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Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson host Here & Now, a live two-hour production of NPR and WBUR Boston. Amidst national discussion of transgender bathroom access, we examine how public bathrooms are designed. This campaign season has seen promises of big, sweeping change from candidates on both sides of the aisle. A potential rider in the bill would relinquish federal control of a national wildlife refuge on the island of Vieques.
LATEST STORYPop quiz: How closely have you been following the Facebook Trending Topics mini scandal? Alpert is the managing producer for program development at WBUR, and for the past several months has been working on a podcast series with The New York Times called Modern Love, adapted from the wildly popular Times column. The postscript interview is about ten minutes long and gets to the meat of what every reader and listener wants to know: what happened after the events described the column? These days celebrity appearances on podcasts is not unusual (Obama appeared on WTF with Marc Maron, after all), and many celebrities host their own shows. For its part, The Times has also thrown a lot of marketing muscle behind the project, promoting in print, in banner ads on their website, and on social, offering art, and more. Pop quiz: How closely have you been following the Facebook Trending Topics mini scandal?There was a reason that you obsessed over this all week, and that reason was to get a perfect score on our quiz. The government’s 18F, with its manageable hours and public service mission, is attracting former journalists18F works with various federal agencies to improve their digital presences. Fuego is our heat-seeking Twitter bot, tracking the links the future-of-journalism crowd is talking about most on Twitter.
Encyclo is our encyclopedia of the future of news, chronicling the key players in journalism’s evolution.
Tales of love and loss and things that could have been and maybe still can… The New York Times Modern Love column has it all.

The man behind Simian Mobile Disco’s visuals Jack Featherstone and his Studio Creme know a thing or two about making visuals for music, and he’s absolutely aced it again in this mesmerising video for Legowelt alias Occult Orientated Crime’s Japanese Trains.
LA-based creative studio Laundry has created a series of idents for American TV network FX to promote all The Simpsons episodes ever made being available on the channel. Our totes adorbs-ometer was going off the scale when we first saw the work of Peru-based image-maker Mr Kat, usually known as Jaime Alvarez Sobreviela.
This animation created by Andrew Khosravani for The Royal Institution explores what astronauts dream of when they return to earth. Inspired by Tim Urban’s text The AI revolution: The Road to Superintelligence motion designer and 3D artist Moritz Reichartz has created a surreal film titled Hands Off [AI].
Modern Love: The Podcast, is a production of WBUR in Boston, in collaboration with the Times. The celebrity read section is a full-fledged audio performance, complete with background music and ambient sounds (footsteps, women laughing, a bubbling fish tank).
The essay writers who are interviewed don’t get to hear their essays read in advance — they hear the performance for the first time when their podcast episode is posted. Development on the podcast began last September, with the team reading and re-reading and exchanging notes on hundreds of essays from which they could pluck the 48 that would eventually be paired with a celebrity reader and transformed into a full episode.
As WBUR producers began casting for the celebrity-read component, they relied first on cold-calling actors and other performers they had in mind as the voices of the characters in the essays.
The show now has about 30 readers in the pipeline, including Catherine Keener, Michael Shannon, and Connie Britton. Neither WBUR nor the Times shared any specifics on how revenue or costs are divided, but the podcast contains advertising sold by WBUR. The episodes live on WBUR’s iTunes channel, but the Times will present the episodes in its own player as well.
It even has some sweetly animated vignettes – a few of which we’ve featured before on the site. Creating an entire imaginary universe, he populates it with impossibly cute creatures including his namesake Mr Kat, a cosmic panda, some little round pufferfish type things and more abstract anthropomorphises like skulls.

Andrew is the RI’s animator-in-residence and in the film he hand draws the nighttime visions of Helen Sharman, the first Briton to travel to space.
The film is a collection of automated animations generated as part of his research for other projects over past year.
The work is currently on show at east London’s Dreambagsjaguarshoes, and is based around a visual therapy technique devised by filmmaker Cecil Stokes in the 1940s. The column has been around since 2004, so there are a lot of essays to choose from: Jones receives about 7,000 submissions a year and publishes 52. A new one has just been released, telling the story of a young girl brought up in Serbia, now grown up, and still thinking of a boy she knew when she was just 12, before her life and house were physically and metaphorically ripped apart by the civil war in the region. The challenge when branding for a culturally iconic brand like The Simpsons is keeping it recognisable visually but surprising tonally,” explains Laundry.
The three-minute short sees a surreal and alien objects flail and wave around a series of unfamiliar landscapes to a haunting soundtrack. It’s a saddening but beautiful tale, and illustrations by Moth Collective further brings it to life.
The animations were created without using keyframes, with the movement of the forms defined by the codes used to create them.
It’s a compelling, unnerving and technically astute experiment that hints at what we might come to expect from the German artist. I was kissing my entire childhood…my life that could have been,” have tissues at the ready.

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