The radio is part of the EP Series of Motorola radios, a line of products designed to give businesses a competitive communications edge.
The system shown to the right (click image for larger picture) utilizes a MicroFAST 0.5 Aerobic Treatment Unit to effectively treat the raw wastewater from a three bedroom, single-family residence. Some lots require the design of a subsurface drip disposal system to disperse the treated effluent. Enhanced audio quality, a rugged design and versatile customer programming software make this radio an exceptional choice for all of your on-site business needs.

The system consists of three components: The media module that is placed in a baffled septic tank, the small regenerative blower (seen in the picture to the right), and the alarm box (seen in the picture mounted on the blower housing). Designs have ranged from small single-family systems to large public systems serving residential subdivisions, schools, and commercial applications.
Your soils are the determining factors in what type of treatment and disposal will be needed for your lot. While these are typical descriptions, all systems are uniquely designed to fit the characteristics of your soils and your lot.

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