Just sit next the cleverest person in the class and politely inform them that they have no choice but to ensure that their paper is in your line of sight at all times. Have never had that problem, your weekends are always spent quietly in your room, revising, doing homework and listening to some relaxation music to bring you inner peace.
Flash him your sweetest smile and kindly let him know that anyone who messes with you and your friends better prepare themselves for TOTAL social annihilation. You bought a whole new outfit and needed all your matesa€™ opinions on how fabulous it was! You were quite content with being a wallflower, having everyone stare at you and being the centre of attention is SO not your thing.

You just hope there are enough guests, a big enough dance floor and a long enough playlist. How are you going to pull together and outfit thata€™s suitably fabulous and be the hottest girl in the room in so little time?!
The more clothes, make up, jewellery and shoes you buy, the more guys will fall in love with you and buy you even MORE clothes, make up, jewellery and shoes. Ita€™s clearly a guarantee that youa€™ll be spending the rest of your life living alone with a lot of cats, so why not get some practice in now? They may be falling apart but theya€™re your old faithfuls and you just dona€™t feel comfortable in anything else.

However much your friends try to tell you youa€™re a great singer, that talent if kept safely between you, your mirror and your hairbrush. Your first priority on a Monday morning is making sure you are 100% up to date on the weekenda€™s gossip, exams will have to wait.

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