Here's what one of our teachers who had taught in three counties had to say about living and working in Norfolk - the county of choice for teachers. I've worked in three different counties and can honestly say that the welcome and support I have received in Norfolk has been unsurpassed.
A disgraced teaching assistant is today starting a six year jail term for sexually assaulting two young girls. A teaching assistant who used a pupil's email account to make a false bomb threat has been jailed for 15 months. Senior Tory Boris Johnson compares the EU's aims to Hitler's, saying both involved the intention to unify Europe under a single "authority".

They have a genuine interest in our lives and an unlimited potential for greatness that needs your skill and perseverance. Zoe Gregory, 26, was arrested after claims she wrote an email warning a bomb had been left at Ormiston Victory Academy in Costessey, near Norwich.
They are like pupils in every other school in the country and yet each so very differently special. At the city's crown court, she admitted the bomb hoax and unauthorised access to the pupil's computer. Shortly after, she arrived laden down with ideas and an experienced history teacher in tow.

Students Holly Littlefield, 16, and Vicky Francis, 15, were arrested and held for 10 hours, the court heard.But it later emerged Gregory had accessed Miss Littlefield's email account without her knowledge. There is never a short supply of people willing and capable to offer support, advice, mentoring or an ear to bend.

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