It’s now a multi-channel marketing world, and if brick and mortar retailers want to survive, and keep up with ecommerce brands and mobile shoppers, you have to embrace the digital revolution. One of the retail predictions for 2016 is that social media will continue to grow, playing a big role in the customer shopping journey and impacting purchasing decisions. Several big brands are already incorporating their in-store displays into social media platforms and their company’s blog. An inspiring clothing and home decor chain store has also found online-offline integration success.
You could even switch it around and socialize your brick and mortar store with online data like Nordstrom did a couple of years ago; something 59 percent of retailers plan on investing more in.
You have to leverage technology and social media to enhance your customers’ offline shopping experience.

Don’t you think it’s time you take advantage of a channel that guarantees success in a fun and creative way? Their customers have especially loved seeing their fun, vibrant color blocking window displays, a recent project we were able to help them with. It gives them a chance to show off their beautiful window displays to their target market, which spends a lot of their time online, and who knows, it might prompt some of them to even stop by their local store.
Thirteen Nordstrom locations took their most pinned items on Pinterest and turned them into small, yet fun and noticeable in-store displays. Your in-store displays are important, but your online presence is one of your most valuable resources—so use it!
But, adding shiny new digital storefronts or offering customers their own iPad to use while in your store aren’t your only options.

Many of West Elm’s stores has dedicated social media accounts that regularly share images of their windows. A more cost-effective option is integrating your in-store graphics and window displays with your online presence.

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