While living in Oakmont, Colleen Sullivan recalls meeting a man through an online dating service a few years ago.
Follow basic rules of 'netiquette' to meet online, in person"He looked nothing like the photo he sent," she said. In fact, one-quarter of single people believe it's OK to tell white lies while searching online for companionship. Less tolerable behaviors included posting outdated photos (11 percent nixed this) and retouching photos (12 percent disliked it). The "Manners and Behavior" survey showed that income (21 percent) was the primary subject that singles said it is OK to fudge about in their online profiles. One problem with Internet dating is that bored or unhappily married people are looking for potential partners, too, but rarely admit the fact that they're already attached. Carol Mills McCarthy, a Downtown lawyer who handles divorces, has seen clients who sought a divorce after their spouse met someone else online.

If you are determined to weed out undesirables and are willing to pay $50 you can do background checks on potential dates by using a Web site called Intelius. The most common complaint among people who date online is that people lie about that sensitive subject of age.
Paul Ogborne, who lives in Pontardulais, a town in Wales, United Kingdom, recalled that about a year ago, he met a woman online and invited her out for dinner. Genevieve Beller, of Gainesville, Fla., has had "some unfortunate online dating experiences including stalkers, weirdos and men who think sexual favors are appropriate payment for freelance seamstress work.
More than 600 single adults answered questions about manners and behavior, and 24 percent of them said it's OK to tell white lies online.
For example, if I meet someone at a bar, I can't very well lie about my height or my weight.
If your online romance leads to marriage and ends in divorce, that misleading online profile can haunt you in ways that really hurt.

Yagan said, adding that "I don't think it's the case that people who date online are rampant liars.
A few years ago in a California court, a lawyer used a woman's misleading online photograph as the basis for an attack on her character in a child custody dispute.
We're going to put you in touch with people you find interesting, and you take it from there.

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