Total crap, for most people who really have logically thought their way through the alternatives.
The bill does not specify the amount that potential criminal offenders would receive from the local government, but it is based on a similar model in Richmond, Calif., that dolls out $9,000 annually to participating citizens.
Democratic Council member Kenyan McDuffie authored the legislation and argues paying potential criminals is nothing compared to the social cost of being victimized by a violent offender, as well as the monetary cost of incarceration. Those receiving the potential stipends would stay anonymous and have to participate in programs such as behavioral therapy. Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser has not commented on whether or not she will support the plan, which would have to be funded through her budget. Content created by The Daily Caller News Foundation is available without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience.
If this is the question you're asking right now, can we just give you a giant virtual hug, right now?
Please take this moment to hear us out, because we want to show you where True Hope lies, because it does exist.
God has a plan already made for your life, "plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope" (Jeremiah 29:11). God has rescued and used people who were murderers (Moses), adulterers (David), and persecutors (the apostle Paul). Nothing can pull you away from your Savior, and nothing you do will make God love you less. May you know that you matter and are invaluable to the One who created everything from the tiniest fish in the sea, to the sun and the moon and the stars.
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This morning, I received an email saying that I was “promoting torture” by telling people not to commit suicide. So the question is, is there really a time when you should give in and just let someone commit suicide?
I’ve been suicidal a greater amount of my life than I would ever want to admit to or talk about. This is why there is no time when it’s appropriate to just give in and let someone commit suicide.
Because no matter how dark it looks, no matter how fucked up your life is, no matter what you’ve done to create your problems, there is a “through” and there is an “other side.” There will be another sunrise.
And that is why I will never give in and simply say, “Okay, commit suicide then.” I’ll never say it.
Sometimes life is torture, but it won’t always be that way, so hang on until it changes because nothing stays the same in life, not even wanting to commit suicide. Additional WritingsI write a three-time Web Health Award winning column for HealthyPlace called Breaking Bipolar.
I am not always acutely suicidal, (though I am for at least a few months every year) but I can’t remember wanting to be alive. The idea that suicide is an option (and that I might actually succeed) is what allows me to keep going, some days. When I was sent to jail for a short period once (for fighting for the civil rights of us and others) I was immediately put into solitary confinement.
From my vantage point as a very, very long-time support person to my spouse Joyce who suffered from MDD for some 36 years with 9 suicide attempts notched in her medical history I would suggest to anyone having similar thoughts to those you have described to immediately alert the aforementioned group so that they can be alerted to keep a keen eye upon you.
In your narrative you’ve also omitted to mention the treatment options you’ve unsuccessfully utilized. Unlike Will Nist’s narrative and experiences with hospitalizations my spouse’s hospitalizations were 180 degrees different. Incidentally, Joyce has been depression free for the past 15 or so years because we did not give up and finally found a treatment that worked for her.
As a reasonably intelligent woman I can only encourage you and your support people to educate yourselves as to what is available in treatment options, be persistent and hopeful and then consider venturing forth. I wish you and all those who read my comments wellness and all the good you’d wish for yourselves. I do not want my children watching me suffer and spending money on keeping a body alive that has no living left to do. Currently, I have exhausted every possible medication for treatment of my depression that I am aware of.
My health affects other people and so managing my bipolar issues is definitely first priority.
By the way your opinions are hurting my feelings so I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t state any more opinions without first consulting me.
You are correct … The last discussion I had with anyone from my extended family who threw me away was my sister. By the way it appears true death or some other entity knoxed me and been getting many porn offers etc. As always feel as well as you can and the offer I gave you if even relevent is always on the table. As I mentioned in my last post, People Aren’t As Loyal to Their Church Anymore – Good For Them, it’s not that people are less capable of making commitments than they used to be. They just commit differently. These steps won’t cost you any extra money and very little extra time – the extra time because of the learning curve. But first, despite the title of this post, the challenge before us isn’t about getting people to go to church. If your focus is trying to get people to commit to your Sunday service schedule, your denominational preference, maintaining your church building or anything like that, you might as well stop reading right now.
The days of people going to church for anything less than a genuine relationship with Jesus are over. But if you want people in your church because you have a passion to help them connect with Jesus and God’s family, read on. If people continue to go to church it won’t be because they feel a sense of loyalty to tradition. The only thing that will get them out of their house and into our churches is if we give them a cause worth dying – and living – for.
This is especially important for leaders because we have a culture in which respect for leadership is lower than it has been in a loooong time – and mostly for good reasons. Giving people something worth committing to isn’t a matter of competing with the big church down the street.
Sadly, the church does not have a reputation of being open to dialog – or to hard questions. And pastors, especially pastors of Small Churches, need to be engaged in those conversations. About the only near-certainty I have about the people in most of our churches is that they’re a lot more … churchy. If we want to pastor a church worth committing to, we have to know more than just churchy people.

In fact, I communicate, minister and lead much differently today than I did just 10 years ago.
