New Delhi: While dealing with issues related to Indian women at various level, Muslim women is not given enough consideration. No doubt you are doing great job, but while posting on web please remove the picture which shows women’s faces and shapes, as Islamic rule of Pardah. Civilian casualties in the worsening war in Afghanistan are up just over 30 percent in the current year,  the United Nations said in a mid-year report this week, holding the Taliban responsible for three-quarters of the deaths or injuries. Two Saudi clerics have declared Muslim women are exempt from wearing full veils in France, which is planning to ban them, but added they should avoid visiting it as tourists. The Vatican made sweeping revisions on Thursday it its laws on sexual abuse, doubling a statute of limitations for disciplinary action against priests and extending the use of fast-track procedures to defrock them.
Muslim women could be fined for wearing full face veils in public in France under a bill approved overwhelmingly on Tuesday by the lower house of parliament.
France’s plan to ban full face veils, which comes up for a vote in the National Assembly on Tuesday, enjoys 82% popular support in the country, according to a new poll by the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project. The French National Assembly begins debating a complete ban on Muslim full face veils in public next week and could outlaw them by the autumn.
Three men were arrested by Delhi police this week for "honour killings" days after the Supreme Court asked eight Indian states to stop these so-called "honour" killings, where family members, typically men, kill daughters and their husbands for apparently bringing dishonour to the family by marrying below their caste. The leader of a protest against Kosovo’s ban on headscarves in public schools says devout Muslims could resort to violence to get their way, though Islam is not central to the lives of most Kosovo Albanians. As Religion Editor based in Paris, I cover main religion developments, coordinate religion news coverage and run the FaithWorld blog. More Reuters News Sunday, 15 May 2016, 12:46 am Can Buffett-backed bid unlock Yahoo growth where others failed? As an iPhone owner and an avid Hipstamatic user, I’ve been capturing daily life on the streets of Delhi for the past few months.
Most of the photos are from Old Delhi, a world within a world in the heart of the Indian capital.
A homeless man sleeps under a blanket on the side of the street in the old quarters of Delhi.
Foil and matches are seen in the hands of a heroin user who has passed out on the side of the street in the old quarters of Delhi.
A disabled man crawls past men sitting and talking on the side of the street in the old quarters of Delhi. We welcome comments that advance the story through relevant opinion, anecdotes, links and data. Hui Muslim female Imam Yonghua Zheng, far left, talks with religious students outside the main Qingzhenshang Mosque on July 11, 2014 in Sangpo, Henan Province, China. Hui Muslim women prepare food to break their fast during Ramadan at a women's only Mosque on July 11, 2014 in Sangpo, Henan Province, China. Hui Muslim female Imam Yonghua Zheng, poses at the Ming Dynasty era Beida Mosque on July 22, 2014 in Qinyang City.
Hui Muslim female Imam Yonghua Zheng, center, prays with other worshippers during the holy month of Ramadan at the women's only Tuanjielu Mosque on July 22, 2014.

