Was I the only one that totally overlooked this program when it originally aired on A&E in late September ? When it came to confessing deep issues with a parent, Jeanine talked about how her dad always has her back but got very defensive when she said she wasn’t here to talk about her mom.
Jeanine said that she is just waiting for the day when she has to wear black and go to her funeral. It was very obvious from the way Jeanine described things that she never felt loved by her mother. The phone convo got no where with arguing on both sides and Thomas, knowing that behind Jeanine’s nasty attitude is a person in a lot of pain said that she has been let down so many times that she put up a wall.
He also confessed that he is worried about being eliminated from Jeanine’s life with quickness, like her mother.
Acknowledging she is not a happy person — Jeanine then goes on to say that Thomas loves her so much that he would stop his happiness to make her happy but why should he when she has issues with herself. A nice little bow was put on the show at the end with Thomas and Jeanine recommitting to their marriage. Thomas wanted Jeanine to consider him an equal because after all he loves her and Jeanine just wants him to be the man because she is exhausted and tired of running everything.

Salcombea€™s first development of new properties right on the watera€™s edge for almost twenty years. If you know a couple whose love has stood the test of time, Worldwide Marriage Encounter Canada wants to hear from you.
For the second year in a row, the marriage enrichment ministry is running a nationwide search for the longest married couple in Canada.
Last year’s winning couple, Alice and Arthur John, had been married for more than 77 years when they were selected. To honour them, Worldwide Marriage Encounter representatives travelled to the couple’s hometown of Ross River, Yukon, to deliver a papal blessing certificate along with a certificate from the organization. The particular way in which the winners will be recognized depends on the couple’s circumstances. Worldwide Marriage Encounter is a Catholic organization, but McNeill said the nominations are open to couples regardless of whether or not they have a religious affiliation. The Marriage Compatibility Test brings together the most important questions any couple should consider before tying the knot.
I just so happened to catch the rerun on The Bio Channel yesterday and it gave a lot of insight as to why infamous Bridezilla Jeanine has acted so ratchet.

Looking at the rising tide of divorce statistics, it has become increasingly difficult for a couple to make a success of their marriage. But if you understand the causes for failure and the essentials for success, you need not end up among the failure statistics. In fact, your marriage CAN be a success.Like most voyages, this one will be more successful if you know what to expect and prepare for it.
Just as you get road maps before taking a trip into unfamiliar territory, you'll want to do the same with marriage before taking the final step.
Wouldn't you like to be in that half?The 101 questions around which this book is written represent more than 20 years' experience with thousands of persons approaching marriage, so trust that you are in good hands.

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