Votre premier rendez-vous sera probablement soit avec votre fournisseur de soins primaires ou un gynecologue.
Gardez une trace de vos symptomes.  Par exemple, faire une liste de combien de bouffees de chaleur que vous ressentez dans une journee ou une semaine et notez comment ils sont graves. Faites une liste de tous les medicaments, des herbes et des supplements de vitamines que vous prenez.  Inclure les doses et a quelle frequence vous les prenez. Prenez un cahier ou un bloc-notes avec vous .  Utilisez-le pour noter des informations importantes lors de votre visite. De plus, n’hesitez pas a poser des questions a tout moment au cours de votre rendez-vous. Avant de decider de toute forme de traitement, parlez-en avec votre medecin de vos options et les avantages et risques presentes par chacun. Passez en revue vos options annuelle, selon vos besoins et les options de traitement peuvent changer. I have dedicated this website due to my own experiences, views and personal research, to all women who like me are suffering from some symptoms and especially are struggling with weight loss. Natural Progesterone is helping me to reduce certain symptoms I am having and I am glad that I have made the decision in using it.
Having a good exercise program which will suits you and makes you happy certainly will help In reducing premenopausal and menopausal symptoms. I wrote about it and explained what helped me and which exercise program I really like, and by all means I am not an exercise person at all.
As a Holistic Energy Practitioner, I also write about subjects like the importance of the chakra system to us, and the role it plays to our overall health; and what kind of tools you can use to balance your own chakra system etc. As a Life Coach, I made it to my life purpose to help and empower women to make conscious changes to their life.
I hope you will find it interesting to read through my website and I would be more then happy when you would leave me some comments too. Yes, you can say, that my job sometimes can be challenging, but I also love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. I can tell that you have a genuine interest in helping people and in the area of holistic healing. My passion is to help women feeling good about themselves, no matter what body image, height etc. MENOPAUSE  is the permanent end of Menstruation and fertility, defined as occurring 12 months after your last menstrual period.
Menopause is the permanent cessation of menstruation due to loss of ovarian follicular function. The onset of perimenopause precedes the final menses by 2–8 years, with a mean duration of 4 years. The menopause transition, and postmenopause itself, is a natural life change, not a disease state or a disorder.
Hysterectomy,chemotherapy, radiation therapy, primary ovarian failure can also cause menopause. Along with your signs and symptoms your doctor will take your medical and surgical history. Static doses of Estrogen and Progestin  can eliminate vasomotor symptoms and restore regular cyclicity. Hormone replacement therapy or HRT  is the use of Estrogen plus Progestin for a woman who has an intact uterus, or Estrogen alone for a woman who has had a Hysterectomy. Expert Experience25 years of expert dental experience and knowledge of the latest dental technologies to provide you superior dental care.
According to researchers, women who are menopausal or post-menopausal may experience changes in their mouths.
In addition to the above changes, menopausal gingivostomatitis is also a condition that affects a small percentage of women.

In TCM experience, most menopause symptoms belong to functional disorders, a result of disrupted hormonal balance. Generally, TCM physicians make reference to the disease categories of "hysteria", "depressive syndrome", "palpitation", "insomnia", "dizziness", "headache", "metrorrhagia" or "menstrual irregularities" for diagnosis. In addition to the above changes that are direct result of hormonal imbalance, women have to face many other changes that are just a consequence of normal aging. To sum up, the menopause transition is not just a simple biological event, but a long and ongoing process involving almost every part of the body.
According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the kidney system is responsible for reproductive and menstrual functions. Kidney deficiency and essence depletion are at the core in the development of menopause disharmonies. And because TCM views the kidney as the center of the body's yin and yang, disharmony in the kidney will affect other organs.
The heart and the kidney are closely related, with a mutually dependent and restrictive correlation within each other. According to the five element theory, the kidney belongs to water and the lung belongs to metal; the two elements mutually generate each other. While the kidney is regarded as the "congenital foundation" and origin of life, the spleen is regarded as the "acquired foundation" and source of blood and qi production. Furthermore, pathological products are formed during the above process; they can in turn act directly or indirectly on certain organs, and promote a further development into complex conditions. In TCM experience, the causes of menopause symptoms are either internal metabolic disturbances or external negative stimulation. I particularly like sections about chakra system, and Change your Attitude with Positive Thoughts. RAVIKUMAR MUPPIDI DM EndocrinologyAdvanced Endocrine Hospital & Research Centre KPHB Hyd. As this occurs, the levels of female hormones (Estrogen and Progesterone) produced by the ovaries eventually decrease and decline to negligible levels.
Traditionally such therapy was provided as tablets but now is available in a range of formulations including skin patches, gels, skin sprays, subcutaneous implants and so forth. Kildoo put herself through school, how she was raised in a military family, learn about her renowned author husband and how she practiced near the CIA! They may notice discomfort in the mouth, including dry mouth, pain as well as burning sensations in their gums. The gum tissue will appear dry or shiny, bleed easily and range from abnormally pale to deep red in color.
Due to declining and fluctuating hormonal levels, the body will under go a series of changes. Since the whole body is undergoing changes and many influential factors are involved, a wide array of symptoms can appear, and the frequency and intensity vary greatly.
Menopause signifies a woman has completed her child-bearing years; her body undergoes a series of transformations in preparing for another life stage. Around 2,000 years ago, TCM proponents realized that menopause belongs to a natural process of bodily development. When they disrupt the body's dynamic equilibrium, which leads to yin deficiency and creates virtual heat, a relative excess of yang develops into a hyperactive state inside the body.
When kidney yin is exhausted, the normal functional relationship between them has broken; a hyperactive heart and disturbed spirit will be resulted. Kidney yin deficiency creates virtual fire that damages the lung, so symptoms like excessive sweating, night sweats, feelings of sadness or weeping without cause may occur. For example, liver disturbances lead to qi stagnation and blood stasis, could result in breath shortness, paleness, pain and a tingling sensation; if spleen weakness fails to control fluid metabolism and lead to dampness or phlegm production, there will be puffiness, obesity and excessive throat secretion.

