I live in Illinois and while it’s typically an expensive state to reside in, I steered clear from large cities like Chicago and moved to a slightly rural town near my college when my son was 2 years old. Housing should be at the top of your list, but you can’t spend all your money in this area because there are still other important expenses to consider as well. Most people who are on a tight budget or just don’t want to waste money on excessive expenses cut things like their phone bill, cable, dining out spending, morning coffee and transportation costs just to name a few. By eliminating some of your expenses, it should free up a little extra money to allow you to save something each month. If you are renting, you might want to consider living in an apartment since most of your utilities will be covered in the rent leaving less for you to worry about. Depending on your income level, you may qualify for energy assistance or the LIHEAP program which helps you pay for your electricity costs by offering you a stipend based on your needs. You can also price match meats and produce to get a better deal and use coupons on household items and toiletries. Childcare is expensive, but it’s something that parents rely on heavily to be able to work. You may qualify for your state’s child care assistance funding depending on your income and household size. However, if you don’t qualify for funding for whatever reason, you still have some options to help lower your child care costs. If your employer doesn’t offer reasonable medical insurance that you can use, you may qualify for a subsidy through the Affordable Care Act to lower your premium or you can see if you and your child qualify for Medicaid. Making it by as a single mom is certainly not easy, but with a solid budget, a strategy for success and a little creativity, it’s very possible. I always live on a budget ever since I graduated from college with countless amount of debts that I’m still trying to get through now.
Having a budget will help a lot along with reducing your spending so you can use the money to put toward your debt. Enter your email below to receive The Work From Home Job Cheat Sheet + A Guide to Getting Your Business Off the Ground! Most ViewedMost CommentedRecent Posts50+ Legitimate Work From Home Job Opportunities 10 Small Business Ideas for Women I'm Barely Scraping By - What Should I Do?
After a speaking engagement, an adorable “mom” walked up to my book table and we began chatting.
My sweet tooth is something fierce in the evenings so I bought a box of 100 calorie cookies thinking I’d eat a bag and curb my desire when temptation tried to get the best of me.

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Here are 6 things single moms can do to lower expenses and provide basic needs for their families. I know that housing costs are remarkably high in certain parts of the country, but it’s important to try your best to secure quality and safe housing that is affordable and won’t overrun your budget. List out all your expenses that you need to survive and lower your fixed and variable expenses by cutting all the dead weight and things you don’t necessarily need. Even if it’s just $25 each pay period, putting money aside to build an emergency fund can come in handy when you are faced with unexpected and urgent expenses and your budget is already tight enough to begin with. Electricity is hardly ever covered in the rent rate though, but you can manage those costs if you try to be energy efficient. Unplug things each night and try to postpone running the air conditioning in the early spring and the heat in the late fall unless you really need to. LIHEAP is available in all 50 states and it is first-come, first-served so you’ll need to apply early but the funds can make a huge difference to your electric bill. I still shop at Dollar General for toiletries because while they offer some quality name brands and their prices are usually the lowest compared to other retailers. If you don’t have a family member that can help babysit, you may be subject high rates and fees at daycare centers. If you receive assistance, the state will pick up the larger portion of your child care fees and you will only be responsible for paying a small copay each month. You can try a home day care or a babysitter which will most likely be much cheaper options.
If you or your child gets sick or needs medical care for any reason, it’s important to have the proper insurance coverage to avoid having to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars out of pocket.
If anything, your child may qualify for Medicaid if you can’t afford a health insurance plan and you can find a different coverage option for yourself. What I have isn’t typical health insurance but it is coverage since members share medical costs so they get paid and I don’t get penalized around tax time for not having insurance. Splitting the cost with a roommate can definitely help lower your living expenses and reduce that burden. I was sad to hear a pastor of a very large church begin his teaching about the gospel of Matthew, the very beginning of the New Testament.

Imagine my frustration when I opened my pantry and discovered my 100 Calorie packs of cookies were missing.
Single moms face the challenge of only having one income to rely on while most other households have at least two incomes, making them more likely to earn less than the median income level required to makes ends meet. Major cities have the most expensive housing prices, so it’s best to look in suburbs that are further away from the city. Avoid quick meals and processed foods because they are the most expensive and they lack nutritional value. On select Saturdays, Dollar General has a coupon for shoppers that allows you to spend $25 in the store and receive $5 off. You can also find a friend or another parent that you trust who can alternate schedules with you so you both can provide babysitting services for each other.
It’s a little bit cheaper that plans offered through the marketplace so I decided to try it out this year. She was bright and articulate and I couldn’t help but feel a prodding to tell her something. It was our family’s tradition to have pasta with our turkey dinner, Christmas dinner, birthday dinner, Fourth of July barbecues, and any other meal shared at their table. The box remained, shoved under a few other items, while the individual cookie bags were torn open and empty, scrunched up inside the box.
That’s a staggering number of women with children, minus a husband, out there trying to make it on their own. This week he was appointed to represent a mother who was trying to regain custody of her teenage son. I loved the apartment, plus it was simple, manageable and affordable so I could focus on other areas of my budget. Try to set up an arrangement that is mutually beneficial whether it involves carpooling, after school care etc.
How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs (Free Email Templates) How to Make Money Blogging Is Working From Home Stuffing Envelopes Legit? After some poor parenting decisions by his mother, this child was now in the care of foster parents.

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