Beth Israel New York's Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine welcome you to our Critical Care Ultrasonography Forum - a free, educational website devoted to building the knowledge base of practitioners in the field of clinician-performed General Critical Care Ultrasonography (GCCUS). Our intent is that this website remain free, educational, and collaborative - we welcome all interested visitors to help build the forum by submitting their select images and cases. Welcome to the New York Beth Israel Critical Care Ultrasonography Forum, a free, educational website devoted to furthering knowledge in the field of General Critical Care Ultrasonography with a special focus on Basic Critical Care Echocardiography.

Series, aside from teaching computer applications, is ease of implementation, with an approach that is based on clearly-defined projects for students and a one of a kind supplements package. On these pages you will be able to learn in-depth about the myriad applications of ultrasonography in the diagnosis and management of critically ill patients, and to explore and review the vast library of ultrasound images that we have collected over the years in the many challenging conditions encountered in ICU patients.

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