An abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is a widening of the main artery in the body, as it passes through the abdomen. The challenge is to reduce mortality from AAA by diagnosing and treating the condition before a rupture occurs. The Northern Ireland AAA Screening Programme offers AAA screening to all men in their 65th year in Northern Ireland and was implemented in June 2012 on a phased basis within the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust area. The aim of the AAA screening programme is to reduce AAA-related mortality by providing systematic, population-based screening using a simple ultrasound scan.
There is evidence of a significant reduction (45%) in mortality from AAA in those men aged between 65 and 79 years who undergo ultrasound screening.
There is also evidence of the long-term cost-effectiveness of AAA screening in men and further evidence that the early mortality benefit from screening is maintained. The items available for download here were part of the professional information packs sent out to all GPs, GP practice managers and pharmacies prior to the launch of the programme. The poster was sent out to all GPs, GP practice managers and pharmacies in the run-up to the launch of the programme as a means of raising awareness.
The information sheet outlines the structure of the programme, the screening process and the primary care that follows for those men diagnosed with an AAA. The frequently asked questions address issues relating to all aspects of the programme: what an AAA is, roll-out of the programme, the screening process, the scan itself, possible results, available treatment, and how personal information is used. A large majority of men’s hidden health concerns are not being addressed, according to a new Canadian survey. The study findings were far from negative though:  81-96% of the men said they had received screening or counseling on stroke, heart disease, diabetes, pneumonia and prostate disease and notably, none of those health issues were top concerns.
So why is there such a gap between the health concerns that older men are most worried about and those that they are being screened for?
Study author Cara Tannenbaum, MD, MSc says, “This study’s findings provide an opportunity for better care. Meeting the goal of living disability free as long as possible will require a new shift in thinking by older men, physicians and nurses, and society alike.
GE and WebMD created the Better Health Evaluator to help people prepare for and improve communication at their next doctor’s visit. I was recently interviewed on BBC Radio 2 about grumpiness (much to the chagrin of my husband who believes he is far more qualified to discuss the subject).
Recent research states that more men suffer from 'Grumpy Old Man' syndrome when they hit 70. Whereas women's estrogen levels drop relatively suddenly when they go through menopause, causing a variety of noticeable symptoms, men's testosterone levels drop gradually over a period of time so the symptoms are not as obvious. Men who suffer from this syndrome may experience a sense of feeling burned out, increased depression, increased irritability, increased anxiety, more nervousness, more joint complaints, reduced mental effectiveness, increased sweating, (and hot sweats in thirty per cent of those affected). Stress, toxicity, a poor diet with too many bad fats, autoimmune diseases and some drugs can also lead to a drop in testosterone levels. So, why having lived with a teenager who has now grown up and left home, do I find myself living with a stroppy, difficult man who rebels by shouting at innocent cyclists, growling at the news presenter on television, or spends hours sulking in his shed? Working man: He is under pressure from those in charge, or by the demands of his own business.

