It has certainly been the difference that makes the difference to everybody here at NLP Excellence, and for us it's time to give something back. We have individuals from a wide backgrounds such as - teachers, nurses, engineers, managers, coaches, hypnotists, accountants, entrepreneurs as well as from the arts and sport. If you have any questions that have been unanswered, please email me directly and let me know how I can help. The Right SkillsWithout the right skills, life turns into an up and down game of chance. Some people do better than others. The Right Order (aka step-by-step process)Unless you have a step-by-step process to follow it makes it hard to break-through and blocks and barriers and also to help guide others through the process.
Coach OthersLearn the skills to allow you to unlock any blocks and barriers – and also learn the skills to coach others as well. 30+ ModulesConsisting of 30+ modules, the Self Mastery NLP Practitioner Course delivers the knowledge, skills and an incredible, repeatable, step-by-step process to create – and then live – life on your terms, and coach others to do the same.
By training in NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis, and Coaching, you are combining the methodologies of four techniques that have already transformed the life of many others. By studying NLP, you will gain the knowledge to have better relationships with your friends and family, and you will learn communication techniques that will let you get your point across in a straightforward manner that others will instantly understand.
Similar to NLP, Time Line Therapy® harnesses forward thinking techniques to enable empowerment in everyone.
Time Line Therapy® techniques are also used to remove the limiting self-beliefs and decisions that prevent people from creating the life they want.
Mohammed Ali, himself, even used the phrase “future memories” to visualise something in the future as certain to happen as the past. Probably the most publicly recognised out of these four practices, Hypnosis allows you to unlock the phenomenal power of the unconscious or subconscious mind. When we set out to accomplish a task our focus and resolve on achieving it are paramount. Coaching is basically having the ability to ask the right questions, at the right time, in the right way enabling the client to access the resources within themselves to obtain the result they want. NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis, and NLP Coaching are unique practices that are individually powerful. Throughout our NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy®, and NLP Coaching courses you will constantly be learning amazing new skills and techniques that can transform your life.
You will be tapping into your intrinsic power, unlocking the potential to move away from the old excuses, and begin to create new results – results that can revolutionise your life. Our certification courses are recognised by The American Board of NLP, The Time Line Therapy™Association and The American Board of Hypnosis.
Hypnosis is the process of learning how to go into an altered state, sometimes called trance, and tap into those deep unconscious resources we all possess. Thinking of taking an NLP course and when you look online it seems overwhelming the amount of choice. And what’s frustrating is that there seems to be so many leaders of the field, the biggest, the best the most ethical and so on.
Even if it’s a good show, what you are not been told is that they have rolled out their star to impress.

Start your renowned NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming training today from an independently recognised NLP Master Trainer.
You can also find websites who claim that unless you train with them you will not be recognised. Once you have completed the full NLP Diploma we will arrange for you to have 3 months membership to both ANLP and IBPDA as a gift from us to you. NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a revolutionary approach to human communication and personal development. We offer a range of books, DVDs, CDs and downloads which give you the tools to change your life.
From standard image templates through to vector graphics there are a lot creative design options.slide 1 of 2What is Microsoft Publisher?At the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we are very interest in preventing trans of diseas in our com The Microsoft Publisher program is a desktop publishing application that allows computers running the Windows operating system to create publications straight from the desktop of your PC. All you need to do is register your friend, family, co-worker with their details and they will have access to the program. Each practice adds a significant, yet different, element of control and well-being to your life.
The founders of NLP: Richard Bandler and John Grinder, quickly realised the outstanding potential NLP could have in increasing positive mental thinking and creating a higher level of cognitive awareness. Developed by Tad James, a close friend and mentor to our very own David Shephard, Time Line Therapy® has gained a much wider interest in recent years due to its many success stories.
Emotions are passing thoughts and when we gain control over these thoughts, we gain control over our emotions. You have probably watched in awe and amusement at stage hypnotists like Paul McKenna, as they appear to wield power over their volunteers.
Not for entertainment but for real life changing applications such as weight loss, smoking cessation, confidence building, and even physical healing. This is easy when you have studied NLP, as you have a deep and profound understanding of language, how the mind works, and how to ask questions which get to the core of the matter easily. Put them together and you have the most incredible tools for self-fulfillment, success, influence, and transformation available on the planet today! You will see major improvements in your communication and influencing skills, enabling you to make positive changes. Furthermore, you will transform your attitude into one of curiosity and experimentation, as well as install methodologies deep within yourself which will enable you to apply these practices to your life long after the training has finished. You use your conscious mind for rationalising, making sense of things, and analysing things.
What you really what to find out is NLP right for you, is taking a training the best route and who would be the right person to take an NLP course with.
Who may or may not be running the courses you pay for,  or they just turn up for the first hour in the morning. So decide to do their own thing and that you should just trust them, that they are delivering a genuine NLP training.
Throughout the last 10 years the field of NLP has grown and different bodies have evolved and agreed standards. Some people call it ‘the art and science of personal excellence’ or ‘the study of subjective experience’.

You can create flyers, brochures, newsletters, business cards and many other desktop publishing projects using Microsoft Publisher.
NLP training teaches you two fundamental yet essential things: how to gain better control over your brain and how to communicate more effectively.
When we are constantly subjected to negative emotions such as anger, fear, guilt, sadness, and hurt, then our lives can become miserable. Often, changing our lives for the better can be as simple as changing our patterns of thought. Your unconscious mind does three main things for you: it looks after all of your learning, your behaviour, and behavioural changes .
If you attended any of these thinly disguised sales pitches you would quickly realise that what you have attended is a show and chance to sell you on their over priced courses. Without having to meet any standards or ethics apart from their own, you really would have to trust them. It offers state-of-the-art skills in interpersonal communication and practical ways to change the way you think and behave. The application is widely used in the graphic design and desktop publishing communities because it is affordable and easy to use. Through coaching you are able to regain perspective and focus your thoughts on achieving what you want in life. Its simple principles and techniques help you to build better relationships, establish a new level of confidence, and achieve success in every aspect of your life. Another advantage of using the Publisher program is the hundreds of style templates that come with the application. For more information on Microsoft Publisher and how the application works, see The Advantages of Using Microsoft Publisher for Professional Desktop Publishing. We hope your life is transformed and you will want to book the NLP Practitioner training with us. If the templates that come with the application do not fit your project needs, you can find many templates online to use with Publisher.
HP Publisher Templates *Hewlett Packard’s online offering of free Microsoft Publisher backgrounds and templates.
YaoYuan *offers collection sets of free vector backgrounds for designers that can be used with the Publisher application.
Design Betty *more Publisher background templates that can be used for many projects, their collection includes a wide variety for use with wedding invitations. AllFreeVectors *wide range of background templates for business cards, flyers and brochures.

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