Hui Muslim girls leave a graduation for an Islamic studies course during the holy month of Ramadan at a mosque on July 22, 2014 in Sangpo, Henan Province, China.
Hui Muslim female Imam Yonghua Zheng, puts on a headscarf in her quarters before leading prayers at the Qingzhenshang women's only mosque on July 10, 2014 in Sangpo. Hui Muslim female Imam Yonghua Zheng, back center, speaks to worshippers as she prepares to lead prayer at the women's only Qingzhenshang Mosque on July 11, 2014 in Sangpo. Hui Muslim female Imam Yonghua Zheng smiles as her in-laws see her off from the family home as she leaves for prayers at a women's only mosque on July 22, 2014 in Qinyang City. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. A paper target stands at the corner of female section of mock up mosque at the new close quarters combat training range at Fort Story in Virginia Beach, Va. After The Virginian-Pilot published a photo on Tuesday of a cardboard target, a cutout of a Muslim woman holding a gun and wearing a traditional headscarf called a hijab, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) asked the Pentagon to pull the targets. CAIR also voiced concern about verses of the Quran that were hanging on the wall behind the cutout of the Muslim woman.
Hour after the council's request, the Navy announced it had gotten rid of the controversial target. The target range is a new addition to Joint Expeditionary Base Fort Story in Virginia Beach, and the $11.5 million facility hasn't yet been used, according to the newspaper. The new close quarters combat training range as has 56 different mock-up places including this market place on the right. The building contains mock-ups of stores, schools, a hospital, a bank, a bus stop and two mosques. On Friday, CNN pointed out that the description comes from Trump’s chapter on women from his 1997 book, The Art of the Comeback. This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced.
Panel comsprise of Kulsum Fathima from Ambedkar University, Najmus Sahar from Jamia Hamdard, Nada T.K from Delhi University and Sumaiyah Ahmed from Jawaharlal Nehru University. Offenders would be fined 150 euros ($189) or required to take part in a citizenship class. Its neighbours also approve — 71% of those polled in Germany, 62% in Britain and 59% in Spain agreed that there should be laws prohibiting the Muslim veils known as niqabs and burqas in public.
Belgium’s lower house of parliament has passed a draft ban and could banish them from its streets in the coming months if its Senate agrees. Since joining Reuters in 1977 in London, I've worked in Vienna, Geneva, Islamabad, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Bonn and Paris.
As someone who was born and raised outside of India, I’m struck by how much of life is played out on the streets here. The old quarters were once known as Shahjahanabad — named after Mughal Emperor Shahjahan who built the city in the 1600s. Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi’s main thoroughfare, once had a canal running down the centre.

The smell of kebabs and fresh naan bread hangs in the air near Old Delhi’s most striking landmark, the Jama Masjid. If you see a comment that you believe is irrelevant or inappropriate, you can flag it to our editors by using the report abuse links. As part of a tradition dating back to the late 19th century and unique to China's 10 million Hui Muslims, Zheng is one of hundreds of female Imams leading all female congregations in the women's only mosques of northwest China. Though able to teach and lead prayers for women, they are forbidden from overseeing funeral rituals or washing male corpses before burial. Steel plates, rubber walls, and Hollywood-style set dressings grace the new close quarters combat training range at Fort Story. Navy says it will remove images of Muslim women as targets at a SEAL training range in Virginia Beach, Va.
David Lloyd, a spokesman for Naval Special Warfare Group 2, which oversees SEAL teams 2, 4, 8 and 10 at the base. The catwalk is for the instructors to view the training at the range in Fort Story in Virginia Beach, Va.
The Spanish Senate has passed a motion to ban them after a few towns introduced their own prohibitions. From bathing to cooking to sleeping, India’s streets are truly an extension of the home, and in many cases, is home itself.
Today, the canal has disappeared and Old Delhi is overcrowded and run down, and poverty is rife. The 20,000-square foot facility is the largest of its kind, and will allow SEALs and specialized units to train close to home instead of traveling elsewhere. Tim Szymanski said SEALS must be trained to tell potential enemies from innocent bystanders instantaneously.
Indian History has ignored the contribution of women for the social development of the country.
In 2006, I received the European Religion Writer of the Year award and FaithWorld was awarded the RNA 2012 Best Online Section prize. Beggars line the narrow alleys alongside vendors selling everything from a fresh lime soda to used car parts, and young, homeless drug users huddle to smoke heroin before passing out on the side of the street. You could walk down a street early in the morning to watch the city slowly wake up, and return hours later to blaring car horns and screaming rickshaw drivers under the hot, shining sun.
Now a days media is not giving importance to her identity while dealing with women and women related issues.
Discourses conducted excluding women from marginalized communities like Muslim, Dalit and Aadivasi cannot explore permanent solution for contemporary women issues. The Panel also observed that Muslim women should explore their space to keep her identity and lead the society.

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