He has now attained the position he once strove for at work, has fathered children, and has a house, a mortgage, and a car. The team of researchers from Tubingen University in Germany used computers to replicate different stages of an adult’s memory recall.
Researchers concluded the brains of senior citizens do not deteriorate over time due to aging, as traditionally thought to be the case, but they slow down because they hold more information.
They put their theory to the test by analyzing a previous linguistics test in which volunteers (young and old) were instructed to remember unrelated words like “necktie” and “cracker.” The results favored young people. A separate poll conducted in 2013 showed that younger adults are actually more inclined to have lapses in memory than older people. Eating two servings of fish weekly can provide brain health benefits since it is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids -- which are important for brain function. Thank you to everyone for the fantastic support so fare couldn't have done it with out work support as well as customer support. Full roll-out of AAA screening commenced from July 2012 throughout the rest of Northern Ireland. Men older than 65 years will be able to opt into the programme and request screening through the central screening office.
Please note that pharmacies received a copy of the AAA screening invitation leaflet, but not the three results leaflets.
With the exception of medication side effects, only 9-40% of the men reported that these top issues had been screened, treated or addressed at their healthcare appointments. The study surveyed 2,325 men between the ages of 55-97 years, with an average age of 72.9 years.
Doctors are doing a very good job, such a good job that it’s time to move to the next step and work on preventing age-related decline. Older men need to be encouraged to discuss their top concerns, even if they find topics like depression and incontinence to be difficult or embarrassing. As older men’s health priorities become better understood, a shift in the way health care is delivered and reimbursed will be required,” says Dr. The New York Times publishes a blog called The New Old Age: Caring and Coping which explores issues for older people and their caregivers. She writes custom content for health care brands and providers as well as articles for print and online publications.
The presenter was curious to discover at what age men become grumpy and if grumpiness is confined to older men.
Also, abdominal fat, which makes estrogen, will neutralize the testosterone and cause levels to drop further.
A person might be having an off day purely because they are not eating the right foods, or are sleep deprived.
Because he too has fluctuating hormones, a number of issues relating to getting older, including his looks, and anxieties about the future. Hormones transform him physically and mentally, lifting him high one moment and plunging him to depths of despair the next. The computer models were fed small amounts of information each day (much like young adults), but as the devices gathered more information, their performances mirrored those of older people, according to the study, which was published this month in the journal Topics in Cognitive Science.

The previous study suggested the reason older individuals struggled with the test was due to their declining memory; however, the folks at Tubingen University concluded that's actually not the case.
Having a diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids has been linked to lower risks of dementia and stroke, and can help improve memory.
Surprisingly, side effects from medication still ranked as one of their top five greatest worries, even though almost 85% of the men surveyed said that this topic had been screened or addressed. People are now living with chronic illness for a long time, so while screening for chronic illness is still important, we need to focus on disability-free life expectancy and the quality of later years.” Dr.
Physicians and nurses need to allow more time during health care appointments to provide counseling about exercise, nutrition, bladder and brain health and they should also be asking patients how they are feeling emotionally.
For example, investing in balance training and re-engineering community surfaces could prevent falls, hip fractures, emergency surgeries and rehabilitation.  Cognitive exercises could help prevent memory decline. Seventy is an age when men may become more aware of their own mortality as they see friends and loved ones pass on. They may notice muscular weakness, physical exhaustion, impaired sexual potency, a disturbed libido, and decreased beard growth.
Whilst there is evidence that men can suffer from 'Grumpy Old Man' syndrome, youngsters and women can also become grumpy. This is often the case for teenagers who are also struggling with fluctuating levels of hormones. His grumpiness is a product of falling levels of testosterone along with frustration and worry about the future which is, in his opinion, running out fast.
He is frustrated because he is unwilling or unable to leave the protected environment of his home, yet despises the confines and constraints imposed on him by living there. This is usually fatal and each year 80-100 people in Northern Ireland die from a ruptured AAA. Tannenbaum is The Michel Saucier Endowed Chair in Geriatric Pharmacology, Health and Aging at the Centre de Recherche, Institut Universitaire de Geriatrie de Montreal, at the University of Montreal in Quebec. Finally, society needs to de-stigmatize the health conditions of aging people so that they are not living silently with health worries.
Programs that include regular exercise and neighborhood transportation could help alleviate depression and isolation.
Communication initiatives to provide checklists to discuss with a physician or how to stay connected to friends and family members in other cities could help address worries that would otherwise remain silent.
They have a number of issues usually relating to their looks, their parents, anxieties over their futures, and life in general. His grouchiness manifests itself in complaints about his job, co-workers, and the daily grind he has to endure. Ensure you and your partner exercise, eat well, are occupied with hobbies and interests, and most important of all, make sure you both laugh. They rebel in a number of ways and become strange alien creatures to us more mature people.

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