Now remember as you score, your real score is not what your marriage should be like but on how you now do and think about things. It’s natural for you to try and set aside time to be romantic.  Maybe you tried to set up a nice candlelit dinner, or booked a vacation to Hawaii.  Was your spouse happy to hear about your plans, or did they seem indifferent? After  taking this test, try and sit down and really look at your relationship honestly.  It’s not nice to hear that you are in a sexless relationship, but this sexless relationship quiz will have you asking the right questions so that you can stare the truth in the face. Assessment and psychotherapy for individuals to explore personal problems, issues and themes as well as specific emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety. Assessment and psychotherapy for couples to explore issues such as intimacy, communication, conflict resolution, anger management and sexuality. Sexuality is an important part of life and can become a serious struggle for many individuals and couples. Pre-marital counseling and education is one of the most important ways that couples can protect their future marriage and takes steps that can help reduce the likelihood of divorce.
Individual and Group sessions are utilized to gain knowledge and insight for personal growth and development and can be used to satisfy court orders. Our groups are provided for individuals and couples to help identify specific needs and challenges and provide concrete strategies for personal empowerment. This program is designed for small groups of dating, married, engaged or 'mixed relationship stage" couples.
Each person will take an online couple assessment that identifies a couple's strength and growth areas in their relationship.
Each participant is provided with instruction, discussion and a Couple's Workbook to practice relationship exercises with their partner. Family TherapyWe begin family treatment with a 2 -3 session assessment which may include individual sessions with family members.

Praying together as husband and wife is one of the best ways to improve your marriage and enhance your union with God. Some of my friends have had tears in their eyes, but over and over, I have been amazed as they testify to the perfect timing of this challenge for their lives and marriages. This discussion about intentional spiritual intimacy in marriage may strike a chord with you, too.
You likely expect your wife to be available to you for a diet of physical intimacy that works in your marriage. Yet we also know she has spiritual and emotional needs, and we might not be making ourselves available to her!
Sometimes we think ourselves disqualified from spiritual intimacy with our wives because of the issues, sins and shortcomings in our lives. The bottom line is this: We can begin a vital connection with our wives that will yield abundant spiritual, emotional and relational fruit. Sam Ingrassia is the author of Just Say the Word: A Simple Way to Increase Your Passion for God and Your Wife. We will be glad to provide a statement that you can submit to your insurance carrier for out-of-network services at your request.A We will be glad to discuss this with you before you arrange you initial appointment. As a husband, you can become more intentional, rather than haphazard, in your spiritual leadership. But I dare say we rarely, if ever, disqualify ourselves from physical intimacy because of our issues!
If you are making time in your marriage for physical intimacy, you need to be making time for spiritual intimacy. We are highly trained and experienced clinicians who believe that taking a broad systemic approach to exploring personal issues and relationship problems.A We practice a wide range of emotionally focused, cognitive behavioral, and positive psychology interventions to address individual, couple and family issues.

In our program we begin with the use of the most comprehensive and scientifically based premarital assessment.
As each of you draw near to God, moving up the sides of the triangle, you will be moving closer to one another.
You can pursue more regular times to pray with your wife, if you are equipped with a practical approach like the one in my book, Just Say the Word, using the Bible as a guidebook for your prayers. These patterns are determined by many factors, including the parents' beliefs and values, the personalities of all family members, and the influence of the extended family (grandparents, aunts, and uncles). The intention is to illustrate the benefits of having God at the center of your marriage relationship. However, if we were to connect more consistently with our wives spiritually and emotionally, the benefits and blessings are likely to show up in our physical intimacy as well. Our format can be provided in a series of 1 A? hour sessions or an all day intensive specifically designed for each couple. As a result of these variables, each family develops its own unique personality, which is powerful and affects all of its members.
Rita has been providing sex therapy and sex education for almost 40 years and has addressed worked with many individuals with complicated sexual histories.

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