The new brighter looking menu includes some seasonal favourites and great offers to complement its existing pub classics and big grills.
Actor Elijah Jacob attends the Meet and Eat event for AMC's new series Feed The Beast, at Kaufman Astoria Studios on May 9, 2016 in New York City.
Actress Christine Adams (L) and David Schwimmer attend the Meet and Eat event for AMC's new series Feed The Beast, at Kaufman Astoria Studios on May 9, 2016 in New York City. Actor David Schwimmer .David Schwimmer attends the Meet and Eat event for AMC's new series Feed The Beast, at Kaufman Astoria Studios on May 9, 2016 in New York City. As soon as the family arrived in Los Angeles, Rosa began making cakes for families in the neighborhood who she'd known when still in Cuba. We would have to work at the bakery after school when we were just kids, but it didn't feel like work.
Do you think your mom ever thought that her first little bakery would turn into this beloved Southern California institution? Join our community of mindful eaters and stay connected with expert advise, new product offerings and events. Earl Grey ice cream from Van Leeuwen with fresh whipped cream, black sesame seed chocolate chip cookies, double espressos.
I have some favorite dishes, but my perfect meal is trying a new place with a lot of people so we can sample just about everything on the menu. The new 15,000-square foot branch of the beloved Southern California institution serves 5,000 people a day. In 1961, Raul and Rosa Porto requested to leave Cuba, wanting to escape communism and raise their three children in the United States.

She actually found her first customer while still at the airport on her first day in this country. They brought us here so we would have a better life and they opened the bakery so that my siblings and I could go to college. We have a passion for what we do, a love for our customers and our food and that comes across.
I think once you surpass five, you no longer have a tight grip on your business, and you can't really maintain the same type of quality control over your food. I'm pretty sure they're excited I've moved from the oven to the stove and love cooking for a crowd. Even though my kitchen is nowhere near the size for it, I love cooking and do so as often as possible. Soon, Rosa had so many orders that she was running out of room in the kitchen and began storing cakes on her children's beds. On a recent trip to the Downey bakery, I chatted with Betty about the best part of growing up in a bakery, what's special about Porto's, and the family's plans for the future. We have soups and sandwiches, but day after day the most popular items in each of our locations are the things my mom made from day one. It's important that we give back however we can and show that we're grateful that we've been so welcomed into the community.
I love that he fully embraces both Swedish and Ethiopian culture, puts care into embodying them in his food, and introduces them to his diners with confidence and pride. Otherwise it largely depends on what neighborhood I'm looking at going to or type of cuisine I'm craving—everyone has their specialized insider knowledge.

If I'm not cooking it for myself, I can usually be found at OatMeals diving into their Balsamic, Fig, and Gorgonzola Cheese Oatmeal or something a little more luxurious from Jack's Wife Freda when I have the time. During that time, Rosa was laid off as a home economics teacher and Raul was sent away to work in a labor camp, where he earned only eight dollars a month. My mom would even make dinner for us at the bakery and we were allowed to invite friends over to eat with us.
For example, we buy our chocolate from Belgium because we believe they have the best chocolate. I'm trying to watch how many sweets I eat and every day I'm confronted with another pastry. To make ends meet, Rosa began baking and (illegally) selling cakes to neighbors out of her small kitchen. She opened Porto's Cuban Bakery in Glendale nearly 40 years ago, and expanded to a second location in Burbank in 2005. This is our home and we're not McDonalds, looking to open a location everywhere for profit. Sometimes we would burn cakes and hide them from her or have egg fights when she wasn't around, but it was all in good fun.

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