In a long distance relationship, most of your interactions is confined to verbal communication. Set up a joint Pinterest account and create boards like “future house”, “vacations”, “wedding ideas”.
You can use Sync-Video to u create a chat room in which you can watch YouTube or Vimeo videos with other people.
Take a free online class together and improve your skill in practically any subject nowadays. These are some cute gifts that I’ve found and will certainly make you significant other smile. This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Unilever & Operation in Touch via MSB New Media. Artsy-fartsy museum dates are among the cornerstones of early dating activities: When you’re first getting to know someone, it’s exciting to learn about their tastes and interests. One of the toughest parts of long-distance dating is the lack of regular, routinized, marathon hangout sessions. While this activity will work for many couples separated by distance, it best reserved for couples who are no more than a few time zones apart and experience nighttime in overlapping hours. Order to-go from a restaurant that you both have nearby, there are typically Ruby Tuesday, Chili’s, Domino’s Pizza restaurants everywhere! We watch tv shows and movies together via netflix and face time and always have sleep overs! For the 5K idea, I highly recommend the Couch 2 5K (program or app) for those people who are not runners. Settling back into school life after a long summer may be difficult, especially if you’ve spent your entire summer getting used to hanging out with your boyfriend or girlfriend.
To help your relationship thrive while being apart, make sure he or she is a significant part of your daily life, and not only when you guys are back home for spring break.
Of course, simply talking to each other on the phone or over Skype can get repetitive and dare I say, even dull.
You’re living in different parts of the world but that doesn’t mean you can’t share it with each other. It sucks not to have your special someone around on a special occasion like New Year’s Eve. Create a time capsule together by writing yourself and your girlfriend or boyfriend an email through a website like, which will send the email you’ve written in any amount of years that you select, up to 2064! You all probably know about eating romantic dinners at fancy restaurants together over Skype, but what about cooking together? This is great for you if you and your partner are sports junkies or if you’re just trying to get fit.
Thanks to modern technology, dates no longer need to be physical, and may even be more convenient through Skype or FaceTime (less cost and traveling time incurred). Long distance relationships have a reputation for being difficult, but the loneliness can definitely be minimized if you put in the time and effort to add some pizzazz into your relationship.

Love the photo of you two with the water in the background :) Thank you for sharing!Interested in making new blog friends and getting a kickass journal? You’re limited in what you can do since you are far apart but you have to keep the romance and excitement alive. If you can’t afford them, you can always send a digital bouquet or include a few fake petals in your next letter or care package.
Send them your youtube playlists of songs or download songs to a usb or mp3 player for them. Apps like “my fitness pal” allows you to motivate and encourage others on their fitness and health goals. It may not be formal but your significant other should get to know the other important people in your life. After many, many requests for another post revisiting the topic,  we’re following it up with a second round of romantic date ideas for couples who live apart. Thanks to the joint power of Skype and the Google Art Project, you and your loved one can check out some of the world’s greatest artworks together — without ever having to leave your respective homes.
Sure, you can have a great phone call, or a great long-distance dinner-and-a-movie, but then you hang up and the magic ends.
For lovers who live half a world apart, scheduling a time to gaze at the moon or the night sky together can also be a reminder that you’re not quite as long-distance as it sometimes feels. It helped me go from being unable to run continuously for 30 seconds to running 5km in 32 minutes.
Adjusting to life without seeing them everyday is tough but there are definitely ways to close the emotional distance between you two, even if the physical distance may be miles apart. College is a chaotic whirlwind and you’re bound to have very different experiences that you may not be able to physically share, but you can always take a little bit of time out of your busy schedule to connect with your sweetheart and tell them about your day. To avoid the dreaded fizzling out of your relationship, spice up your Skype sessions and have a little more fun. Maybe they’ve seen photos of the Empire State Building but they’d probably prefer you walking around the observation deck and showing them the New York City skyline via Skype or FaceTime over Googling it. Write about your relationship, some recent experiences and fond memories that you may not remember in a few years. The Google Art Project makes 265 of the world’s most prominent art collections available online, where you can examine works of art at incredible zoom levels, create your own gallery, and explore your favorite collections crowd-free, at your leisure. Then a link to the different panels of the Sistine chapel and we’d chat on the phone about what things we liked and imagined planning an adventure to Italy.
Go on a famous landmarks date without actually flying out to sightsee, and show each other the beautiful places you live in. Exchange recipes, select a new recipe to learn together, or teach each other your favorite recipes. Do your homework and make sure you’re set up in a well-lit, relatively quiet and private venue for your date. Phone calls, emails, texts are great but you need to change it up sometimes  in order to keep these interesting.

You can also enjoy a nice glass of wine while you’re at it – something museum officials would never in a million years allow. It also gives you a common goal, and it allows you to chat casually with your loved one without feeling the pressure of a date-night phone or Skype chat. Find a recipe or two you’re interested in trying – Food & Wine,  Saveur, and Bon Appetit all have robust online cocktail guides – procure the necessary ingredients, and when date night arrives, simply sign on to your favorite video chat service before putting your bartender hat on. Pick a night that has a clear forecast for you and your partner and scope out a private (but safe!) spot for scoping the night sky. List twenty things you don’t know about your boyfriend or girlfriend (first pet, most embarrassing experience, worst nightmare) and take turns asking each other. You can write about your life, your friends, your family, your hopes and dreams, your fears.
Set the date in advance and account for the time difference if you guys live in different time zones. Sign on to Skype for whatever activity you’ve decided on for the night, and then move the computer to a nearby table, plug in the charger, and position the camera in such a way that you and your partner can be near each other while you sleep.
Plus, having a running buddy is a great motivating factor when it comes to sticking to your training. For a boost in authenticity, feel free to invest in a nice set of martini glasses or tumblers, an over-sized ice cube tray, and a hearty selection of your favorite bar snacks.
You can also check out stargazing apps like The Night Sky, which will help you identify – and share ­– what you’re looking at. It’s another way of incorporating each other into daily life, and also practicing an essential life skill together. If you’re a beginner just starting out, play workout videos from the likes of Blogilates to get into the stride. Pick a date, a time, and a museum, and get ready for a romantic night of on-the-couch art criticism.
Protip: if you want to better track your progress together, consider investing in wearable fitness device like a Fitbit, which will allow you to easily share your fitness data and progress towards your goal. If you’ve got a roof on your building and it’s a clear night, you could incorporate stargazing into your date too.
Exercising together turns an ordinary chore into a daily ritual that’s fun and brings you closer to your boyfriend or girlfriend, making them part of your real life. Definitely keeping this on my to-do list when my boyfriend heads off to grad school next year!
My fiance and I also watch same tv shows so we can text while watching, and then discuss them after. One thing that we've been doing all along is skyping or talking on the phone before going to sleep.

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