I now have over 30 years of ministry experience in addition to my formal ministry training.
In a recent post, 6 Reasons You’re Losing High Capacity Volunteers, Carey Nieuwhof encourages pastors that we’re more likely to get and keep what he calls high-capacity volunteers if we give them a worthy challenge. Too many pastors limit the expectations they have for their members to sitting in a pew and filling gaps in existing ministries.
It is somewhat odd and challenging to see how people commit today compared to just a few years ago. Great article Karl – thanks for making a point to say it can be done with little money and few people. In my experience (which is limited I realize…but it is my reality) I have found that people want to help or participate in ministries being led by someone else. I was at one of these churches (that several of our folks have left to go to) I was called to come and get some food from their food ministry. The people that have left our church to attend that church for the most part are doing just that – participating in ministries already active and they can just assist.
Lots of very useful thoughts here – thanks once again for your ministry, which has helped me repeatedly. Because this blog is for Small Churches, I tend to write about ways to improve the church that don’t cost extra money or time.
Like I said in the post, excellence (properly defined) isn’t limited to churches with big budgets. Hugh, I encourage you to read the post about delegating and considering eliminating some of the things you’re doing.
Most of these reasons basically point to suicide as a cop out, that those who choose it are selfish, quitters, who need to think of tough it out until things get better.
Council voted unanimously Tuesday on a bill aimed at reducing violent crime which includes the controversial measure, costing $4.9 million over four years. California lawmakers claimed their plan worked, citing a 77 percent decrease in homicides between 2007 and 2014, however there is no direct evidence suggesting the criminal stipend policy was to thank for the decrease in murders, reports ABC 7.
If they successfully complete the required programs and refrain from committing another crime, they will get paid by the city, reports Fox 5. If the mayor decides to oppose the measure, the council will have to raise taxes or take money from existing programs to pay for the $4.9 million price tag. We know a hug won't really cure or solve anything, but we want you to know that we DO care.
There are so many things that could have led to you to this point, as well as many emotions you might be feeling right now.
In fact, He loves you so much that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to pay the penalty for your sin so you could return to the presence of your Creator—God Himself. Maybe it feels like "it didn't work." Maybe you still feel despair and pain and hopelessness, and you think you're not "supposed" to feel that way. Doubt does not take away salvation, nor does it take away God's unchangeable affection for you. May you find comfort in the unchanging presence and compassion of Jesus Christ, and know that you, my friend, are important and unconditionally loved. If we’ve done all we can and life is absolute hell, then why convince people to continue to live such lives?! It is even true that people like me, people who have been acutely ill for years get better with treatment.
THere are times when people are in extreme pain from chronic conditions, both mental and physical that ARE NOT deadly but are life limiting to the point where no life is being lived. I can relate to the overwhelming pain that goes along with the depression and the sense that there is no way out. You will find online research that has found a suicide in a family significantly increases the likelihood of others in the family following suit, especially children. They’re not rolling out of bed late on Sunday morning wishing they had somewhere else to be. But I’ve learned a handful of principles over three decades of ministry that have helped our church become a place people are excited to be committed to. One of the best parts about watching a show that has some social media buzz, is chatting about it on Twitter and Facebook as it airs. And definitely not to criticism. No, you don’t have to turn your sermon into a discussion group (although, some churches do that with great success), but there needs to be an easy and obvious way for people to engage, dialog, chat, hang out and feel like their life and their opinion matters. I wish I could state with some certainty that they’re different because they’re more moral, more compassionate, more giving and more loving. But aside from basic theological and hermeneutical principles, almost none of it applies any more. My son’s Cub Scouts was cancelled because there was no one to volunteer out of the families of 10 boys.
And there’s no question that some things take extra time and money to do well (more on that in a moment). I’ve had to unplug my share of toilets and I know how frustrating it is when that takes time away from sermon prep, etc. My own belief is that a few things done with excellence are generally better than a lot of things done with mediocrity.
City residents who are viewed as at risk of committing a violent crime or becoming victims of one would qualify for the stipend initiative, which allows city officials to enroll up to 200 people in the program a year at an annual cost of $460,000, reports Fox 5. Your heart must be hurting terribly, and we wish so much there was something we could do to instantly make it better. Maybe you've never heard of the God who loves and cares about you more than words can describe. God is bigger than all circumstances, than all broken relationships, than all hurts and all mistakes. He is waiting for you to give Him your life and accept His gift of salvation, or perhaps you've already accepted that gift and He's waiting for you to hand over control so He can lead you out of the darkness of despair to the beautiful, glimmering light of hope. Once you have become a child of God, "neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, not height, nor depth, nor any other created thing will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord" (Romans 8:38-39).
God is bigger than all circumstances, than all broken relationships, than all hurts and mistakes (Luke 1:37).
That, or staring blankly into space, contemplating some deep question she'll forget shortly. It is true that even after begging for my death for extremely long periods of time, I still have times when I’m thankful not to be dead. I used to think that I could go on as long as I found something to distract me, but I’m just so tired. Take that choice out of my hands, and I will have absolutely no reason to want to prolong this agony – but, ironically, no way to end it.
