Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. The first point about reinventing yourself is to be comfortable in the idea of a reinvented skin.
You can never be comfortable in another pair of shoes till you are comfortable in your own.
We can do without the chalk too, if you’re intolerant to the dust like I am, but my point is to plan how do you go about reinventing yourself and deciding who exactly are you going to be. Self confidence is not arrogance, and whoever tries convincing you against it, you must gift an English dictionary. And now that you know how to go about reinventing yourself you’ve been wondering what exact changes you need to be a reinvented self. Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products.
You need to drop the concept of slipping into another skin or another’s skin for a reinvented self.
Alright, maybe you can if you take shoes too literally (Like Zara fits me fine, Aeropostale kills my sole).
Maybe we are not the best people already, or maybe we are but there are better people we know and we please to be like. It is infact never too late to learn and reinventing yourself is a process of learning to be a better you and if you’ve thought of it now, you are still not late. Not anyone and everyone should have the power to manipulate how you think of the world and how you believe of yourself. Self belief has to be the most important attribute to doing absolutely anything in the big wide world.

That said, you need to be comfortable in who you are and who your new reinvented self would be. You’d have your share of obstacle in your quest for the reinvented self, each one of you will, trust me on it. There have to be no qualms in accepting and confessing the admiration and seeking mentorship. Be confident that you can cross the bridge, be confident that the new you is the better you, be confident of reinventing yourself.
You need to convince yourself that now is the best time to reinvent yourself into a better you.
You need to let go of certain habits that prevent you from reinventing and get yourself in the mindset on adapting a newer you. Imbibe in you the quality of believing that it’s never too late and reinventing yourself is almost partially done.
You’ll reinvent yourself only when you take on to the journey as a bolder and more thoughtful you. Trust me on it, but reinventing yourself is sure to take you places, and a lot of them might include Paris, Milan, NYC and Monaco maybe! We’ll have to fight the despair and keep the show going not only in the process of reinventing ourselves but through life as the reinvented self too. It is not the English exam that you rote learned and wrote everything you know and aced with an A grade. Also, post the reinvention, you’ve to be convinced that you are not only a better person but the change in you is in no way hampering your originality as a person. The biggest reinvention about you should be that you never fail, you only try till you succeed.

If your reinvented self has to be honest, there has to be absolutely no flexibility of even a single lie. If you’re confident of it, your reinvented self will be the best thing to happen to earth. Yes there too, because reinventing yourself essentially means bringing across a better you, and a better you is most definitely in a better capacity of paying those bills than the old you. The first way about reinventing yourself is to let go of the laid back attitude of doing that tomorrow, day after or the next month. Only when you’re convinced and comfortable with the idea would your new life dwell in joy. You took nine months to develop to yourself in the womb and another (insert your age) years to develop into who you are today. Give up on the idea of emulating the person, only just pick up on some qualities you believe you’d like your reinvented self to possess. And you have to believe me on it, reinventing yourself has nothing to do with your pay check. Maybe you achieve that goal of being more patient and less temporal for a month, but so what. You need to be patient and tolerant of your negative attitudes and then inherit in you the new positive self you insist on being.
It’s for both, planning to reinvent yourself and a mantra for your reinvented self to follow.

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