When Joshua Meadows moved to Sydney from the bright lights of New York City, the only person he knew was his partner who moved over with him.
Sydney Gaymers was forged out of a desire to create a safe space for the city’s (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and queer and intersex (LGBTQI) community). Sydney Gaymers was founded less than a year ago by a then-17 year old who wanted to play Magic: The Gathering at a pub with a few friends.
All of the equipment used at the meetings is provided by admins, members and friends of the Sydney Gaymers to make the meetings as diverse as possible. Joshua explains that some in the LGBT community put down their controllers, card decks and cosplay outfits years ago because they didn’t want to go near the venom of the greater gaming community for fear of reprisals about their sexual orientation. Despite the homophobic trash talk thrown around team chat, however, Joshua explains that women actually cop the most abuse in gaming from online misogynists.
In September last year, Sydney Gaymers led by its four group admins decided it was time to reach out to the greater LGBT community to show them what the group was about.
Valve is by far one of the most impressive sponsors of the Sydney Gaymers float, donating the last replica Portal gun signed by the dev team and Valve kingpin, Gabe Newell. On top of awesome sponsor efforts, Sydney Gaymers recently took to setting up a stall at the Fair Day festival and raffling off other sweet gaming merch. When the float sets sail for the parade, a few people will be sit atop the float playing video games on mounted TVs to promote the community and attract more members. Despite the fact that only 100 members can march, hundreds more are coming to watch and support their community.
Sydney Gaymers is holding an event to raise money for its Mardi Gras float, with a limited-edition Portal gun set to be raffled off as a prize. Good on them, sounds like they're doing some great work to make a comfortable environment for people. I've travelled up from Canberra for a couple of their events, and got my arse whooped at SSBB, the least pretentious group of gays I've ever met and some of the most fun gamers to be around too, wishing them all the best for mardi gras, and for creating such an awesome community for the LGBT gamers, it's really impressive!
We are a dynamic group of gaymers (an umbrella term used to refer to the group of people who identify themselves as gay, bisexual, lesbian, or transgendered and have an active interest in the gaming community) in the greater Las Vegas area.

Kids love video games, and kids love dogs, so Sega Toys and Activision Publishing have combined the two in Wappy Dog, a virtual pet game for the Nintendo DS that’s a little less virtual, thanks to the bundled dog robot.
Nintendo has announced they’re preparing for a little price-cutting in advance of the 3DS launch. Joshua, a gamer, craved a social circle he could call his own, and right after his residency visa cleared, Joshua joined a group for gay, lesbian and transgender games called Sydney Gaymers. Somewhere they could come together, away from the derogatory trash talk and insults of typical gaming communities and into a welcoming environment.
The original founder is no longer at the head of the organisation, but he comes to meetings and still loves every minute. We have a Nintendo DS group who play together, MMO fans, console gamers and people who just like board games.
The community was founded as a way for LGBT gamers to feel safe with like-minded people in a way that they might not have felt safe doing before with others. Even though he’s on the phone at the other end of a city, I nod my head in agreement.
These communities are so important, especially when the suicide rate of people in the LGBT community is reaching epidemic proportions.
They decided that it was the best time to join the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2013 parade as a way of reaching out to more people who need a community of their own. We’re happy to have their names on our organisation and our float as having given donations.
Only a few people will be on the float itself, but the rest will be girting dressed in video game cosplay and Sydney Gaymers shirts as they traverse the parade route. And without detracting from groups like this in the slightest, I hope someday they won't be necessary. One thing I bet the designers never envisaged is that somebody would come up with a way to turn it into a DSLR remote control. Having one that can charge your Wiimotes and two USB devices at the same time might be a little extravagant.

Little did he know, he’d just joined a community that he would go on to lead as it grew exponentially in its membership in the next 12 months. Safety in numbers, safety with like-minded people, and a safe space to live your life without fear of reprisals. Some companies shy away from things like that for fear of attracting complaints, so I was happy they sponsored us,” Joshua said beaming.
If the Mardi Gras gives discriminators more ammunition, then it's obviously a problem with the discriminators, not the people they're discriminating against. We will plan to meet up at 3 PM but GameWorks is open until 1 AM, so feel free to stop by whenever you can! But the difference wasn’t just how players interacted with the portable, but how it opened up the flood gates for the inevitable boob touching.
Now, on the precipice of its first anniversary, the group has over 400 loyal members and is preparing to march as the first group of gamers in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade, with a float sponsored by gaming heavyweights like Valve, Sony and NCSoft. This is the story of the Sydney Gaymers, who bonded over video games with a dream to take it to Mardi Gras.
One of those admins is Joshua, the very same gaymer that joined the group in a search for likeminded friends he could play games with. This will be a great opportunity for new members to become acquainted with the group and vice versa. If you would like to play games, though, you can either buy game cards there or there is currently a Groupon for an all day game pass and $10 play card for $20!

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