Sign up for our newsletter and have the top headlines from your community delivered right to your inbox. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressing a meeting during his visit to Amethi on Wednesday.
A day after the Bharatiya Janata Party suspended its MP Kirti Azad on the charges of “anti-party activities”, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over Azad’s allegations of corruption in Delhi and District Cricket Association. Rahul said that Narendra Modi is the prime minister of the country but because of his silence the public is losing trust in him.
Referring to Kirti Azad’s allegations into scam in Delhi and District Cricket Association, Rahul said, “Now a cricket scam is being alleged but Modi ji is silent. Asking Prime Minister Narendra Modi to order an inquiry into the allegations of Kirti Azad, Rahul said, “He is Prime Minister of this country. On Thursday, Rahul Gandhi met senior party leaders including State President Nirmal Khatri and former State President Rita Bahuguna Joshi at the Lucknow airport. The bizarre story of Sarah Phillips, the ESPN freelancer and alleged Internet scam artist, continued on Wednesday, as more people came forward to say they were conned by the former columnist.
Phillips, who posted around 10 items per month for ESPN since she was hired in September, was terminated Tuesday after Deadspin identified her as the ringleader of a scheme that allegedly conned popular web producers out of rights to their content. As Deadspin and other websites have detailed, Phillips used these new sites to promote her own work.
When two of the writers realized that the promise of riches from Phillips' venture was a pipe dream, they demanded she return their sites and passwords. When I gave Sarah the Twitter account it had 2000 followers ? after she got hired by ESPN it was now at about 50,000 followers. ESPN quickly ended the relationship and has managed to stay out of the forefront of the story.
It's not clear how much, if any, she gained financially from her maneuvers, nor is it readily apparent that she broke any laws. By all accounts, Phillips was well on her way to becoming a star among sports writers and bloggers. Deadspin, a sports blog known for taking aim at ESPN's personalities, published a column claiming that Sarah Phillips may or may not be a real person.Sigh. Phillips has been contacted for the past three months with interview requests from sports bloggers.
One hour *individual* video chat with the crew (including Sarah Phillips) + previous levels of rewards.

Last week, we published a long story about Sarah Phillips, the ESPN columnist who, among other things, used her connections to the Worldwide Leader to hijack a teenager's Facebook venture. In some of her columns, Phillips used photos of a woman named Ivy Smith, a hairdresser in Eugene, Ore. Phillips was the distaff side of a sort of low-rent social-media-scamming version of Bonnie and Clyde; Nilesh was the other half. It is necessary that he orders an inquiry into these allegations to keep his pre-poll promises about acting tough on corruption, he said. Different scams are being reported but Modi ji, who had spoken these words before election is now silent,” said Rahul in Lucknow, while on his way from his parliamentary constituency Amethi to Delhi. On Wednesday, he had held separate meetings with the newly elected gram pradhan’s of his constituency and party workers. Sources inform that during his interaction with senior party leaders from Uttar Pradesh, Rahul asked them to launch a special campaign in the draught affected Bundelkhand region. The 22-year-old used her lofty status as an ESPN writer to convince youngsters with high follower counts on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook to join a non-existent sports comedy venture.
According to emails, she responded with vague legal threats from lawyers who probably were as real as her sports comedy site.
As seen [here] Sarah kept making up excuses as to why I wasn't being paid yet continually.
I emailed her and pretty much said ? if you don't pay me the $500 that you owe me, I will take back MY Twitter account that has accumulated over 50,000 followers. The network hired Phillips without meeting her, a common occurrence in the world of freelancing. If the allegations are true, she's guilty of misleading, cajoling, bullying, stretching the truth and being undeniably shady.
She produced her first column for the website when she was 21-years-old in September 2011. The movie set out to tell the true Phillips story since it was incomplete and "commenters began openly questioning Deadspin." And the moviemakers promised more than a movie about Sarah Phillips. You will also be credited as an *associate producer* of the documentary.Group chats, individual chats! The story developed quickly from there, getting progressively more complicated as more tipsters came forward with their own Sarah Phillips stories.
He is a few years older than Phillips?26, according to public records?and he shares an address with Phillips.

It's not entirely clear if they're dating now, but it appears they got to know each other when she was in the eighth grade and he was a senior in high school. Earlier, Rahul was scheduled to meet locals on Thursday morning in Amethi, but he had canceled his meetings and instead left for Lucknow early in the day. While addressing party workers in Amethi on wednesday, Rahul had told them that the Uttar Pradesh elections are a big opportunity for Congress. In exchange for a stake in that site, the producers turned over their comedic Facebook pages and parody Twitter feeds to Phillips and others. Months went on and I lost interest in retrieving my Twitter account until I realized something crucial.
Pretty good investment for me considering 50, 000 Twitter followers is worth A LOT more than $500.Phillips admitted some deception in a series of tweets on Tuesday. But this proposed documentary didn't set out to wrestle broader themes like creepy scams or the vagaries of cyber presences. Most importantly, the documentary will answer the question: Who is Sarah Phillips?Actually, most importantly, if you contribute now, and contribute significantly, you'll get to know Phillips. Look who came early!!" Austin announced on Twitter with the first photo of their bundle of joy.Surprise!!! Rahul had also asked workers to undertake “padyatras” to highlight issues like price rise, BJP’s failure to bring back black money, unemployment and “how projects were being stopped in Amethi” etc. Sources inform that while he praised former state president and senior party leader Rita Bahuguna Joshi for her extensive tour to villages of three districts of Bundelkhand recently, State President Nirmal Khatri assured that special campaign of the party would be launched in the region to highlight the plight of farmers. The Kickstarter post includes a video that tells you a little about the Sarah Phillips saga, a video that was originally made by the Slate News Group. It's not an excuse, unquote.Whoever dreamed up the project obviously thought better of it. It includes updated photos of Phillips, including her latest Twitter pic and one glamour shot. Dads cool too!"SVU's Kelli Giddish has welcomed her first childThis is me when I just touched down chillin with mom.. And we are humbled," posted Ice T.Ice-T and Austin announced that they were expecting in July, during a taping of Ice and Coco.

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