We did not have any division flashcards in the office, but we did have multiplication ones so we worked on multiplication first. When he didn’t know any answer or did not want to figure it out, he would just guess, even though I knew that he knew the answer. I let him have 15 minutes to fill out the division worksheet and then we went over it for 15 minutes. Multiplication 0 x printable blank - welcome to mahadev institute Printable multiplication table kids - Search printable how to do long multiplication - watch movies too!
I did this to make it easier to learn the table and so it doesn't look so overwhelming.Learning the 11s is easy. He is on Spring Break but his mom brought him in to work on multiplication and division problems for math.

I let my student study the flashcards for 15 minutes and then I quizzed him on the answers for 15 minutes and re did the ones he was not sure about. I then made him fill out a worksheet of multiplication tables that he got to take home and look over after his session. I printed out worksheets since we did not have division flashcards, so we went over different worksheets. Let's say 7.Put your finger on the 6 at the top and move in a straight line to where the 7 is on the left.Your answer is 42, get it? You will come back to the information in this table again and again not only just in math class but throughout your entire life. Usually we work on his homework but he was caught up on his homework for the following week so we concentrated all on math.

The ones he really struggled with were the 12s times tables, which are difficult for any 3rd grader. Because:2x8 is the same as 8x2It doesn't matter which number comes first in multiplication.

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