Funny or Die convinced the real Michael Bolton to play David Herman‘s role in a few of the classic Office Space scenes including infamous printer death scene. Bass player, ex-skateboarder and snowboarder (i broke too many bones), Call of Duty addict and blogger.
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While researching for the Gunmen post a couple of weeks back, I found it reassuring that when asked if being known mostly for Highlander bothered him, Christopher Lambert said that in some ways it’s good to have at least one thing for which you could really be immortal. Every single day that you see Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston), that’s the worst day of his life.
Written and directed by Mike Judge, Office Space is an elaboration of his animated shorts series Milton.
Though I’ve never worked as a code monkey in a cube farm like the one depicted in Office Space, Judge captures the drudgery of working-for-a-living perfectly.
There's only one thing I hate more than lying: skim milk, which is water that's lying about being milk. I was just talking about Boba Fett, such a beloved character like you said for eight friggin’ lines.

I only mention the tech because as it continues to age, I wonder if Office Space will fade into obscurity.
I hope that woman didn’t have roommates or a husband while she practiced that line over and over. The script is full of great jokes, but the recurring gag of having one of the characters have the same name as the Grammy award winning pop singer, Michael Bolton (played by actor David Herman), is one of the most memorable parts of the film. It’s not often that you get to see a former top 40 pop star smash a printer with a baseball bat. To many women, Ron Livingston may always be Berger, the Post-It guy thanks to Sex and the City, but for the majority of us he will be forever remembered as the disgruntled Initech programmer Peter Gibbons. It’s because as a programmer at Initech, every day he is subjected to the annoying quirks of his cubicle neighbors and reminded by eight different bosses of the importance of doing his TPS reports correctly. Here Milton (Stephen Root) is a peripheral character who works in a cube adjoining Peter’s.
The aggravation of rush hour traffic, the static shock of doorknobs, the constantly malfunctioning, piece-of-shit printers, and the maddening repetitiveness of office life resonates with audiences.
I’ve been off work a couple days for vacation and, as much as I enjoyed this, watching OS only reminded me how much I dread returning to the office. My favorite moment of that scene is when Michael Bolton drops to his knees and just punches the remains and they pull him back with a handful of printer guts in his grasp. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Shit, no, manAnd this is my expressing myself, okay?!I’m here for you, just let me in. Today, on his forty-fifth birthday, the vault salutes Ron Livingston and his role as the desk jockey’s hero. He’s not alone, his buddies Samir (Ajay Naidu) and Michael Bolton (David Herman) suffer right along side him. At least the tech is an actual representation of the times and not some sort of idealized mockup like in The Net.
I love that the ineffectual Lumberg and Slydell wear both suspenders and a belt, echoing the needless redundancy of their corporate structure and that Lawrence carries a bottle opener to reinforce the simple rules he lives by. Deep down I know recreating that would be like trying to catch lightning in a bottle or like Milton getting a margarita with NO salt on the glass. Peter’s blue collar neighbor, Lawrence (Diedrich Bader), has only a handful of scenes, but I could recite every silly word by heart.
With his friends’ jobs up on the chopping block, Peter devises a plan to set the three of them up with a healthy severance.

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