From todayat MIDNIGHT through Cyber Monday, you can grab Buy 1, Get 1 FREE Deals on just about everything at Men’s Warehouse online! November 24, 2007 by Chris 5 Comments I will be uploading a great 5-part series this week based on items that are on my Christmas wish list. It’s that time of year (Thanksgiving) when my family pulls names from a hat and then must buy a gift or gifts for the person they draw. I’ll be back at it heading into next week and the first few weeks of December and then it will slow until after the New Year.

Seems to me that the wish list just may be more than the actual items, a means to an end??? Not sure when the battering will end but I am looking for signs of any buying opportunities. Born and raised in New York but now living in New Jersey with a beautiful & loving wife, two fantastic kids and a great big yellow lab (Bob has since passed, 2014).
Trend TradingI am a trend trader looking for gains of 25% or more and losses no larger than 10% (preferably smaller when I am smart enough to cut the immediate loss) on trades that will last anywhere from a few weeks to several months or longer.

I aim to be prepared to trade in situations when the odds are in my favor by properly employing risk management strategies such as position sizing and expectancy.

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