February 20, 2014 by Allie 7 Comments On Tuesday morning, I had an off-site breakfast meeting scheduled with my bosses for 10:30.
I had originally planned on running at the gym, before heading into work at 10, but when the meeting was requested, I moved around my morning off and squeezed in a small 1.5 mile run at home. I wasn’t informed that earlier that morning the breakfast meeting had been rescheduled.
He currently has a tour throughout major cities, where he gives a 5ish hour seminar, in which he digs deep into his book and how we can relate to his advice and insight, and then put it to use.
Matthew lit a fire in my ass, and the motivation and determination to 200% chase my dreams is burning through my veins. How do you react and what do you do when you believe you’re value isn’t being acknowledged? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A little late for me to have breakfast, but we were having it at Murphy’s Diner, which has a Paleo menu.

While the seminar covered a lot of what we learned in his book, it was really helpful hearing him talk for hours and put everything to use with role plays and examples. It was such an amazing experience to see him talk and seriously changed how I see everything!
That really sucks about your boss not communicating with you… ummmm, story of my life. Join me in my adventure to stay fit, eat clean, cause trouble with my best friends, and hunt down Mr. Since I had planned to go into work late anyways, it wasn’t too big of a deal eating a later than normal breakfast. I was irked for the lack of information, but more so because when you eat Paleo and you plan on a breakfast out, what is a girl supposed to do when you don’t pack that meal for the day?
Several parts throughout the night, he had us get up and just have crazy dance parties, in which I wiped pools of sweat off of my forehead. Sometimes I think we get too comfortable in the groove and patterns we make in our daily lives, that we forget to take a breather and evaluate our true happiness.

My boss literally doesnt bother to let us know if shes going to be gone for weeks at a time. I debated and debated, but settled on a plain, greek yogurt with sun butter, with a side of roasted sweet potatoes. I felt the exact same way at my old job, and so I finally taught myself a new career and got a job I loved!!
Instead of just brushing it off, I talked to my boss and asked her in the future to call or text me.
In between work, CrossFit, and my blog, my time is limited, so I place a lot of value on how I spend my time outside of work.

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