case, he is playing against his whole environment, but manages to blend into the setting while also giving a sense of a man stuck in the wrong century. Within minutes, Man Seeking Woman steps confidently out of reality and exaggerates Josh's otherwise mundane love adventures with bizarre sketches steeped in magic realism. Later, Josh catches up with his ex, only to find she's now dating Hitler; literally a 126-year old wheelchair bound Adolph Hitler.

It's not just the dating scene that's alien to him, but the social structures that evolved out of technology and modernity.
With these sorts of hallucinatory tricks, Man Seeking Woman will inevitably draw comparisons to Wilfred, a show about a man and a talking dog, but the key difference being that Wilfred's absurdity was drawn out to the center for dissection.
Man Seeking Woman implements the absurd as a narrative device, which can unnerve an audience without careful preparation, but what we see onscreen is unquestionably accepted by the characters. A nice guy who just needs a win, Josh is someone audiences can sympathize with as he attempts to get over his former girlfriend and put himself in the dating world.
When things are good, they’re really good: think phone calls from POTUS and a red carpet standing ovation. If anyone can explain what it’s like to have a little rain cloud follow you around everywhere you went, Josh would be it.

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