By embedding a simple translation widget on your Web pages, you can provide automated machine translation of your content. You can see it in action here, just choose a language and click the arrow button to translate this page. Translation toolbar provides a progress indicator; closing it returns you to the original text.
Machine translation may not currently be a substitute for a professional human translator, but it can help someone get a general idea of what you're offering. And even if you already localize your content to multiple languages, machine translation is a great way to expand your coverage to over 30 languages! Enter the address of your site in the Site address text box, and select the language of your text from the Site language dropdown list. The Auto setting does the same language detection as Notify, but automatically goes ahead with the translation. You can customize the widget to better match your site design by selecting a color theme and moving the slider to set the width.
To exclude an HTML element, apply the custom attribute translate="no" or set class="notranslate".
The Microsoft Translator service can be accessed programmatically via AJAX, REST, and SOAP interfaces. See Collaborative Translations: Announcing the next version of Microsoft Translator technology – V2 APIs and widget. Whether it's for a personal blog or a company Web site, the widget is easy to use — and it's free, for both commercial and non-commercial sites. The translation toolbar will only appear when a browser language different from your content is detected. The list of class names following notranslateclasses will behave the same as the “notranslate” class.
To increase your visibility to other languages, use the interactive Bing Translator page to translate your SEO keywords and manually add the translated words to your pages. For more information on these interfaces, see the Microsoft Translator Developer Offerings .

The following are the 15 best WYSIWYG freeware HTML editor serving you at their finest possible areas.
All these WYSIWYG HTML editing freeware have some or the other distinctive features like inbuilt file transfer protocol (FTP), SEO friendly tool, supporting file formats like HTML, CSS, PHP, java, JavaScript, XHTML, etc. MoreMotion Application Studio enables you to work on new projects or work on your previously build projects. The interface of MoreMotion Web Express is similar to the Adobe Dreamweaver and it is a free alternative to it. Some distinctive features of MoreMotion Application Studio are grouping particular elements in a panel, drag and draw elements on the page, create forms easily, resize elements and panels according to the area you want them to cover, drag and resize elements, etc.
KompoZer has 4 viewing options which include “Normal” to view the content you have on the page, “HTML tags” to check the working HTML tags on different areas of the HTML page, “Source” to see the codes used and “Preview” to see the actual result of all your work. Tools bar on the top has all the required tools including image button to add an image to the page, table button to add table, form button with multiple form options, etc.
PageBreeze Free HTML Editor comes with an inbuilt File Transfer Protocol so you don’t have to use any third party FTP applications to upload your website to the server.
Notable characteristics of PageBreeze HTML editor include inserting images directly from web with the help of the link of the image; the image can be resized too, spelling check, document details, etc. WebDwarf Free Web Page Maker WYSIWYG freeware has simple interface with mostly used tools on the front on the tool bar towards left. The coding is color based, which means the codes are shown in different colors and the content or the text is normally shown as black.
Alleycode HTML Editor lets you preview the project you have worked on in the default web browser. If you’re aware of coding languages then you can switch to Source tab to edit the codes according to your wants.
BlueGriffon is a cross platform freeware which comes in many languages which makes it easier for you to work on your native language. FirstPage freeware lets you write code using Source editor, see using the Preview window and design and edit using the Design mode. In addition to this you can even check the spellings of your content using the free inbuilt spelling checker of FirstPage.

It is functional not only as HTML editor but it can also make Google Ads, create and edit HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML files. The default interface is dark grey and is easy to handle, the workspace is unique and different from the other WYSIWYG HTML editing freeware. The workspace has 3 major areas namely Design View, Code View, Preview (with Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer) and Publish. The publishing feature has publishing locally, publishing to Google Drive and publishing to DoubleClick studio. Individually you can design on one and see and edit the source code using the source window.
In addition to this, the design and source windows can be viewed simultaneously using split horizontally or split vertically.
Templates from external sources can be imported to be used as your website layout in Microsoft Expression Web.
With the help of this freeware you can easily upload your websites to the server as it has an inbuilt File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Web Deploy. There are 4 window tabs which can be changed according to the workflow, normal which is similar to the preview window as you can see the final results using either, the second is HTML Tags, with the help of this window you can see which content is under what HTML tag. It has the ability to create responsive websites using HTML 5 and CSS 3, there are various other languages which TOWeb supports.
The free version of TOWeb comes with inbuilt templates which can be edited as per your requirements. There are some features which are not available in the free version of TOWeb, you can avail them by purchasing premium, ecommerce or studio packages.

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