You needn't be a budding Martha Stewart to get your creative juices flowing at this DIY haven. This arts and crafts hub hosts all-ages classes, birthday parties and walk-in offerings that revolve around six different "experiences": soap, jewelry, paper, candles, glass and ceremaics. The five-story second Manhattan outpost (the first is on the Upper West Side) offers foolproof crafts that any age or skill level can master.

The UWS center lets kids do the fun stuff (painting ceramic T-rex figurines, designing pendants), while its experts tackle the messy parts (the kiln firing, the glass slumping). In addition to goodies from Butterfly Bake Shop, an in-house cafe also serves coffee and wine, so you can renew your creative energy. Before leaving, peruse the boutique section—it's stocked with tons of cool arts supplies for kids plus a variety of gifts from independent designers.

Those who don’t want to get their hands dirty can have a pro apply glitter tattoos ($5) and hair feathers ($6) at a station on the first floor, or hit the retail area to pick up quirky gifts such as Seedling Design Your Own Superhero Cape kits ($40).

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