Ever left a meeting and found yourself wondering who, if anyone, took notes, what decisions were made, and who is responsible for what tasks?
By consolidating notes and automatically generating and distributing accurate meeting minutes, MeetingBooster adds value to meetings by improving decision making, increasing transparency and turning ideas into action. Choose from various layouts and view minutes as detailed discussions or view conclusions only. Meeting minutes should be readily accessible to attendees and relevant management, but with many employees working remotely and company intranet sites like SharePoint becoming increasingly cumbersome, accessibility can pose a serious challenge.
MeetingBooster's automated distribution system automatically sends a professionally formatted PDF minutes document containing the meeting notes, conclusions, tools and tasks to all designated attendees.
MeetingBooster's meeting management system stores all meeting minutes online, archiving them by meeting title and date, making them accessible to anyone with viewing permission. Meeting minutes often contain sensitive information, so it is critically important that access be limited to authorized users. MeetingBooster was designed with security in mind, allowing access only to those who have been invited or have permission to view specific files.

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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Meeting Minutes Template 1.0Usually, a meeting ends with clearly documented Meeting Minutes. More Software Like Meeting Minutes TemplateVladovsoft HotelVladovsoft Hotel is an easy to use, affordable software solution for hotel management and control. MeetingBooster's Meeting Minutes tool automatically converts the notes, conclusions, task assignments and other information taken during the meeting into a professionally formatted meeting minutes document. Locating and reviewing meeting minutes can be tedious when using a company intranet or when emailing back and forth. Users can also search across several meeting minutesa€™ documents to find discussions and merge search results into a consolidated document. This means that sensitive information is securely archived and remains secure at all times.

Project Manager should prepare and distribute meeting minutes within 24 hours of having a meeting.
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MeetingBooster includes a User Hierarchy and User Groups feature which allows efficient deployment of permissions. Drag and drop the files you would like to work with and press a button to start the conversion.

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