But while many are much more content with keeping their romantic history under wraps, one brave woman has penned a tell-all confessional account of her colourful experiences so far. Rosy Edwards, 28, from London, gave up a career in PR to write her book, Confessions Of A Tinderella, after realising that a number of her friends identified with her stories. A hugely popular app, Tinder finds potential romantic matches near you and provides their first name, as well as a select number of profile images.
If the feeling is positively mutual, both users are given free reign to interact in a conversation. In an interview with the Evening Standard, Edwards explained how she joined the dating app in 2013 and swiftly became addicted. From 2013 onwards, Edwards spent the next nine months swiping and dating, with her longest outcome with a man she dated for under a year, and the shortest with a man that never turned up to their first date.

The exploits detailed in her book range from disappointing suitors who shamelessly checked their phone all evening, to taking drugs in a club toilet with a man she had met six hours earlier. Continuing with our series of The Many Faces of Roommates, we may be hitting close to home with many of you.
For example, your bandwidth has never seen more activity, ever since your roommate began multi-tabbing through various dating sites simultaneously.
If you’re living with The Online Dater, feel free to tag them, because everyone loves being publicly outed on the internet. A generic set of skiing, posing next to a doped tiger in Thailand, on the beach and at a festival pictures means they’re trying to tick too many boxes.
Your roommate has also probably been bringing home a surprising number of dates, which you’ve completely lost track of and have stopped trying to remember their names.

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