How can I make sure that my best friend won't replace me with someone new (we go to different schools and she has made a new best friend - I feel replaced). Well seeing as you go to different schools its understandable that she would make new friends. Just try to hang out after school and on weekends as much as you can and let her know that you feel replaced, but be sensitive about it.

Tell her you were really hurt by what she did but you want to forgive her if she promises to never do it again. I'm not jealous about their friendship but is it too selfish of me to want her to have only one best friend? One, we’re with the guys from Attack Attack!, and two, Emily got out of her comfort zone just for this picture.

It was cute really, I had to go up to the guys and ask for a picture while she was in the corner hyperventilating because she has bad social anxiety and well, is awkward.

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