T-Mobile US’ prepaid brand MetroPCS is offering a new promotional $50 unlimited LTE data plan.
The new promotional $50 unlimited LTE data plan is available only to customers with GSM LTE smartphones and not to those with CDMA handsets or those who brought their own smartphone (BYOD).
Starting tomorrow (21st January) all those of you who decide to leave your current carrier and port to Metro PCS will be granted with a special promo discount that will allow you to save between 22 percent and 50 percent.
For instance, if you’re currently using a single line with 1GB of LTE data as a Sprint’s subscriber you pay $44.00 per month, but if you decide to switch to Metro PCS the carrier promises to not only reduce your monthly bill to $30 , but also to give you an extra 1GB of LTE data.
Moving on to two-line plans subscribers, folks who decide to leave Sprint and port to Metro PCS may save 50 percent of their current monthly bill if they opt for a 2GB of LTE data plan and pay only $50 instead of regular $100.63. In addition to reducing your monthly payments, Metro PCS is also giving a $50 rebate on a new phone to all switchers, which means that you may get phones like for example LG Leon LTE or Samsung Core prime phones for free. Additionally, having not forget about its loyal subscribers Metro PCS announces a special promo dedicated to its existing customers within which people on a $50 or $60 plan can add a new line with 5GB of LTE data for just $30.
Being a limited time offer without a specific expiry date the Metro PCS promo is more than sweet deal, especially when we take into consideration the fact that services like mobile hotspot and Data Maximizer are also included. Insert the link for the product you want to buy and we will search for the best offer available so you can save as much money as possible. Grab yourself a bargain in this fantastic deal that entitles you to get 4G LTE Phones Starting As Low As $49.

Go through this link and get Over 60% Off Select LG & Samsung 4G LTE Smartphones from MetroPCS.
Take advantage of this offer and get Up To $50 Off + Up To $100 Mail In Rebate Featured Products. MetroPCS: Metro Pcs 43% Discount on first time buyer credit on any New Metro Pcs Phone with new account activation. Customers can sign up to MetroPCS promo $50 plan until April 5, 2015 and benefit from unlimited data for an unspecified period of time, “with no pre-planned end date”.
Also, customers who activate new line of service or upgrade to LTE phone while promotion lasts, until April 5, will be able to get LTE-capable smartphones with $100 instant discount at MetroPCS stores: the Samsung Galaxy Light for $49 (regular $149) and the LG Optimus F60 for $59 (regular $159). The $40 and $50 monthly plan will include 2 GB and 4 GB of 4G LTE data, respectively while customers on the $60 plan that already has unlimited 4G LTE data can take advantage of the new promotional $50 plan and get the same service for $10 less per month. Remember announced in the holiday season Sprint’s switching deal dedicated primary to T-Mobile subscribers?
Naturally, the amount of your savings depends on number of switched lines, which plan you resign from, and which you switch to. The same offer refers to subscribers with 1GB of LTE data plan, who while switching to Metro PCS will pay $50 and receive a bonus 1GB of LTE data. In case you opt for a different device, you may spend the rebate on any phone offered by the carrier.

What’s more if you sign up for a $40 or higher plan you will be able to benefit from Music Unlimited. Right now the so-called “biggest wireless offer in US history” gains a serious competitor since Metro PCS launched a deal cutting your existing Sprint’s monthly bill by half, while additionally giving you a special discount on a new phone. Going further, if you’re using a Sprint’s 4GB LTE data plan, you may switch to an identical Metro PCS plan offering you the same data allotment for only $40 instead of $76.94, which means a 48 percent discount. Note that you will get the rebate automatically if you’re switch first two lines, but if you need to switch more lines then the rebate becomes a mail-in rebate.
The only thing you have to do is to make a switching decision and visit your local Metro PCS representative.
If you’ve been thinking on how to save on your Sprint phone bills, stay with us as we’re going to take a close-up at the promo. Moreover, if you’re a subscriber of a Sprint’s plan with unlimited LTE data you may save 22 percent while switching to Metro PCS who now offers an unlimited LTE plan for just $60 per month.

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