Something else that we took issue with is the fact that you will get plenty of messages from hot girls looking to hook up in Canada.
You can take a look at our casual dating site review pages for more information about these Canadian casual sex websites.
The features are also pretty much standard as you would expect to get on any other Canadian casual sex website worth its salt. The only good to come out of our experience is that we can warn you of this Canadian casual online dating scam.
Even after carefully filtering out what you don’t want for matches, the results will surprise you and not in a good way.

Our strategy as always is for every Canadian casual online dating site we review was to send five emails to five different women every single day. To be able to reply to messages, you have to pay a subscription for casual dating personals site in Canada.
This is a Canada casual dating scam, and you most likely won’t find this out until you have signed up and paid for a full subscription.
Once you have paid for the subscription, the ‘hot girls’ that were dying for you to respond disappear into thin air. The website sells itself as a place to meet new friends, and more importantly, meet partners for casual sex in Canada.

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