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ST LOUIS, Mo – A group of amateur divers this weekend discovered a sunken pirate ship in the Mississippi river south of St. The discovery was made Saturday near Oakville, Missouri after a group of divers, searching for lost river boat artifacts, came across the large ship. The ship they discovered was the Negrito, captained by legendary Pacific pirate Black Eye Dan. Aboard the ship the divers found a large number of gold and jade artifacts, along with over 100 barrels of honey infused moonshine, which is likely the reason the pirates sailed to the area originally. The divers say they will keep any treasure and artifacts, but will donate the ship itself to the city of St. I will buy it and turn it into a casino but I will want to move it from under the Arch to Party Cove at the lake and call it Cove Casino.
I find it very strange that there was NOTHING on the local news here in St Louis about this find. To get from south-east Asia the ship would have had to sail south around South America and then north through the Caribbean and then to the Gulf Of Mexico.
Black Hawk helicopter rescued it from the Somali Pirates off the coast of Africa and like a thief in the night they sat it down on the Arch grounds because there was a note in a bottle onboard that said ‘if found, please return to Mayor Slay in St. Did you not see all the bogus news stories on the side banner, come on people, if you fall for this, you will fall for anything. The pictured ship is the prop vessel built for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies that acted as Davy Jones’ Flying Dutchman.
When you’re in a relationship, you owe it yourself to stay in tune with your inner voice. A relationship should not leave you feeling inadequate, annoyed and depressed, if it does then perhaps, it’s time to move on.
When frustration takes over in the relationship, things are not going to solve by itself when everything he does annoy you.

If his actions or mannerism gives you the feelings of uncertainty and nervousness even after 18 months of dating, there’s a good reason why the internal alarm is ringing loudly. Yes, opposites attract but it is also as important for partners to share at least some degree of the same interest. There are certain cycles in life where we’re busy and our relationship have to share the same spotlight as our job or personal issue. When you start feeling exhausted from all the fights and irritated by his behaviour while constantly thinking about breaking up, it is time to listen to your inner voice. For a relationship to be solid, you need to be able to fall on your partner when you feel down or face with life’s adversity. It’s worth remembering that loving someone does not mean you are destined to spend the rest of your lives together. According to legend the Negrito went vanished in 1708 and is believed to have sunk somewhere in the south Pacific.
I bought the Brooklynn Bridge last week and am negotiations for the Statue of Liberty, going to turn them into water parks. The Arabia was a river boat exhumed from a farmers field off of the Missouri River and is now on display in KC. Based off of a 17th century Swedish warship called the Vasa recovered outside the harbor of Stockholm. Yes it will be painful and no one wants to feel that they have failed the relationship but sometimes, it’s necessary. As you sulk and seethe in resentment, you’re just going to slowly withdraw from him and stop talking altogether. Your relationship should not caused you sleepless nights where it worries you that you might not be good enough or he’s just taking you for a ride. If you like a clean apartment and he lives like a slob, it is most likely that one or both of you are going to feel unhappy about the other person’s habit or lifestyle. But if he hardly makes time for the both of you anymore or you, yourself, are not willing to invest your time, then there is a problem here. Your partner encourages you to better yourself and makes you feel more alive and confident.

But if it’s difficult to outweigh the good from all the bad and you can only dwell on the difficult times, then perhaps you have reached the pinnacle of your relationship. The boat will be on display under the Gateway Arch, inside the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, where a permanent exhibit will be constructed.
Louis visitor’s bureau will hold a contest between now and the opening for people to come up with the best conspiracy theory about how the ship reached St. After all, when it comes down to it, you are responsible for your own happiness and wellbeing. You have a better chance of cultivating a successful and loving relationship when you both share similar goals, beliefs or values. But if it feels like you have to put on a mask or he doesn’t have anything nice to say about you, it can take a beating on your self-esteem in the long run. Once you start thinking and believing that a life without him would be better, this is a clear sign to re-evaluate what brought you here in the first place. It is not worth dragging the problem out when you can’t see any future in the two of you. However, if you’ve tried and being with him is still making you feel miserable and unhappy, sorry to break this to you but the relationship is reaching its end.
If the relationship is important to the both of you, then you’ll work it out as a couple. Remember this, without real communication you have nothing to sustain the love you might once have felt for each other. If you have become secondary to him (or vice versa), things are only going to get worse if you don’t address the issue.

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