A NEW app for smartphones helps straight men and women identify gay people who are willing to be friends with them.
Anyone who makes contact through Str8M8 enters an implicit contract to find the details of each others’ sex lives fascinating and hilarious. If the hookup is between a straight woman and a gay man, it stipulates that he gives her wise romantic advice, a killer makeover and finds her the man of her dreams within 12-18 months. Booker continued: “It’s perfect for anyone looking to diversify their friendship portfolio, whether a lifelong Guardian reader or a right-winger who needs a gay friend in order to claim they’re not homophobic.
Latest stories Slovenians can’t wait to hear wacky British Eurovision entry BBC dumped Tories in 1996 Married friends pretending to feel sorry for divorced man Man defeats Mark Zuckerberg to become first person to complete Facebook What a great song, Stone Roses fan tells himself If you touch CBeebies we will destroy you, parents warn government Ask Holly: How about Geriatric Karaoke? Copyright © Mashed Productions Ltd - Website design by OH Digital - This site is intended for over 18s only. Microsoft's latest app from their Garage division is called Tossup, and it's been designed to help a circle of friends decide where and when they might want to meet. The idea behind the app, which was developed by a team inside Microsoft's Outlook division, is to make it easier to find a place where everyone in a group wants to go to, say, eat after work or just hang out.
While 4G has been rolling out in India since 2012, the segment will see its largest expansion this year.

NYC based Amongst Friends have released three New Era fiited caps to start summer off right.
HighsnobietyAbout HighsnobietyHighsnobiety is an online publication covering forthcoming trends and news in fashion, art, music, and culture, all on one platform.Highsnobiety has steadily built a strong brand in the online fashion and lifestyle world. Microsoft's latest iPhone app from their Garage division is called Tossup, and it's been designed to help a circle of friends decide where and when they might want to meet.
One thing that makes the 12.9-inch iPad Pro stand out is the size of its display, but that also means more screen to get scratched. Mikah talks Instagram's new look, Serenity suggests some weekend binges, Rene goes over our music listening workflows, and Georgia gets us to answer all your questions! One person with the Tossup app sends out questions to his or her friends and they vote "Yes" or "No" on those decisions. It's yet another example of Microsoft launching an app on platforms other than Windows first. Reliance Jio is set to debut its long-awaited service, while Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone are aggressively expanding into more cities. There are a lot of ways you can bump up that functionality and fun-factor to astronomical levels.

First up to bat is the navy blue pinstripe Throwback League cap, which features a short umpire bill and an AF lockup logo.
Today the blog and print magazine sit among the most visited global sources for inspiration in the areas of fashion, sneakers, music, art and lifestyle culture.
Don’t let that worry you, and instead keep it protected with Amzer’s Kristal clear screen protector. The Summer Plaid cap is constructed of a super lightweight, custom navy blue, white, and pale yellow fabric.
Finally, the Varsity AF logo cap features an embroidered golf patch on the side panel and large AF embroidery on the front in red, white, and blue for that all american spirit. You’re always in complete control – your exact location and personal information will never be given without your permission.

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