Christmas Decorations and Objects a€?Christmas date on calendar a€?Christmas is largely about collections of objects that don't appear for the rest of the year. Christmas is the most romantic time of the year, so take full advantage of the season with these twelve festive (and often inexpensive!) date ideas.
And don’t forget — you can find someone to go with by posting a date idea on HowAboutWe! That Extra Something: Challenge each other to pick out a perfect (or cheesy, or grotesque) ornament for each other, with a $10 budget. Time Commitment: You can speed through a Christmas market pretty quickly, so this is the ideal weeknight date if you can spare half an hour after work, before dinner.
This is one date that’s more fun to do in the suburbs, so head out of town for an evening and drive around residential neighborhoods, looking for the most impressive displays. That Extra Something: Have a cup of hot chocolate waiting for your date in the cupholder when you pick them up. Time Commitment: An hour, minimum, if you live in the suburbs, longer if you have to drive out to them.
Time Commitment: Approximately the length of your average snowed-in weekend, depending on how many movies you queue up. If you’ve ever seen a romantic comedy, you know that holding hands while skating around an ice rink is de rigueur during the holiday season.
Price: At Rockefeller Center, an adult ticket will cost around $20, and skate rental will be about $10. As long as you pick a time when it’s not too crowded, like late on a weeknight, toy stores are the best at Christmastime. This is an adventure not for the faint of heart, but if you really want to make yourself appealing to a date, show of your outdoorsy, woodchopping skills. That Extra Something: Find a heated outdoor swimming pool or hottub and go swimming in the cold! Santacon is the one day a year where hundreds of people dress up in Santa outfits and go on a huge pub crawl. If Santacon is a little too intense for you, you can go wassailing (yep, like the song), which basically means drunken Christmas caroling. Price: If you go all out and rent or purchase a Santa costume, and buy drinks, this date can cost upwards of $100.
Some people think that Christmas has become too much of a capitalist enterprise in the last 50 years or so, and maybe this is true, but at least stores make up for it by providing mind-blowing window displays, right?
That Extra Something: A hot toddy at the end of the night at a pub with a roaring fire place, or a hotel with a piano player singing Christmas songs. Last week we took a look at a new brand of instant curry on sale in Japan that includes a DVD of a sexy model who pretends to be your girlfriend as you eat it.
In Japan, ita€™s not a proper Christmas Eve without a romantic date and some cake, so unattached anime fans will be thrilled to know that one of the industrya€™s most popular voice actresses is available for a dessert date this year. Manufacturer Mega Housea€™s BotsNew is a head-mounted VR system that uses a smartphone for its monitor. Among the BotsNew software thata€™s been created are roller coaster, sports car, and haunted house programs.
Virtual Christmas with Haruka Tomatsu stars the 25-year-old voice actress of such popular anime heroines as Sword Art Onlinea€™s sword-swinging Asuna, To Love-Rua€™s devilish alien princess Lala, and Cross Gamea€™s fastball-hurling Aoba. The date simulation package includes a BotsNew headset, the necessary software, and a selection of four cupcakes from Rolls New York. This being a VR simulation, though, youa€™ll have to actually handle the cupcakes yourself, as demonstrated by the BotsNew wearer in the photo above. But while the date is imaginary, the cupcakes are real, and therea€™s an eclectic mix of flavors in the bundle.
If youa€™re interested in virtually asking Miss Tomatsu out, the virtual date package can be ordered here through Yahoo! Posted in: What do you think of Nissan's decision to buy a controlling stake in scandal-hit Mitsubishi Motors?
Things were looking pretty bleak for a while, but it looks like we’ll get to watch the NBA on Christmas after all.

