SYNOPSISA mechanic, Tobey Marshall, who was raised in a blue-collar family thinks that his partnership with a wealthy ex-NASCAR driver named Dino Brewster will be the answer to a lot of his problems. By now you have almost certainly heard that Need Ford Speed video game is becoming a movie in a Dream Works Studios project. You may not think seeing a scary movie on a date is a good idea, especially if you scare easily. Photo Source: ShutterstockSee How Brave Your Date IsIf your date is super brave, you’ll be able to tell when watching a creepy film.
Photo Source: ShutterstockYou'll Be More Attracted To Your DateThere’s some science behind this, but when you watch scary movies, your brain releases chemicals that make you feel infatuated. Photo Source: ShutterstockOpens Up Conversation About Actual FearsWatching a scary movie together is a great way to have a conversation afterwards. Photo Source: ShutterstockYou Share A Common ExperiencePeople who get scared together stay together.

This post is written in partnership with Lionsgate and The Quiet Ones, out in theaters April 25, 2014. But Dino double crosses Tobey, fingering the mechanic for a crime that Dino himself committed.
It took them a while to make it, but that’s because they used active-duty Navy SEALs and real tactics, and that is why the film is so brilliant. You shouldn’t ever change yourself to impress someone, of course, but sitting through a scary movie is impressive on its own! People love talking about their fears, and you get to learn some intimate info about your date. Make sure to sign up to enter for movie screenings from Lionsgate, and you could see The Quiet Ones before anyone else! We have funny videos, exclusive interviews, and hot new entertainment release clips and trailers.

After a two-year stint in prison, Tobey only has revenge on his mind as he re-enters society and makes plans to participate in an underground race called the De Leon.
After all, it shouldn’t be hard coming up with a cool story around some fast cars and make an interesting motion picture based on it.
When you share a traumatic experience with someone, you automatically have a bond with them because you went through it together.

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