The basic pathologies formed inside the body are yin deficiency of the kidney and liver that leads to uncontrollable yang disturbing the upper body. When the body cannot adjust itself smoothly, signs like menstrual irregularities, hot flushes, insomnia, mood swings, vaginal and bladder problems will come and go during the period. During this transitional period, temporary internal disturbances occur from time to time, and the woman may be particularly vulnerable to various disharmonies. The Bible of Chinese medicine, theHuang Di Nei Jing (The Yellow Emperor's Medicine Classic): "The kidney forms the foundation for the body's reproduction and development.
As a result, the primary signs of menopause problems include hot flushes, red face, hot sensations in the palms and soles, sweating, dizziness, ear ringing, lumbar soreness, menstrual irregularities and constipation.
One of the key relationships is that kidney-yin nourishes liver-yin making liver-yang unlikely to be hyperactive.
There will be problems like dream-disturbed sleep, abnormal heartbeat, restless mind, panic attacks, poor memory, mouth sores, mouth dryness, scanty urine, and hot sensation in the palms and soles.
Serious blood deficiency leads to mental problems, dryness, abnormal sensations, skin rashes and dizziness. Hyper-functioning or stagnation of the liver usually triggers the menopause symptoms to occur, and pathological products such as blood stasis, dampness or phlegm often precipitate their development or make the condition worse.
I am going to recommend that she try Natural Progesterone along with a regimented diet and exercise program to help her in achieving her weight goals.
This gradual transition process varies greatly among women; some may go through it easily while others may find their lives seriously disrupted. TCM is able to use unique theories to interpret the diversified and subtle nature of the symptoms, and correlate them with internal disharmonies. As we age, essence stored in the kidney is depleted and when no more tian-gui is produced, the meridians in the pelvic region become empty and collapse, and thus women will lose the ability to menstruate and give birth." Furthermore, the kidney system is viewed as the root of life's activities and its weakness can easily lead to disturbances in supporting and promoting the other organ systems, resulting in the imbalance of yin and yang elements in the body. Since yin and yang mutually create and depend on each other, when a yang deficiency also develops, more complicated conditions such as cold limbs, chills, fatigue, gray pallor, puffiness, incontinence of urine and feces, sexual problems will occur.
When kidney yin fails to support the liver, then hyperactive liver-yang will lead to irritability, dizziness, blurred vision, headache, insomnia, chest discomfort, unstable blood pressure and menstrual irregularities.
I enjoyed your content a lot and I’m looking forward to reading more articles in the future. Western women may have hot flushes and night sweats as major complaints while Chinese women tend to have bone and joint pain, poor memory and fatigue. For those who suffer significantly from menopause symptoms, physicians aim to focus on the disharmony pattern, including the major complaint and the accompanying symptoms. That is why, apart from changes in menstrual pattern, a wide range of symptoms are seen during menopause, depending on what organs are affected and the extent of external stimulation. Women are also likely to develop liver qi stagnation; if this is the case, then there will be mood problems, abdominal distention, general aching and breast tenderness.
For example, most menopausal women go to see TCM physicians for treatment of their hot flashes, but these may also be accompanied by a variety of other symptoms. One may complain about frequent hot flashes but also have sweating, palpitations and dizziness; another may complain only about mild hot flashes, but experience more severe emotional distress or fatigue. All these combination of symptoms have significant implications for TCM diagnosis and treatment.

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