We’ve already seen a number of grade school Air Jordan releases, including the Ultraviolet Xs and Cool Grey Flip IIIs, but now it appears that the LeBron IX is getting kiddy-exclusive colorways as well. We’ve seen quite a few Lebron IX colorways so far, but undoubtedly one of the most anticipated is the Miami Nights release. With October just on the horizon, we’re getting more and more pics of the upcoming LeBron 9.
This year, you can expect to see the Nike-sponsored University of Miami Hurricanes sporting the Nike Lebron IX.
Save the Date for Christmas day with this white wooden blocks calendar for December 25, with a festive red present gift and Christmas wreath against a red background.
Choose an image and click the link which matches your screen resolution (Your current resolution is ). For the images in your folders, you may use the desktop wallpaper function provided by the photo management softwares such as ACDSee or Picasa . There are usually stalls of Christmas ornaments, artisan gifts for sale, hot cider, sausages, live music, and general Christmas cheer. Even if you get food, stop and listen to the music, and look at every single booth, you probably won’t want to stay for more than an hour and a half, so plan a second activity in case the date goes well. Church concerts are free (but it’s nice to put in a few dollars when they pass the basket around for offerings). The winter equivalent is to take a nighttime drive to look the display of Christmas lights.
Most towns and cities have one street where for whatever reason, neighbors really go all out, and a quick Google search should tell you where to look. As long as the music and the conversation is good, a nice night drive can easily last a good four hours! If the weather outside is frightful, watch all of these movies back to back in a holiday movie marathon. Most places in the United States, with the exception of like, Arizona maybe, have Christmas tree farms within a two hour drive or so, (and often much closer). On top of gas, snacks, etc, Christmas Trees usually cost around $50 and up, depending on the size. Make a scavenger hunt and try to find and sample all the food and drink mentioned in your favorite carols. It gets pretty rowdy, but the event’s ever-increasing popularity is a testament to how fun it actually is to play Santa for a day. Take a stroll through the main shopping district of your town or city and check out the windows at major department stores. Simply download the BotsNew app, slide your phone into the housing unit, and youa€™re all set to enter a simulated world with stereoscopic, 360-degree visuals. Start up the program, and youa€™ll find yourself alone with Tomatsu, who happily chats with and smiles at you.
And should you find one of the flavors irresistibly delicious, the fact that your date isna€™t really there means you dona€™t have to save half the dessert for her. Japan makes thrill-rides out of their trending search topics with a€?Trend Coastera€? —Virtual reality Totoro? This pair, created for girls, has a black and pink upper, completed with matching pink laces and pink and white sole. Online shop RMK won’t release these until November 17, but you can preorder them now. For this Christmas, the Nike LeBron IX has received a beautiful bright red upper, contrasted by a white swoosh, green laces and a matching green pull tab. This time, a metallic silver and black color scheme has been used on the majority of the upper, while the usual hot pink has been placed on the swoosh, air sole, tongue logo and laces.
Designed with the aid of Freegums’ Alvaro Ilizarbe, the sneaker at first glance looks to have a basic black and white color scheme, with a few red accents. The pack which includes colorways inspired by the University of Kentucky, University of Miami, and Ohio State.
This pair uses a combination of white leather, black woven material, and white and red Flywire.

This time, they’ve gone with a primary blue upper, using both woven and metallic material. Check out this pair of Nike Air Max Lebron IXs that made the cover of Sneaker Freaker Issue 22. They will come with a white slide out box, similar to the the boxes used on the Jordan double packs. If you live in a bigger city, you can attend a performance of Handel’s Messiah or The Nutcracker Suite as performed by your local symphony, or maybe a Pops Concert of some sort playing more modern Christmas music. If you’re carless in the city, a walk to look at the city lights can suffice, though renting or using ZipCar and heading out of town would really bring things to the next level. Swap the traditional movie popcorn for Reindeer Crunch, make some hot buttered rum, don your snuggies, and settle down for a night of Christmas magic. Head to the roof of your building or the backyard, and project your movie onto the wall, the snow, or one of these amazing inflatable movie screens. Perfect excuse to check out all the awesome toys kids get to have now, under the guise of being philanthropic. At the farm, you’ll be able to choose a tree that’s still growing and then, yes, chop it down!
Some people do Christmas in July, so you and your date can celebrate July during Christmas.
You can go all out and rent a costume, or fashion something yourself using what you already have. At certain points, shea€™ll instruct you to say a€?Aaaha€? and extend a hand to feed you a bite of your special Christmas sweets. Draped in enough red to make Santa jealous, this pair gets additional color thanks to a white swoosh and a set of green and white laces. They are scheduled to hit stores on November 4 at a retail price of $170, but you can cop them now at Millenium Shoes. The Kentucky Wildcats colorways will release first on October 15, followed by the Ohio State Buckeyes pair on November 15 the Miami Hurricanes on November 29.
This pair has received a white upper as the base, complemented with black woven material, and red and black accents. An orange swoosh and matching accents provide a nice contrast to this incredibly bright sneaker. It has a dark green and white base, complemented with orange accents, and matching orange laces. A very unique color scheme, this pair has a green and black upper, contrasted with orange laces and an orange outsole, as well as volt accents.
It’s a lot of work, but you can reward yourself with hot chocolate and apple cider donuts which most farms sell. No word yet on whether these will be a team exclusive or not, but they’d definitely make a nice release. If you simply aren’t in a position to go to a tree farm, going out to pick out a pre-cut Christmas tree can still be a pretty fun, if not quite as engaging, experience. Go to a bar, preferably one not decked out with Christmas lights, and request all your favorite summer anthems on the juke box. The original Santacon is in New York City, but there are similar versions throughout the US. Check out the sales, return the ugly sweaters, and rejoice in the fact that the Christmas frenzy is over until next year. There’s no official release date for these yet, but I expect to see them release on either Christmas as an online exclusive or in stores on Saturday, Dec.

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