A new study finds that people who admit to being dishonest, manipulative, and cheating to get their way are more likely to be friends with an ex — either for sex, or because it's just practical.
There is research on cross-sex friendships, but few studies have explored why people remain friends after the romance ends. In one of two separate questionnaires, 348 participants, men and women ages 18 to 51, were asked to identify the reasons they stayed friends after a break up.
You're friends because you're co-parenting or sharing resources, such as a house or health insurance. It turns out that stereotypes about men and women seem pretty accurate when it comes to relationships. In the second study, Mogilski asked 513 people, age 18-48, to explain why they stay friends with exes and take personality tests. People who admitted to being dishonest, less humble, willing to manipulate people, and antagonistic were more likely to say they're friends with exes because it's practical and they want to hook up with them.
Whether you decide to stay friends or not is up to you, but it's important to weigh the pros and cons of both decisions before moving forward. 6 Signs Your Marriage Will Last a Lifetime?When asked, "What keeps your marriage strong?" these women had some unconventional answers. JoJo Fletcher wants three things out of her Bachelorette adventure: to get engaged, have a marriage and start a family. Share Tweet +1 PinThat ours is a confused culture is conceded by almost all respected observers.

The point is that just as it is accurate regarding science, history and other matters, it is also reliable when it comes to the return of Christ, the judgment to come, and eternal reward or punishment. What Guys Said 16 dangerDoge mho 35% The answers to these ones always scare me. Keith Campbell, professor and head of the psychology department at the University of Georgia. Based on their answers, it seems we're mushier at heart AND more practical than we realize, even after the flame is gone. He wondered if certain traits were associated with reasons why people stay friends with exes.
It's crazy to think that 25 guys are here to meet me, and I hope they're excited that it's me," the real estate developer told Extra.
For example, long before science discovered many of the things the Bible affirms, it was scientifically accurate. Archaeological discoveries have invariably proven the Bible correct and its critics incorrect. No man can reliably predict what will take place in fifty years, much less a hundred, or a thousand years from now. Largely due to a lack of respect morally and ethically for any accepted standard of authority.
Yet the Bible contains prophecies about the coming Savior and the future of the Jews that have clearly been fulfilled; prophecies made hundreds or thousands of years before their fulfillment (Gen.

Still the Bible claims to be God’s Book or the authoritative Word of the One who made us (2 Timothy 3:16,17). Maybe it’s time to renew your vows or replay the wedding video to remind yourself about how awesome your big day was.
Detractors argued for a time that no such people ever existed until 1906 when 10,000 tablets were discovered written in the Hittite language and detailing much of their history. You are in so much love with your partner and you wouldn’t trade your relationship for anything.
Sure you'll go on plenty of dates and maybe find yourself in a relationship or two, but you will soon realize that marriage just isn't in the books for you. Hahahahahaha Hope it'll work 8) Reply Opinion Owner Pssh what's the worst that could happen?(*cough cough* threaten his family if he resists your unresistable charm *cough*) Reply Asker Yep, I am an awesome threatener!
You and your partner love each other so much and can't wait to start your life together! Marriage and family is extremely important to you value your loved ones above anything else in your life.

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