There are still days where I am not suffering and I do have an hour or a few where I do enjoy things.

It’s about discovering what God has called you and your church to be great at, then being great at that.
But knowing them doesn’t mean we have a clue about the rest of the people in our neighborhood.
They want activities or ministries – but they want them already off the ground, already running with someone else leading so that their role is simply to help or assist. But in this instance, the excellence I was referring to in the 7 points I used aren’t a matter of more time, except for the learning curve I mentioned. I do know that some things are so important that they have to be done even if they can’t be done really well, but in my experience there are very few of those things. He chose everything about you and put the greatest thought into the smallest details of your person.
God wants you to come to Him through His Son Jesus Christ so that He can adopt you into His family as His child. You feel like an outcast from the church because you're doubting, and it feels like the line to God has been cut. So they will be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified" (Isaiah 61:1-3). I get the pain that’s involved in depression, bipolar and mental illness and I get the desire to want to escape that pain in any way possible. Yes, sometimes depression is protracted and, yes, sometimes the feelings of suicidality last for very long periods of time. As long as there is treatment available (and there is always treatment available, somewhere, somehow) then there is always hope.
But one day, maybe years from now, you will be able to look back on your life and be glad you didn’t commit suicide today, because of all the amazing tomorrows you have left to go. She apologized and said she didn’t know anything about it, someone else was in charge of the food distribution.
Maybe you think there isn't any reason to hope, because it seems nothing will ever actually get better. Maybe the Church has rejected you or burned you so badly that you can't imagine how their God could be different. God created you because He wanted to and lovingly, thoughtfully chose everything about you.
As aperson who lives with chronic physical pain, depression, anxiety, and grief, I can understand this feeling. I had one family to come that really knew how to get things done, unfortunately they also wanted to take over the church.My older members did not like them.
I remember one suicide attempt where it took months for me to feel happy that I actually survived.
Currently, I am writing a living will so that shoild things come to that point, my wishes were expressed while I was sane and NOT contemplating suicide. I’m going to share this post, because I know there are other people who need this message. He wants to show you His awesome plan for your life, repair the brokenness, and give you new life filled with joy.
I’m going around explaining why life is an untenable state to everyone whom I think might be bothered if I keeled over. But despite all this, "God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us" (Romans 5:8).
Never forget that you are valuable and precious to the Creator of the universe (Matthew 10:29-31).
Some are only still here to see their children , spouse , family or friends one more time .
And, you know, I have perfectly good organs that might help out some people who actually want to be here. My seventeen year old died and under NO circumstances do I want to lose a single memory of him, even if it contributes to my depression.
I have no family that cares for or about me other than older parents who cannot do much and a son who lives too far away to do much of anything. Family and friends are likely to be absolutely devastated and sure, not everyone has family or friends, but if you could visit your own funeral, you might be surprised to learn you have a few more than you thought. Just remember, when you commit suicide, you’re not just removing yourself from your life, you’re also removing yourself from everyone else’s lives. Can’t you see some possible way to triumph in the situation you’re in without giving up everything you were, are and will ever be? But don’t forget you’ll also be ending the bliss, happiness, love and pleasure…forever.Is that really what you want? What you do have and will have for as long as you choose to keep it, is the most precious possession of all…your own…perfectly unique life. If you choose to take your life and realize that you’ve made a mistake in your final moment.
Stories throw all their seemingly insurmountable obstacles at the hero around the 75% mark and it’s the hero’s chance to hang tough, impress and make the adventure all worthwhile. You ruin the book.Sure, when you really hate a book or find a movie boring, you might on the rarest of occasion stop early, because you can change this story for another more exciting one, but this story is special. And if you hate it, then do it, change it for a more exciting one, change your life into what you want it to be, because remember, this is the central story. No one said it would be easy, but then what hero ever impressed without great obstacles to overcome?There can be no great heroes without great obstacles, just like many of the greatest people are products of the trials they’ve overcome. Even if you spend your entire life in one room and never interact with other people, you’re having a tremendous effect on things, because you could’ve gone out and had a tremendous positive effect in the world. If you doubt this, just read “The Butterfly Effect” in Logical Spiritualism Subjects.Believe it or not, your life has a huge effect on everything. Taking your own life will send a tidal wave of loss and emptiness through The Butterfly Effect. If you really set your mind to it, don’t you think you could have a positive effect on things?If you want to have a positive effect on the universe, there’s almost no chance that you can do that by ending your own life and removing yourself from the endless equation. First, there are better and more painful ways to hurt people, which don’t require the most costly sacrifice of your greatest possession.
Second, if the people really are so terrible, it’s possible that your sacrifice would backfire. Perhaps they really are just bad people and instead of sparking some tenderness, regret or sadness in them, your death will be easily ignored and easily forgotten. Your time is better spent trying to make yourself happy than trying to make someone else sad.Be good.

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