The extraordinary thing about her is that she has an IQ of 156, which is higher than that of maths genius Carol Vorderman (who used to co-host numbers and words quiz Countdown), and not far behind Albert Einstein, who had an IQ of 160.
Elise, from Edmonton, north London, can name many countries' capital cities, recognise shapes and all the colours and count to ten in Spanish. Before her first birthday she could recognise her written name and by 16 months she could count to ten. That puts her two points higher on the scoreboard than Carol Vorderman, and comfortably in the top 0.2 per cent of children her age. Elise was little more than five months when she looked her father Edward in the eyes and called him Dada.
But it seems to have taken Louise and Edward, from Edmonton, North London, as much by surprise as anyone else.
Inspired by the story of Georgia Brown, who also joined Mensa when she was two, they took her last month to see Professor Joan Freeman, a specialist education psychologist. After subjecting her to a complex, 45-minute IQ test, she concluded in a written report that Elise was 'more than very bright and capable - she is gifted'.
Professor Freeman concluded that Elise's 'superb memory' was the source for her 'excellent learning and progress'.
Yesterday as Elise danced happily in the sunshine at her local park, Edward, a 34-year-old motor consultant and car-buyer, told me: 'Our main aim is to make sure she keeps learning at an advanced pace. Elise was born in London in December 2006 and can boast influences from England, Malaysia, China, Nigeria and Sierra Leone in her background.

There are doctors and lawyers in the couple's extended family but none was a child genius, as far as anyone knows. Elise's love of music and dance has encouraged the couple to put her name down for education in that area.
They have added her to the long waiting list for the Young Actors' Theatre, formerly the Anna Scher school, which produced a string of celebrated actors; and for Chickenshed, which specialises in music, ballet, mime and dance.
Their major disappointment has been that none of the local state schools they contacted wanted anything to do with Elise until she reaches four and a half. I'm sure some poster here will mention what a role model this girl will be for black folks.
I’ve managed to obtain some black and white test cards which are used in some sort of psychology test. First one i see a sort of demented person wearing a saucepan hat.Second one i see a bear claw mark in some snow with mountains in the background.Third one JesusFourth one????
I can only get the first(a man thinking or whatever he’s doing) and the last(a dog) image. I can?t belive tha Iam 1°I found the first 4 images the other 2 are just a kind of mosters.
1 A man thinking2 The Mediterranean Sea3 Penguins with shadows?????4 Jesus’ haed and shoulders5 I just see two dancers but it’s not obvious6 negitive image of a cow? WOW, ok, noone bothers reading this now that it’s at the end, but i can’t believe my message was first ( and the third one ) ^^ !!!!

Until she started to communicate, all they noticed was a tendency for her to stare at things and at people, as if soaking up information.
Carol Vorderman told me: 'If she's lucky enough to go to a school where she's encouraged and stretched, she'll continue to enjoy learning and she'll have a fantastic time. But if her IQ is all people focus on, she will not develop other important aspects very well.
I think I need to see them from a distance and have them clearly separated from each other. Believing an online test that takes 20 minutes shows that your intelligence isn’t as high as it says. They can’t easily be misunderstood, so once you see them, there is only one possible answer. I suggest hmm I believe it was Wisc IV for children, either you are not 18+ or you are just very childish. Solving these tests, just got me thinking how fun would it be to take some online IQ tests, and see how smart am I.

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