Choosing old fashioned baby names is a trend parents are following today in an effort to find a name that's unique and appealing for their new baby. You can find lists of old fashioned names generated by many of the popular online sites that provide tools to look up names along with their meanings and origins. Along with finding names within literature itself, you can also consider the names of authors from another era. The trend toward using old fashioned names is reflective of parents trying to set their children apart. Here are some of the trendier popular names more commonly used today that are also considered old fashioned. Gioconda [joe-COND-ah] – In Italy, an alternate name for the Mona Lisa is La Gioconda.
Gottardo [go-TAR-doh] – a saint with an important Alpine mountain pass and two major highway tunnels named after him. In some families it seems to have been the practice, dating back to Classical Rome, to give your children numbers rather than names: Primo, Secundo, etc.
Anything you can add on the lore and history of old-fashioned Italian names will be welcome!
This entry was posted in Italian culture and tagged Italian culture, Italian language, Italian names on May 6, 2007 by Deirdre Straughan. Ottorino does not mean eight, it’s a diminutive of the german name Otto, which indicates a rich man, someone with extensive possessions, a powerful man. Elfio, Guglielmo, Eufemia, Clelia, Cassia, Annunziata, Immacolata, Crucifissa, Gelsomina, Calogero, Igliana, Eufemio, Guido…there are a few for now! In my family we have several aunts called Filomena, Fortunata, Ippolita and some cousins called Assunta and Annunziata. This was a particular for my Dad when he was young as he had the same name as my Grandad, often opening each other’s post by accident.
Talking of numbered names Octavia (8th child) is another Roman name that has survived to recent time. Im trying to decypher my great grandmothers first name as it appears on a ships passenger list, dated 1908.
I find there are tons of great male names but, perhaps because everyone is named Maria Theresa, there aren’t as many good female names.

There's a big benefit to choosing a classic name for your baby boy or girl — old-fashioned baby names never go out of style. Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. Forget the printed books and cluttered sites like this one, you can now pick your new baby’s name in style. One thing to remember when choosing a name from the bible is that you want people to be able to pronounce it. If your last name was Pensa (“think”), why would you name your child Innocente?
Carolina [car-oh-LEAN-ah] is still current (my daughter has been at school with at least one Carolina). My husband, for example, has several which may be on his baptismal certificate, but do not exist on his birth certificate or any other legal document, and which are never used.
Or, having grown tired of trying to find names after the first few, the parents seem to take this easy way out. I (to my shame) have as yet spent almost no time in southern Italy – something I hope to remedy when I have time from all my other travels!
I have a Bartolomeo, Gaspare, Luigina, Giacomina (Jacqueline?), Assunta, and Rafaella in my family. She lives a happy life in Maine with her two children, where they love to hike, visit the beaches and have lots of silly fun. With choices spanning from the Victorian era to the Roaring '20s to the Rockin' 1950s, you're sure to find a baby name that's the bee's knees.
Today's parents are turning to these old fashioned monikers as well as other unusual names in an effort to give their child a unique name that's beautiful and yet different from other children born within the same time frame. Your own family tree may hold the very gem you're looking for in the name of a great-great grandparent. Whatever your reason for searching for an old fashioned name for your baby, you have plenty to choose from. Monuments like this also give clues to names which were once common but have now fallen out of popularity: Gaspare [GAHS-pah-ray], Eliseo [ell-lee-ZAY-oh], Oreste [oh-RES-tay], Sigismundo [sih-jiss-MOON-doh] and Corrado [cor-RAH-doh] are very rare today. Beyond that, Edoardo [eh-doh-AR-do] and Enrico are both names that are not unusual, but not overly common, either.

My granny hs a cousin named Primo, and I have personally met a Settimo (by the time you tget to sevel children you are allowed to have exhausted your naming options!). I am basically fluent in Sicilian (messinese) and have informally studied Neapolitan and others.
But other than that we have all traditional names; Rita, Marietta, Ada, Palmina, Pietra, too many Dario’s! If you are looking for a great name that isn't part of the latest Hollywood or suburban naming trend, these names are right for you. However, if you want your baby's name to really be different, take note of the old fashioned names that have become trendy and avoid them. Contrary to what you may have mentioned, the accent most widely used in the States is Neapolitan due to the millions of Italo-americans who claim ancestry from the Campania region – it is also universally understood by most other southerners. Somehow my mother stuck me with a Scottish name, but I’m hoping to sneak Liberata into one of my children’s middle names! I have cousns named Waomi (prnounced “vaA?mi”), which may be a corruption ow Wyoming! My father third name is Ermes (without the H), his brother have name Massimo Marcello Curzio, and another brother of him is named Ivan Silvio.
My paternal grand-father was Socrate (like philosopher) and his siblings names are: Spartaco, Florio, Alba (dawn), Sigfrido, Wanda, Pierino (little Peter), Osvaldo, Vittoria and Ovidio.
Also she was not a passenger, but rather, was only listed as a next of kin by my grandfather.
My paternal grand-mother is Delfina (she-dolphin), but is better known as Pia: in fact in her family seems that all want not to use their real name!. Some cousins of mine are: Ivo, Goffredo, Virginia, Lucrezia, Manlio, Moira, Silvana, Leone (lion), Annetta (2), Erminio.

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