We found that although it's a good basic dating site for bikers, Meet Local Bikers could use some more biker related features to compete with larger sites like Biker Kiss. Content is being used for illustrative purposes only and any person depicted in the Content is a model. Today, there are biker clubs that span every area of the country, every type of motorcycle, and nearly every race, color or creed. Bikers clubs are not only known for wearing patches and leather, but also for the various charities that they support. For example, the charity known as Rolling Thunder was started by a group of Vietnam War veterans in 1987 and was incorporated in 1995.
Their aim is to remind the government and the people in their countries that there are still some out there who fought, and who are fighting for the ideals that their country believes in.
Like many motorcycles clubs and organizations, Rolling Thunder made itself known soon after the idea was created.
Not surprisingly, word spread quickly, and by the time that Memorial Day 1988 came, nearly 2,500 motorcycles from all over the nation came to Washington D.C.
Another charity that has grown in popularity among motorcycle groups is the March of Dimes. Bikers for Babies is the motorcycle answer to the call of the March of Dimes to raise awareness to the problem of premature birth. There are a number of other charities that have been adopted by various motorcycle or biker clubs over the years.
Ride on the back of a biker man's motorcycle, and feel the wind blowing your face and hair. Owning a motorcycle is so desirable is the fact that it can be a great way to start a conversation. If you are a single Harley rider and looking for single biker women to ride as your Harley passenger. In our research we found that there is a big difference  between dating service area & features on theses biker dating sites. But, you will have success relationship at any one of  those sites, Howerer, you should consider what’s best biker dating site for you.
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MCN will be out and about in the coming months visiting bike meets across Britain - we could be visiting your local bike meet! Tomorrow night (Wednesday August 17) MCN will be at the Squires Cafe meet, Sherburn in Elmet from 6pm onwards. Our What’s On listings now show events by their location, making them easier to find. The second MCN Festival of Motorcycling is shaping up to be the ‘must-go-to’ event of the year.
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There is no fee to register and you can start browsing through profiles once your registration is complete. And while many of the public associate motorcycle clubs with more of the outlaw motorcycle gangs that exist, many biker clubs are making sure that their sense of honor and responsibility to the community gets in the limelight. There are many out there, and many of them involve raising awareness and money by doing something that biker's already love to do—riding their motorcycle. From those small, but significant beginnings, Rolling Thunder has helped to raise awareness of the plight of POWs and MIAs with their annual Freedom Ride or Ride to the Wall, which is a ride from Capitol Hill to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. This well-known charity has strived for decades to reduce the number of premature babies that are born into the world.
On a yearly basis, nearly 35,000 bikers will participate in a ride across the country to raise money and awareness for the March of Dimes cause. Some focus on taking care of the children of fellow bikers who have died, some focus on the rehabilitation of veterans, and others focus on making sure that kids have the best of opportunities in their lives. Are you looking to meet local single motorcycle riders and friends who would like to spend time riding? If you’re single biker and looking for single motorcycle women or single motorcycle guy for a romantic date. So if you don’t know what you looking for, you will  have a harder time getting a date.
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In many cases, being part of a motorcycle club or a biker club isn't just about being true to yourself and loyal to your friends.
Premature birth often leads to significant health problems, disability, and sometimes even death of the babies involved.
It is a gathering of many different individuals, and many gladly pay the entrance fee for the event, and collect donations from family and friends for the event. But it’s going to match you up with other motorcycle riders or help you find potential riding partners. Members of Rolling Thunder reached out to their friends and families, other veterans, and veteran's advocates to form a march and demonstration on the nation capital. Therefore the aim of the charity is to make sure that all babies, everywhere is carried to a full and healthy term.
The first is that the charities involved enjoy a significant boost in public awareness and financial resources. If you’re single motorcycle women and looking for other  biker sisterhood to share your passion.
Many motorcycle enthusiast join this motorcycle clubs since it is more reliability and safety. The goal of this group is to bring full accountability for the various Prisoners of War and Missing in Action that exist in the world today. Not only do they get to ride their motorcycle on some of the most scenic roads, but they also raise money and awareness for an extremely worthy cause.
The second is that the bikers often choose to help by doing what they do best – riding their motorcycle. Their arrival wouldn't be marked by the shouts of slogans or singing of political anthems, but rather by the roar of motorcycle engines.

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